* RTR is absolutely wonderful!

Including getting a later start using "English From The Roots Up" or "God & the History of Art"
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* RTR is absolutely wonderful!

Unread post by LSH in MS »

Amazing FIRST WEEK w/ MFW!!

We are doing RTR and enjoying very much. I don't think I could teach so many children so effectively without MFW.

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We have had such a great time

Unread post by 3koolkids »

I have immensely enjoyed doing RTR this year and have 1 MORE DAY left with the curriculum. I am actually sad. We have had such a great time with it. We will probably go back over the next few weeks and revisit some of what we have done, pick out some more books, review the anatomy, and spend some time with Shakespeare.
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RTR is absolutely wonderful!

Unread post by SandKsmama »

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 4:36 pm
We're just having a such a GREAT year so far with MFW! I'm doing K for the second time through with my littlest one. In MFW 1st with my 6.5 year old, we're on Day 94. He is joining in his big sister's science and that is going well!

We are on Week 4 of RTR. It is absolutely wonderful! My 11 year old just loves it - she has not wanted to put The Bronze Bow down:-) I don't think there is one thing about RTR that we both have not been just delighted with. Making the Jello cell model was a huge hit. And both kids were thrilled with starting to use The Body Book this week.

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Unread post by WindriderMom »

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:12 pm
I am realizing how much I LOVE MFW. We are doing RTR, and I must say that not only are we learning "history" but I sense all of us are growing closer to the Lord. Our studies (we are in week 13) have taken us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the work of his Apostles and Disciples. All in historical context and it is like the Bible has come alive for us.

I am especialy liking "Twice Freed" and the kids keep catching me trying to read ahead and chastise me. They want us all to find out what happens at the same time. We began Trial and Triumph and are awed by the stories. ALso the "Victor Journey Through the Bible" gives us so much insight, the kids like the maps and pictures as well.

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RtR fun

Unread post by DS4home »

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 1:08 am
I just wanted to share my kids enthusiasm about our science this year. In RTR we are studying the body. Well one day we were looking at the food pyramid and studying all about it. Over the next few days my son keeps asking questions relating to this. Ahh, Mom's thinking, something is sinking in :)

Well he decides to make a little poster of the food pyramid and post it in the kitchen to help us all remember what to eat. Nice, sure hun. Now his older sister sees this and decides she can make a much nicer one! So off she goes to find the book and make another model poster for us. Oh my, Mom's thinking, they are really getting stirred up about this!

Next thing I know, the kids have put together a chart with the days of the week and each food group. You guessed it, we are now tracking what we eat daily! OK, Mom's not so sure she wants to see this so up close and personal!! :) Can't we just keep it as a simple science reading and move on......

Kidding (sort of) but I do love it when they get into stuff like this. Now if I had suggested such a thing it probably wouldn't have gotten near as much attention. But when it's their idea...watch out!!

Now we are beginning to learn chess, and my son is just chomping at the bit to play a full game!

MFW just keeps getting better and better!
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Unread post by Tina »

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 9:36 am
The chess -- we never knew how to play chess before, and now my two in RtR want to play it with everyone! They ask to play with anyone who enters the house. It is fun. Even more fun when other children come over and they all say "hey, let's play chess!"

Thanks for sharing.
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Neat experience with "how the Bible came to us!"

Unread post by pjssully »

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 5:13 pm

I am finished up our first week and I am loving it!!!! I am sooooo grateful i took the advice of some of you and started doing mfw despite our upcoming move. Anyways, we were reading about how the bible is organized in the "how the Bible came to us" and we got stuck on the four gospels--i had always heard there were four gospels but when we were coloring in our notebook activity, they listed ACTS as one of the gospels (it was color coded as a gospel, not necessarily said it was a gospel). Well we were stumped. So i brought it up to my bible study group that i attend once a week and nobody had an answer for me. BUT then, someone read at the beginning of her new testament bible that ACTS is sometimes looked as a "LINKING BOOK" which is why it must have been color coded as a gospel. SOOOO everyone in our bible study learned something new--and it was from MFW curriculum. HOw awesome is GOD! And how awesome it is that we have a curriculum that teaches adults along with our kids. I am looking forward to a year that teaches me more and strengthens my faith. thanks for all of you
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RTR testimony

Unread post by mama9times »

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 7:39 pm
I have been wonderfully blessed by this curriculum. We started in Sept. and fell way behind with Thanksgiving and Christmas. When it was time to start back up in Jan., I was having a really hard time because of some troubles my older, already graduated children have been in along with our 15 yr old son. I had pretty much given up on homeschooling and told my dh to take them to public school and sign them up. He refused and decided that he was going to school them himself. He works 3- 11 pm, so he was able to do this. The first few days, I decided to sit in on Bible and some History. Then I started to take a more active role and now things are back to how they should be, plus dh is doing Bible with us now.

