Feasts - Chanukah in RTR rather than CTG

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Feasts - Chanukah in RTR rather than CTG

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Chanukah didn't happen chronologically until around the end of CTG/beginning of RTR, so it's studied in week 3 of RTR. The celebration isn't really a main theme in RTR, but it could easily be celebrated either after you read about it or in December when everyone else is celebrating it.

There are some book ideas in the RTR library list, and I'm sure there is tons about it online.

HTH, Julie
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This is not a biblical feast but a historical one (around 165 BC). So I do not think you do anything to celebrate it in particular with CTG studies. I remember reading about it with my kids a couple of different times in our studies but I do not remember when.

You may want to look for some library books to learn about the holiday. It is very interesting and is the remembrance of a war won and the reclaiming of the temple. The 8 candles represent that the light stayed lit for that many days with only enough oil for a day. I actually think it is a great way as believers to remember God's faithfulness to His people.

Hope that helps a little bit!
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