EFRU - Sharing for 2 students?

Including using "English From The Roots Up," "God & the History of Art," & Composer Studies
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EFRU - Sharing for 2 students?

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momofsix wrote:I will have 2 dc using EFRU, has anyone had the children share one box & share the work of writing sentences, or would it be best to just do the 2 boxes as suggested?
With my two older girls, I had one use the book and the other use the cards and they wrote sentences in their own notebooks. BUT, I had the oldest write more sentences than Renee did. We always did (and still do) review of Latin roots as part of our memory work during our "together" Bible time, and I'd use the cards like flashcards if they didn't remember. Even the little one got in on this. ;)

Note: I already had EFTRU and the cards that go with it before we started MFW. I had bought them used, but never knew *how* to use them. MFW fixed that for me.
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Re: EFRU in spiral notebooks?

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LA in Baltimore wrote:Julie- I already used this program (vol. 1 and 2) with my high schooler, so I have a set of cards.
Would I need more than one set for the three children in CTG to play the game(s) they recommend?
No, we just had one student making cards (and two of us playing games), so one set of cards is all you need. They are very simple games but they made a difference for ds. His favorite was making a running story & incorporating more & more cards. What can I say, he's a chatty one :)
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