Feasts and Jesus

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Feasts and Jesus

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doubleportion wrote:I have started CTG this week and would love to hear specifics about how others did the feasts. In particular, the Sabbath. I am kind of feeling like I want to wait to start them until we have our feet wet with the rest of the organization of CTG.

I am feeling a little nervous about doing the feasts. My biggest thing is that I still don't see as much as I would like in the Celebrating Biblical Feasts that helps to point everything back to Jesus. I just don't want to get bogged down in the rituals of the feasts, but really see the way that all of this strongly directs us back to Jesus. KWIM? I like some of what I have read from Jews for Jesus and am considering getting some more material from them to give me a better understanding of how it all points back to the Messiah. Any one have any suggestions, ideas or experiences?

We loved the feasts and festivals of CTG. As a matter of fact we continue to see correlations in the feasts and festivals as we read more of our Bible. I think they are some of the most meaningful moments we've had as a family. At times I felt a little confused but I just went with it and was amazed and blessed at the results.

I specifically remember lighting the candles and repeating the words and my dd saying, "Mommy, that is just like Jesus. He's the light of the world." We could see in many of the symbols why Jesus used some of the word pictures He did. The Jews understood them because they we are part of their tradition and heritage and after doing the feasts and festivals we could see the word pictures too. When we did the sabbath we understood why God wanted us to have a day of rest. Our family had spent the entire day together, not rushing to and fro, but just being together and enjoying each others company. When we smelled the spices at the end of the Sabbath and were reminded that the Sabbath was to be a sweet memory, it was. There are many more. We still do Passover every year because we all treasured that time. It was great to not have every connection spelled out because I felt like it was a special message from God as we discovered the symbolism.

They are completely worth the time and energy. They will become memories and moments that you and your family will treasure.
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Re: CTG- Doing Sabbath and feasts experiences?

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I have stuff at my blog on the feasts - what we did and didn't do. Let's see, we probably did the Sabbath last August, and the next one in Sept. I have pictures from our Sabbath.

Check out the link in my signature.

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Re: CTG- Doing Sabbath and feasts experiences?

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I never felt like we were just going through the motions or ritual. It really was a hands on learning time.

working backwards here b/c I just did the spring feast recently (well, passover and counting the omer still.....

I scaled back the Passover Seder. We didn't do a full length version. I had bitter lettuce instead of parsley. Used a chicken bone instead of lamb. and for bitter herbs -- coffee beans to bite. Well worth it when it came time with the 3 loaves of matzah........ you'll find so much of Jesus in that Passover. Then, one of our adult Sunday School teachers did a mini seder and taught on it too. Culturally he's Jewish. So, it was great hearing his touch on it. I was nearly in tears during our trimmed back, non kosher passover. When you go through that Seder.... oh, just ask me how it went with the substitutes I made and the scaling back. LOL LOL. oh wait, I already told you the coffee beans LOL LOL LOL

Then, after that, we count the 50 days thing and see how that leads to shavout and what is known in acts 2 as "the day of Pentecost" (50 counting)..... psst... read this post....
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 863#p58863

then... go back to fall and summer for me.

feasts of booths--- do something with it. it will tie in to John chapter 7 when Jesus was participating in that feast. And at the end of the CTG year, when you are in week 33 or so, it will make a lot more sense when you read Nehemiah, and the parts where Ezra reads the scrolls. In my case, it was pop up tents on the screened porch, and a lot of moving boxes to play in..... oh, and there is more in the CTG manual notes to help with that one.

yom kippur... it will be explained in the book. that one will make sense. We did that one as a very extremely scaled back read about it. fasted for "30 minutes". got lunch. re-staged the house, had a real estate showing..... but it is the day of atonement for our sins.

rosh hashnah.... grab a Coke bottle and blow it like a trumpet. that one will get explained a bit more in the 10 reasons section.

Sabbath -- if you want to skip it, you can. But..... I found it nice to have one day (even just a partial day) that we could rest. It was a day not of "thou shall not's", but of "rest". Sabbath is talked about several times in gospels. It helps to know a bit about it.
you know me in real life... I am not one to get bogged down in rituals and planning.
our Sabbath celebration... have you read that story of mine? We did it about a month after John had moved down here and the girls and I were still in Indiana. It was 4th of July weekend. so, we were chillin' with the staged house...
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 770#p52622
I remember we enjoyed it. we took a few minutes to thank God for creation and day 7. I liked that this Sabbath feast was at a time in the CTG plans while we were talking about Creation. Don't forget on day 7, HE Rested.

Don't get too worried on the symbolic foods while dealing food allergies. Just make something ahead of time that is special. If you can't eat flour bread with 3 twists.... make a pretend loaf from playdough and braid it. but don't eat it. It can be just decoration. But Plan to Rest -- and talk about it in the context of that first week when you are reviewing days of creation.

In the ctg manual there are three big picture reasons MFW gives for studying them:
1. In OT times, they celebrated different days than we do. It will help us to better understand OT culture and history
2. it will help us see the symbolism (meaning) in the celebrations that points people to Jesus.
3. We pray that as we participate in the OT feasts this year, we will know and understand God better and grow in our love for Him

I guess your question is really "so how does celebrating Sabbath tie in with goal #2 of doing the feasts in the first place"? is that the question? As you do the readings and notes in the manual, the Holy Spirit will reveal more to your family. It will help with finishing the days of creation unit [7th day]. 10 commandments, understanding when Sabbath is mentioned in NT. You don't have to do this feast of rest if you are not sure you should. But when Jesus said things like "For the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath." well.... maybe that's enough for this stage of learning if y'all just enjoy His presence that day and enjoy fellowship?

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Re: CTG- Doing Sabbath and feasts experiences?

