DELUXE - Should we stick to the schedule?

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DELUXE - Should we stick to the schedule?

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Question about read alouds, art, and music in CTG
my3sons wrote:We are moving in about 2 months. After talking with dh, we decided to put off most of MFW until after the move, but start subjects like math, reading, and spelling.

My question is, if I started things like music, art or the read alouds, would it totally throw us off? Are those things tied to the more core subjects like science, bible, history? In other words, we would be doing week 1 bible, science, etc, but week 9 art, music, and read alouds. Thoughts?
Music and read-alouds in CTG can be totally done ahead. Art is 50-50. You could do the actual "drawing lessons" and such ahead, but the "history lesson" part could either wait or just call it a preview :)

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Re: Question about read alouds, art, and music in CTG

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With all the moving in my life in the last decade, I can tell you that yes, you have so much to do in the next 2 months. ((HUG)) I think math, reading and spelling are plenty until you get there. You will just be so busy. If you have movers, I still highly recommend packing the school books yourself and marking exactly what you need to open to start school, including the supplies like pencils, crayons, etc.

I would pick another devotional to work through to start your day, read the Bible and do a verse for copywork. Read a great book together. Math and LA are easier to keep going, but be willing to call it quits when you need time to pack and clean and the million other things you need to do. Starting school in October is not a bad thing. It's ok.
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Re: Question about read alouds, art, and music in CTG

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We just moved in April/May and I had absolutely no idea how much it would slow us down...actually everything came to a screeching halt.

If you are able to do anything during this time count it as good...math, reading would be the most "doable".

The read alouds for CTG are not tied directly to the history and they are wonderful books. Music is easy to listen to in the car and is not tied to the "core". Art is always a little more time intensive for my kids...we like a more relaxed atmosphere for that to flow well and many parts coincide with the core (Egypt). Keep it simple and don't forget moving itself is a very "educational" experience for the whole adventure!

Best Wishes for your move... :)
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