EFRU - Dictionary ?

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EFRU - Dictionary ?

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NJCheryl wrote:Does anyone have a suggestion for what dictionary they use, particulary for CTG. We started CTG today. I see tomorrow they are supposed to look up the derivative from biblios. We have a children's dictionary and the only word it has from the list is Bible. I also have an old Websters scrabble dictionary and none of the words are in there. I know we can look them up online, but I really want them to work on their dictionary skills. Any ideas?

We did find that the children's dictionary was hit or miss on the words. We have just ended up using a Websters New World Dictionary most of the time. I think it is from one of our college years ;)


BTW- my dd is 4th grade, so I am choosing one or two words from each root word list.
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Re: Dictionary ?

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You'll probably want at least a Collegiate level dictionary. I have one left over from college that we use that works for 98% of the words in EFTRU.

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Re: Dictionary ?

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Hi! We did that today and only looked up the definition of the word "book". I explained the whole idea from EFRU about how a "definition" is a border or frame around a word, defining what it is and what it isn't and a "derivative" come frome "de" and a Latin word meaning "river" or "stream", so it's a word that came much later in another language. We did not look up "Bible" even though that is the other word on the back of their cards. I am just using a Children's Dictionary/Thesaurus from DK that also has synonyms listed for a lot of words. I also have a Collegiate one from when I went to college, but I'm sure you can look things up on line if you don't have one of those right now.

Like Edie, we are using only one or two root words and for this first card I just chose "Bible".
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Re: Dictionary ?

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I think it depends on how detailed you want to get. My best advice for dictionary shopping is to jot down some things that you didn't find in the dictionary you already have, and then go to a bookstore and look those things up in different dictionaries.

The dictionaries with the most info will have definitions that are harder for kids to understand. And some words just won't be in an abridged dictionary because they have been taken out to put in a medical dictionary or other specialized dictionary.

Here are some past posts about one of my favorite topics -- dictionaries :)
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