Books from CtG used in RtR

Including getting a later start using "English From The Roots Up" or "God & the History of Art"
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Books from CtG used in RtR

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shera wrote:We did not do CtG so I do not already own the books used in this program, we did something else to cover this time period. I know that there are a few books that were used in CtG that are used in RtR, which we are planning on using next year. I am wondering how long they are used and if they are worth getting? In other words, will we miss much if we do not get these books?

I'm just trying to keep costs down as much as possible.
Hi Sarah,

1. I guess if it were me, I'd get the Journey book. It's used in high school also, and it's just a good reference for reading the Bible because it's organized in the same order that the Bible is. So when you read Matthew, you go to the Matthew section of Journey and might see coins from that day, or a map, etc.

2. I wouldn't worry about Ancient World, myself. I think Marie schedules every bit of a resource that applies, so the parts about Rome apply to RTR. It will have pictures and tidbits about daily life before you get to the Medieval book. However, you get plenty of Rome in the other resources and book basket, at least for us.

3. English From the Roots Up has Greek and Latin word roots. The Greek ones were used in CTG and the Latin ones are scheduled in RTR. There were about half as many Greek roots, so in CTG you could spend some time on a dictionary day and such. I'd estimate 2/3 of the book applies to RTR so you might want this. It's possible you could squeak in the Greek roots at some point, as well, if you like the method.

4. God and the History of Art is used for the next 3 years, in addition to CTG, so it might be worth it, as well. At my house, we didn't use a lot of the drawing/painting lessons, but we DID use the art history portions. Art history ties in so much with the cultures you are studying.

5. Streams is a book that everyone seems to either love or hate. I love it, it was one of the first books that convinced me to look into a young earth theory :) That was long before MFW. In MFW, it's used mostly as a confirmation that Biblical history is factual and corresponds with secular history. It also covers some non-European cultures. And a couple of times, you use the map in Streams to do the notebook page. It's basically a Christian high school textbook with a lot of drawings, maps, and info boxes, some of which are read in MFW. So, it's not like a college text or encyclopedia, but it is mostly facts -- Christian facts. As I recall, it's mostly used in the first half of RTR. How's that for a non-answer ;)

Hope that gave you a little more info for making your decision.
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Hubfam7 wrote:This year as I am looking into the Rome to Reformation and am seeing that a lot of the books are being reused from the Creation to Greeks curriculum. My question is, the God and the History of Art is two parts, are both books listed for use in the Rome to Reformation?

Yes, God and the History of Art - both books are used in RTR and in EX1850 and 1850MOD years, too.

For CTG and RTR, shared books are:
Journey thru Bible
Streams of Civilization
Ancient World
English from Roots Up
God and the History of Art

For EX1850 and 1850 MOD, shared books are
God and the History of Art
Trial and Triumph
The Last 500 years
Exploring American History
In God we Trust
Then Sings My Soul
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Re: CTG to RTR

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Out of curiosity I got out my CTG and RTR manuals. RTR time period moves from Ancient World to Medieval World, so I was trying to remember exactly how much Ancient World is used in RTR. I found that Ancient World was used in about a dozen of the weeks in RTR.

Just having a bit of fun on a rainy afternoon ;)

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Re: passing down the curriculum

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Ancient World is used quite a few times in RTR. Enough to want a copy.
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RTR quicklinks

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Herring wrote:
Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:36 am
For RTR Week 1, Monday I cannot find the usborne-quicklink that is in the curriculum under the Founding of Rome section. When I type the keyword "ancient history" it gives me a number of books. Which one do I choose to find page 80 with the Statue of Wold with Romulus and Remus?
The book that was used in Creation to the Greeks, and finished off in RTR, is called Ancient World, so that is the one you are looking for.

You can find those Usborne links here: ... NH&id=8406

When you go to that link (Ancient World), change the page numbers to 80-81, and then look down below the websites to "pictures to download." Is that the wolf/Romulus/Remus you're looking for?

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