GHA - Storing artwork

Including using "English From The Roots Up," "God & the History of Art," & Composer Studies
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GHA - Storing artwork

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RB wrote:Do you have your kids put their "God and the History of Art" pages in the history binder?
We always put the "history related" pages in the history binder (Egyptian drawing, Greek columns, George Washington artist), and the other pages in the general binder under "art."

I started out in CTG by keeping the art pages separate and I was going to bind them all together into an "art book" after 4 years. But that idea went by the wayside.

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Re: Just curious...

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We've just started with CTG and so far I'm putting the pages under Art in the combined binder. Subject to change:)
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Re: Just curious...

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I just put my dd's stuff in a hanging file folder (we copy the pages - saving the book for the 2nd time around, and dd doesn't always like to do the assignment, so I don't copy pages she doesn't like to do).

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Re: Just curious...

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cbollin wrote:We draw in the book.

The paint/marker cards look cute on the fridge for a while.

what other pages have I missed all these years?
Do you get a separate book for each child?

I've been photocopying the pages that have boxes for drawing. They are forming a pile, and as with all piles it must be conquered before it takes over the room. Hence, my curiosity about where people put these things. Not a big deal, of course, lots of "right ways".

I like Julie's idea to put the history related ones in the history binder.

Thanks, all :)
cbollin wrote:ah.. Yep. I got a book per child. I wasn't going to copy everything and over 4 years use, it's not that bad on price...
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Re: Just curious...

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I didn't want to punch holes in artwork and some things are too big for a binder, so for awhile each kid had a clipboard on the wall to put up their art. Worked as a display and a way to organize until we had about 20 pieces up. So I picked up some cheap art portfolios at Micheal's. I think they were about $3 a piece and they are big enough to hold some 3-D stuff and larger pieces, such as watercolor paper. So those are in the closet and every couple weeks I put the art from the clipboard into the portfolio.

Sounds complicated when I write it out, but it's been easy and neat.
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Re: Just curious...

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Hi! I do the same as Julie. We had a binder that I organized at the beginning of the year for history and another for all other subjects. I have been photocopying the pages and placing them in the art section of the general binder, but I was just placing a couple of the pages yesterday in their history notebooks because they are directly related to our Egyptian studies! :)
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