1st and CtG - Are they too similar?

Including using "English From The Roots Up," "God & the History of Art," & Composer Studies
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1st and CtG - Are they too similar?

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In Light of Eternity wrote:For those who have done MFW 1st and CtG, I'm wondering how the content differs. If you had a dc who finished 1st and then joined older siblings in their cycle at CtG, did it seem like they were covering the same content? (Not that going through the Bible twice would be bad--I could use it myself!)

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When we did MFW1st with my son, we also did CTG with my two older girls. My youngest has just started MFW1st and I fully intend for her and her brother to do CTG in a few years.

CTG and MFW1st are different but they have some overlap. MFW1st gives a brief overview of the Bible (from Genesis to Revelation) whereas CTG goes in depth in ancient (BC years) history.

MFW1st really isn't a history course, although it gives some history in its Bible book overviews. And, MFW1st doesn't teach about other ancient cultures such as Greece, Egypt, etc. They are mentioned as they touch on Hebrew history, but they are not covered in-depth on their own.

MFW1st teaches children to draw a Bible map. This is done too in CTG. It's a good skill to know so the review is fine with me. Actually (and I'm rusty here) it's the only direct overlap I can remember.

MFW1st does discuss some of the Jewish holidays like Purim and Passover but it doesn't go in depth. In CTG these are covered extensively.

So, no the programs aren't the same. MFW1st introduces some of the concepts covered in CTG, but not nearly in the same detail.

MFW1 students that do CTG later will remember some of the things they discussed in MFW1st but they will really go much, much deeper in CTG.

Maybe someone else who has had a child do MFW1st and then do CTG can chime in...

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My ds did MFW 1st, then ECC, and we're now in CTG. So far he has not ever complained of "already knowing that" or of being bored with any of it! They really are two different programs.

First grade reads through many Bible stories and uses that for Bible time and reading (phonics), but doesn't really go into a "study" of history with it. CTG is definately a "study of history", all in and around the Bible stories. In CTG we are not just reading stories from the Bible, but we are actually reading whole chapters from the Bible. A big difference!

Enjoy K , then enjoy 1st, and keep enjoying each year after that! It just keep getting better and funner :)
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Thanks for the help ladies. Pouring over the catalog just doesn't give the same understanding as talking to the veterans! :)
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