MFW got me out of a horrible Spiritual slump! The study of the Early Christian Church in the Roman world has really made an impression on me. Studying the two together make the Book of Acts come alive. What Faith those early Christians must have had!! The book Twice Freed is a real faith booster, too. We watched the Robe last weekend. It was nice "seeing" what we are reading. Next week we'll be starting Trial and triumph. I can't wait!

If my dc pick up on a little that's good, too. But, it's not just for my kids, but for me. too. I'm motivated to continue. I know now that this is what God wants me to be doing.

Thank you MFW for a wonderful blessing. You don't know what a difference you (through God) have made in this family.
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We really loved RTR

Unread post by dhudson »

I will tell you that we really loved RTR (even my 2nd graders) we celebrated being a Monk and eating like we were in a medieval Inn and we still have the castle in the living room (it was too cool to put away). It really gave us a great foundation in understanding the reformation and why it was necessary for the pilgrims to leave for the new world. We found it fascinating.

Oh and I failed to tell the best part, my oldest used the verses he memorized in RTR to tell someone in Mexico (during a missions trip) about Jesus. He knew right away what verses to point someone to.
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new here

Unread post by Keer »

Hi, my name is Kirstin, and we just started using MFW RTR last week. We had just finished studying the fall of Rome in our previous curriculum, so we just jumped right into week 14 in RTR, and away we went! 8) I've used a couple different history curriculums over the past few years, and while they got the job done, they never quite fit just right. I think I have finally found The Perfect One for Us. :-) I was looking at it more tonight, and truly, if I had the time and the know-how to put together my own, this is all exactly what I would have done. I'm soooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!

This year I am teaching a 6th, 4th, 3rd, 1st, and PreKer. I also have a very busy 21mo. I plan to use MFW K next year as well. Looking forward to getting to know y'all better!
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Great Year with RTR

Unread post by MammaBear »

We are just starting Week 6 of RTR with our family. I just wanted to say it has been great so far. I was a little concerned when I saw so many people not liking Augustus Caesar's World, but my kids have loved it. They are really liking making the models, and it has just been a good beginning. Thank you to the Hazell family for following God's leading to write this curriculum. Just in case you are wondering this is not our first year with MFW. We have used K, Adventures, ECC, skipped CTG to do something else (which I regret) and are now back where we belong with RTR.

I love how it fills the need for all my dc learning styles. My hands on dd, and my deep thinker reader ds, both get exactly what they need to retain the information. Thank you.
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Re: Great Year with RTR

Unread post by jenkinsinpa »

We just came back to MFW....we had used K, 1st, Adventures, then left, this past year we did 1st again with my middle child, and now we are back toMFW using RTR...just started 2 weeks ago. I am appreciating MFW in a whole new way, now that I see what life was like without it!!!
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RTR and loving it!

Unread post by BostonMom »

We are finishing our first week of RTR, and we all love it!! We're getting so excited to get to the period in history of our beloved Jesus, and it's right around the corner. Thanks to Marie for such an engaging and thorough curriculum!! :-)
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Re: RTR and loving it!

Unread post by 4Truth »

This became my dd's favorite time period after doing RTR. :) I originally went with RTR (out of order) because my dd wanted to do Middle Ages so badly, but her new favorite time period is Ancient Rome/New Testament. Even for dh and I, we gained a much better understanding the Bible once we learned it in the context of history!
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We recently completed MFW Rome to the Reformation!

Unread post by Pylegang »

We recently completed Rome to the Reformation!

After we read the very last paragraph of our history assignmment, we browsed through our history notebooks (as a review of sorts) and reminisced about the hard work and fun that we had on our Rome to the Reformation journey. What a terrific year! I hope to find the time to post a recap/review of our study, but for now I just wanted to post a "shout of celebration" for our worthwhile accomplishment! Now, even more than when I first began MFW, I'm looking forward to our next study: Exp. to 1850.

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Growing in our faith

Unread post by rxmom »

We are also in RTR and loving every minute of it--even my 7yo daughter can tell you a thing or two about Rome. We are all growing in our faith and are in awe of the early church and the incredible stories of the first brothers and sisters in Christ--their faith and sacrifice. Wow! I wouldn't miss this for anything! Have a fun, blessed time in RTR!

Delcey :-)
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Rome to Reformation BOX DAY!

Unread post by mamamouse »

I was in the kitchen, minding my own buisness, when I heard something at the front door. I thought our Rottweiler wanted in. I go to the door and there's a BOX leaning up against the side of the house. I thought, "Hmmm...I wonder what *that* is.". I grab it, thinking maybe it's from Amazon (I totally forgot I had ordered MFW :~ ) and realize, it's HEAVY. Then I looked at the return address and realize what it is.

By then, my ds11 is at the door, wondering what we got. I told him that it was school stuff for next year. He takes it from me, brings it in the dining room while I get a knife to cut the tape. Oh glorious, beautiful, numerous BOOKS!! The kids were so excited going through everything (so was mom, lol).

