Read-Alouds - Patricia St. John books--wonderful!!

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Heather (WI)
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Read-Alouds - Patricia St. John books--wonderful!!

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I just wanted to thank Marie for including these as the read-alouds in CTG. I had never heard of them before, but they are wonderful!! I am so.... glad we read them, as they have a beautiful message, and we have been so..... blessed by them.

I also got the movies for "Tanglewood's Secret" and "Treasures of the Snow" from our library. They aren't as good as the books, of course, but they are very good, and I am glad we watched them.

For anyone considering skipping these read-alouds, DON'T!! *smile*
Love in Christ,
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Shelly Best
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We like the Patricia St. John books so much we went to amazon and picked more to read.....

Heads up to future years with get to read more!!
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Several of her books were also recommended in ECC. We actually never got to reading them; however, whenever I was bringing them back to the library, I started reading & enjoying them myself :o)
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Unread post by Tina »

Right now we are reading the last one in CtG, Treasures of the Snow. It is beautiful and we have also enjoyed Tanglewood Secret and Star of Light. Beautifully written and beautiful message.

These are the read-alouds that Dad insists we wait for him to be here to read! He loves them too. It makes for a nice family read time.
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Star of Light

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This is such a good book. It is sad and hard at times, but it does have a good ending. My children really enjoyed this book and it did help them to understand that we live in a fallen world but in a gentle way. I hope you enjoy the end as much as we did :)

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Michele in WA
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You will be so blessed by the ending, and the message that you can talk with your children about. All of Patricia St. Johns books have a kind of "sadness" to them, because they relate to a definitely fallen world, but she brings them to a close with such a hope of what we have in Christ.

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Unread post by Lucy »

Agreeing with the other ladies.

Patricia St. John has such a gift of making the gospel so real in the lives of her characters and the reality hits close enough to home to help us see our own deep need for Christ as the only hope for our lives too.

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Loving St John Books

Unread post by Amy in NC »

lyntley wrote:We are about to finish up "Treasures Of the Snow" in CTG. We have so enjoyed The St John books. Could anyone tell me which of her other books I could get that are not included in future MFW years.
We read Rainbow Garden over the Christmas holidays. It was very good. If I remember right it was in the ECC book basket list; maybe when you study mountains, Northern Europe. It's not scheduled in later years, as far as I know.

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Re: Loving St John Books

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I think the main one to wait on is Twice Freed, which is in RTR Deluxe, and is perfect for your studies that year.

MFW also uses her Bible study book in year 5, but that's not really a novel.

Rainbow Garden may be on a couple of book basket lists, but isn't formally scheduled. Have fun reading!
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Re: Loving St John Books

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I'll be starting K next year, so I've not used MFW yet but the St John books are one of the things that first drew me to this curriculum! My mom read us Treasures of the Snow every year starting December 1st, leading up to Christmas. She always cried at certain parts, its just such a special memory for me and I was thrilled that they are part of the curriculum.
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Re: Loving St John Books

Unread post by cbollin »

If you still have your ECC manual from last year, turn to Africa book basket for some titles. There were a few listed there.

Psalm 84
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The Tanglewood Secrets

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I have been reading aloud to my daughters since the beginning of their little lives!!! all sorts of books, hours each day.
....there is one special book that we read that has put a mark on our lives and hearts....

The Holy Spirit must be on this little book called The Tanglewood Secrets because it is a simple, predictable story, but it just warms the hearts of my daughters. My 13 and 14 year old daughters especially love it and even though I planned on reading it aloud to my 10 year old daughter, my older girls are always sitting in to Tanglewoods Secret. My 14 year old told me that it helped her to see that she needs to LISTEN for the Good Shepherd's voice. My 13 year old has reread this book so many times before I read aloud this month and she still thinks it is her favorite book. This is a girl who likes The Lord of the Rings and Rosemary Sutcliff historical fiction. And my 10 year old and I held hands on a nature walk to talk about the Good Shepherd. I started this book before Christmas and will finish it tomorrow on schedule with CTG. For my Christmas present my daughters found a little lamb figurine that was part of a nativity set. The little lamb was found in a stall full of nativity figurines in a Christmas market and it is a reminder from my girls for me to remember to listen to the Good Shepherd's voice. (they wanted to get me the shepherd too, but they didn't have enough euro...cute huh.)
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Re: The Tanglewood Secrets

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Those foundations are what will carry them through many times in their lives, and your mama heart must be so warmed at this <3

Thanks for sharing the value of The Tanglewood Secrets! We haven't gotten there yet :) Looking forward to it!
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Re: The Tanglewood Secrets

Unread post by asheslawson »

Thanks for sharing! We are just finishing Treasures of the Snow and have now read all 3 of the books that came with CTG deluxe! I LOVE these stories. They have been wonderful - as were all the missionary stories we read last year in ECC. I have to say that the book selections MFW chose for have been tender, thought-provoking, and possibly life-changing for my children. In addition to our daily reading from the bible, the way these books open their hearts and minds for discussion have been so amazing. These are gifted writers with a true talent for sharing the message of Christ in a way that holds the attention of young readers (and their younger / older sibs listening in) and helps them understand our role as christians better.
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Re: The Tanglewood Secrets

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We have read the Tanglewood Secrets, The Star of Light, and are now 3/4 of the way through Treasures of the Snow. I am probably going to order 2 other of Patricia St. Johns books from amazon! They are so fabulous. We have been using them as family read-alouds around the dinner table and even my four year old son will ask to read "the Terry book" as he calls all of them. What sweet time of family fellowship we have had over these books. I recommend them to anyone who will listen...
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Re: The Tanglewood Secrets

Unread post by Joyhomeschool »

Oh you are so right. We just finished chapter 17 and are looking forward to completing Tanglewood tomorrow (we are so way behind so we are doing 2-4 chapters a day!).. Im so glad we kept reading this one.
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Re: The Tanglewood Secrets

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We just finished "Treasures of the Snow" today! We are only on week 16 but the kids kept asking me, ok begging me to 'read just one more chapter, Mom'. I agree with everyone, they were all wonderful books.

I just requested the DVD from Netflix. I'm sure we'll be disapointed as movies never seem to do the books justice but they're still fun to 'compair'.
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Re: The Tanglewood Secrets

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jasntas wrote:I just requested the DVD from Netflix. I'm sure we'll be disapointed as movies never seem to do the books justice but they're still fun to 'compair'.
I keep telling my dd that I watched that movie when I was a kid and just loved it! We're finishing the book early, too. It's just so good.
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