Schedule - Must I start in fall & end in spring?

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Schedule - Must I start in fall & end in spring?

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CTG planning question
HeyChelle wrote:When should we start CTG so that the weeks line up with the holidays?

Hopefully that doesn't come across OCD. :-) we have never started on schedule and stayed on schedule. LOL. But this is the year! We did some fabulous catching up this year with ds and I'm super excited that we will be starting school this summer/fall without any rushing or scrambling this year. Just need to pick a start date. Can hardly stand to wait...
Hi Chelle --

I usually considered it a "bonus" when anything actually lined up. But because of a big trip my dh and I took last fall, we rescheduled the feasts a bit and ended up doing some things on the actual calendar day. (It mattered nothing, though, to our activities.) If you're OCD enough :-) you can pull what you need out of the TM to schedule your feasts to fall on the calendar day that you want, but you will have to stay on top of things and it may end up being more of a pain. I speak from experience -- it was never worth it to try to do that. And Purim is out of the question - it is not going to line up. The only one that is actually planned to be on the calendar day is Passover. If you look at the online sample, it lists the weeks and the feasts and may give you a heads-up as you plan until you get your TM and the feasts book.

eta: it's early on a Saturday for me -- I hope that when I wrote "I speak from experience" it came across as "I'm ridiculously OCD and thought I could rearrange everything to fit the calendar and then freaked out at how much work the feasts were going to be and had to be talked down from the edge . . . again."
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Re: CTG planning question

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Lol Cyndi. I get it. Thanks!

I was asking based more on Adventures and Kindy experience. Since we were off the typical schedule when I went through those, the holidays and seasons were not lined up at all. Like we would have been hatching and releasing butterflies in the deep cold of winter and that just seemed morally wrong :-) so we skipped that activity with my second child. Oh and the Thanksgiving week in Adventures seemed like a big deal and just seemed so wrong to go through it outside of the deep fall time. Lol.

From what you are saying, it seems like CTG is a different kind of beast. I can handle celebrating feasts at a different time...
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Re: CTG planning question

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HeyChelle wrote:Oh and the Thanksgiving week in Adventures seemed like a big deal and just seemed so wrong to go through it outside of the deep fall time. Lol
Actually, the Thanksgiving week in Adventures is not scheduled at all. The pages are a different color, not labeled with a number -- the unit is "loose" and you are to place it wherever it goes in your family's schedule. Maybe you missed that?

And yes, sometimes the butterfly experience ends up as "review" or "preview" for unfortunates who live in the tundra like we Minnesotans :)

Just wanted to clarify as it seems others might miss that in this thread.
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Re: CTG planning question

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cherona wrote:Hmm, I hadn't thought about this aspect at all when we decided to begin this coming year in June. Do all the programs contain bits of seasonal activities based on the assumption of a September start date?

You do NOT have to start CTG in September. When I did CTG the most recent time, we started in July. And it worked perfectly. The idea with the feasts is not to try to force the timing of your school year to match feasts that do not have fixed dates. That would be a lot of frustration

There is no expectation that in the years when Rosh Hashanah falls late in September that one would hold off school year until after labor day.

The feasts are not fixed dates.

I started in July. Did the feasts as we came to them in the lesson plans. Then, on the dates they happened on the calendar, we mentioned "ooh.. remember when we ate honey and apples and fish sticks?"

the Thanksgiving week in ADV - is a stand alone unit. Do it when it is Thanksgiving. No need to complete the first 12 weeks of ADV.

In general, I have never started a MFW program when September start date. Been using their stuff since 2003.

hope that helps
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Re: CTG planning question

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cbollin wrote:In general, I have never started a MFW program when September start date. Been using their stuff since 2003.

hope that helps
Thank you! That is very reassuring to hear. :)

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Re: CTG planning question

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SarahP wrote:hijacking here but...if we WANTED to start in September - would that line the feasts up correctly?
You'd want to try to make it so that your 3rd week in CTG lines up with Rosh Hashanah. Side note on that..... The lesson plans for RH appears on the 5th day (aka Friday) of week 3. However, RH is not always on a Friday. ;) mfw was not trying to make it line up.

use search engine to find dates for that holiday. For example you could input in google search engine "when is rosh hashanah 2012" and that will tell you what you need to need. Rosh Hashanah begins in the evening of Sunday, September 16, 2012, and ends in the evening of Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yom Kippur is 10 days following RH. However... in the lesson plans for CTG, it is scheduled on week 4, also on a "friday" in the grid plans. So, MFW doesn't try to make it line up perfectly as that isn't the real focus. then next feast is after that... again.... close but not trying to be exact on dates either....

RH is not always on a specific day of the week. Also, because it is based on lunar calendar issues, RH is not always the same week in September either. in 2011, it was closer to Sep 28.

just saying... it doesn't have to line up. and if it means you'd otherwise "be behind" with your regular school plans... .. just skip the lessons until it does fall on the calendar.

I hope that helps in your planning.

oh... the first feast in the CTG plans is Sabbath... which happens every week, so we're all good there.

spring feasts are not specifically scheduled in the weekly grid. you will have to look those up and "do them" when you wish if you wish.... The key thing for searching on that "when is passover in 2013"
the rest of the instructions are in the CTG manual, (and the dates get listed too for calendar years, but if you have an old enough manual, you still might have to look it up)
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