I'm sitting at the computer looking over the TM and loving it! Even ds11 was going on and on about how much FUN it looks like. We also got the consumable stuff for 1st grade next year in the box, which my dd5 will be using. She wanted to start tomorrow, but I *know* how quickly it ramps up, so...no way :-) .

Had to share!!
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Headed to Europe...

Unread post by deepmagic »

Our family has an unexpected opportunity to travel to Europe. My kids are ages 11 and 9. We were planning on using the MFW’s material to finish American history thru modern times for the 2011-12 school year BUT..... Our family will leave in November for Germany, Switzerland, and Russia. My children have no instruction regarding the Middle Ages, Reformation, & Renaissance. I considered ECC, but the curriculum doesn’t spend a great deal of time on Europe. Further, my kids have had a LOT of exposure to anthropological studies. They are sensitive to other cultures and people groups, and we are a missions-minded family.

With LOTS of prayer, we began RTR with lesson 14. Rt now, we're on the Rise of Islam & I'm soooooo grateful we went this route. I NEVER would have studied this topic without the guidance of MFW curriculum leading us to this point. Islam has such a HUGE following, especially in Europe. My kids are eager to share Christ with Muslims after learning so much about their beliefs. I'm eager to see how God will use this knowledge in their lives in the weeks/months ahead.

Meanwhile, our family would deeply covet prayers as we follow Christ on this adventure. We are in the process of making plans to visit distant relatives in Switzerland. One family does not know Christ. Another family LOVES THE LORD. We pray that we'll be a light to the one and an encouragement to the other. In Russia, we will be meeting up with the head of Russian Baptist Mission (he's a dear, personal friend of mine) and joining him and his family in a missions week. Again, we COVET your prayers....ask anyone you know to please pray for us! We'll be on the front-lines & the warfare is thick in Russia!

Oh, BTW, the kids are learning the Nicene Creed as part of MFW curriculum with RTR. Wow!!!! This has impacted our entire family! What a wonderful assignment! It's truly marvelous. =)
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Standing up for truth when viewing popular tv program!

Unread post by asheslawson »

My 8 yr old dd was watching Zula Patrol tonight with her dad - he sometimes comes in and turns on this show with her after her bath. I've never really been able to pay close attention to the program as I am usually cleaning up the kitchen. Tonight - during the show ending one of the characters said, "Actually the sun formed millions of years ago from a nebula...".

My daughter sat up and took notice and said, "That is not true!"

My husband shrugged and said that they are looking at it from a science standpoint, and my 12 year old came from his room and joined into the conversation. Both of my children agreed that it wasn't proven science and that they knew the truth. The sun was created by God!! And furthermore they added that there was undisputable evidence pointing to the fact that it may NOT have been millions of years ago!! Way to go!!

They have REALLY enjoyed Apologia Astronomy this year and they have been sharing some of the exciting facts they've learned with the neighborhood children and some family members. We have used MFW for the last 3 years and I love that they are compelled to speak up when they hear something unproven being spoken as fact.

At the end of the conversation - both of my kids discussed how they did not care that this was spoken as truth on a child's television program.
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Re: Standing up for truth when viewing popular tv program!

Unread post by ♥nbamaboyz »

YAY for the kiddos! It's amazing how much they really do listen & learn, especially when you don't even realize it til a situation like this pops up.
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Really enjoying the variety

Unread post by One of each »

This year, we are really enjoying the variety of books in both History and Science. This whole time period was a gap in my personal education, so I'm having a blast learning along with the kids.

We are in week 15 and just finished Twice Freed today. I could barely read the last chapter through my tears. Love that story. :)

Hope you have a great week!
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Beautiful Bible discussion this morning

Unread post by klewfor3 »

I just had to post that we had a beautiful time doing our bible this morning for RTR. We are memorizing Romans 8:28 where it states that "all things work for the good..." It just happened that This morning I received a link to Pastor Saeed's letter to his daughter for her eighth birthday. I read it after we went over our verses this morning. It was amazing because he quoted Romans 8:28 in his letter and it was almost the whole premise of his letter to her. It was beautiful and so full of true hope.

It was just a beautiful moment because my kids have been relentlessly praying and discussing Pastor Saeed. It really answered a lot of their questions and put their memory verse into perspective. I had to mention it on the board.
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Re: Beautiful Bible discussion this morning

Unread post by Poohbee »

One of my favorite things about MFW is the wonderful Bible time it has led me to have with my daughters! We, too, have had some wonderful discussions about the Bible and God's kingdom! Thanks so much for sharing!
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Re: Beautiful Bible discussion this morning

Unread post by Yodergoat »

Thanks for sharing that! I love it when God orchestrates things like this to come together and let us apply the verses we are learning. We have gotten tired of calling things like that "coincidences" (because they don't just happen) and so now we call them God-cidences! :)
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Re: Beautiful Bible discussion this morning

Unread post by marmaladesorrow »

This makes me smile to read! I love the way God orchestrates these moments. Thank you for sharing!
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