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I haven't done CTG yet, but I wanted to share a personal story.

When I first met my husband he attended a Messianic Synagogue. I had been a Christian for four years at that point, but I knew very little about the Old Testament. When I first started going to church with him it was all very new. There were rituals we did every Friday night and during the feasts but the Rabbi explained each week that we were worshiping God the same way Jesus did. I always thought that was so cool.

But sometimes I honestly struggled understanding it all and I remember praying for clarity. This may sound silly to some, but it was kind of like having a dad that played football, but you had never seen a game. Then, finally at some point in your life you go to watch a football game, and you understand your dad in a whole new way.

That is the clarity that came to me. Our Savior was Jewish, and finally seeing all of the celebrations and liturgy made me understand him more than ever before.

Getting some info from Jews for Jesus is a good idea. Also, maybe you could find out if there is a Messianic Synagogue near you. If you don't have one close enough to visit, maybe you could at least call or email and find out about additional resources to help bridge the rituals to Christianity today.

I hope you have a wonderful journey in CTG and I look forward to starting it myself in the fall.
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Re: CTG- Doing Sabbath and feasts experiences?

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We have enjoyed doing the feasts this year. The kids absolutely love them. They do take alot of work in preparation and execution, but it was worth it. The kids really remember what we talked about on those evenings. I can understand your trepidation about ensuring that it all points back to Christ.

I looked at this experience as hands on learning about the history of the Bible and culture of Jesus. It does bring a fresh light to many of Jesus' teachings. Children learn best when they are physically touching and experiencing their lesson. These feasts caused me to ponder how we can incorporate something like this into our own teachings about Christianity.

So far I have found and used one resource from the desiring god website. It was a series of Easter lessons written by Noel Piper. Our family did this the week preceding Easter and had the same kind of experience. Anyway, I will quit rambling. I would encourage you to do the feasts at some point.
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Re: CTG- Doing Sabbath and feasts experiences?

Unread post by sandi »

Hi there!
We will be using CTG for the second time through this fall. One book that really helped me was The Feasts of the Lord by Kevin Howard and Marvin Rosenthal. In the book he explains how all the feasts point to Christ. It is way worth buying!!! We loved doing the feasts probably our favorite year. Can't wait to do it again!
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Re: CTG- Doing Sabbath and feasts experiences?

Unread post by doubleportion »

Thanks everyone for the input and suggestions!!!!

Trish, going to your blog description of your Sabbath was very helpful. Your house sounds allot like mine ( except we have food allergies to deal with). I make my own bread, so I planned on making my own when we did do it. I was going to make spelt bread for my ds with allergies. He can tolerate spelt on rotation.

Crystal, as usual you have given me allot of food for thought. :-)

Sherrie, That actually was partly what I was referring to, because I have seen some stray down that path too. And it makes me nervous. I know that is NOT why MFW includes the feasts but I want to be sure we get WHY they are included. And not create confusion in our dd.

Sandi, Thanks! I will look that up and see what I can find.

For now I think we may wait to do the Sabbath feast until we have the time to devote properly to it. We are still trying to get comfortable with the new schedule with CTG.


Re: CTG- Doing Sabbath and feasts experiences?

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a connection that the Lord gave me last summer....

so... to come to week 1 in CTG.. and be told in the manual "sit down and rest"...
I remembered Matthew 11 -- after all, we did the whole book of Matthew in ECC, right?
  • 28"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."
that's the last verse in MT 11
I went to HIM for rest that weekend. I was weary and very heavy burdened. (who else has been a mom for 1 month or longer without hubby in same state? I was burdened and it was heavy.)

guess what? very next verse...
Chapter 12....verse 1....
  • 1At that time Jesus went through the grainfields on the Sabbath.
that's the Lord of the Sabbath section. thud! I went. see --- there are times when we just ask God to show us and to pour out HIS word to us during these times and HE answers. You may not need another book out there to make connections if you honestly say Ok Father. Help?

Think about it this way: you can either enjoy a simple Christmas, or you can go deck the halls. These OT feasts don't have to be complicated to be done and enjoyed.

if anything --- take this from my post and pictures and stories:
read between the lines when I say we did the feasts in the midst of staging a house, moving out of state, and dealing with getting set up in new house. Do you really think I did a picture perfect job?

I really saw these feasts as a time to enjoy the information. Have an excuse to do something other than another language arts worksheet. Have a hands on activity.

My prayer is that God will give you rest and fresh insight.

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Re: CTG- Doing Sabbath and feasts experiences?

Unread post by tiffany »

The feasts were an extremely memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone. I found the feasts book to be very helpful for both preparation and pointing out the parallels to Christianity. We tweaked things here and there to suit us, but for the most part we did things as directed in the manual. There was such a "specialness" to it all. I don't know any better way to describe it. I was really touched deeply by some of the events.

I can remember going out on the deck with the kids, looking for the first star of the evening. Something like that is so simple, yet such a departure from what we do on a daily basis- that it struck a chord with everyone. I was so happy with how my challah bread turned out. I can bake, but I've only made a couple loaves of bread in my lifetime. In general, my husband is on kitchen duty, so it is nice for the kids to see once in awhile- that yes, Mom does know how to cook! We did our festival of booths in our playset fort and decorated it for the occassion.

I know of all the things we've done with MFW so far, probably ECC and the feast have produced the most lasting memories for the kids.
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Re: CTG- Doing Sabbath and feasts experiences?

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There have been some great responses but I just wanted to add another book for reference if you are concerned about seeing the connection to Jesus with the feasts. God's Appointed Times by Barney Kasdan is an excellent guide to understanding the celebrations and the purpose of the Biblical holidays. It definitely highlights the relevance to Jesus. I highly recommend it!
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