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Including getting a later start using "English From The Roots Up" or "God & the History of Art"
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Exp. Creation with Astronomy... must I use 2nd ed.

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sarah05 wrote:
Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:40 pm
We are getting ready to begin R to R. I currently happen to already have the 1st edition of Exploring Creation with Astronomy. How crucial is it to have the 2nd ed.? Will it be difficult to follow the teacher's guide if I don't... How different are the editions?
Hi Sarah,
I'm not sure many folks have had both editions in their hands to compare? I used the old edition and enjoyed it. Pluto was in limbo at the time and eventually became a nonplanet, although I have recently read that it may become a planet again :) (I don't think Pluto, itself, has changed LOL.) Anyways, I haven't been able to look through the newest one yet to compare.

The MFW website says this, and it doesn't sound like big changes to me?
Then, the Apologia website says this, but it is unclear whether most of it applies to the journal vs. the textbook:
  • In the second edition textbook and notebooking journals, you will find:
    • Biblical wisdom used throughout the textbook
    • Infographics to help children see information in an understandable format
    • 14 lessons updated with current scientific data
    • Wisdom from Above and Think About This callout boxes which give special attention to God as Creator
    • A new color-coordinated schedule for the textbook, notebooking journals, and lab kit
    • Fresh layouts for activities found within the textbook
    • All new full-color illustrations
    • Space to journal each textbook and notebook activity
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Re: Exp. Creation with Astronomy... must I use 2nd ed.

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Hmmm... Thanks! Well I really don't want to buy the new one, so I'm going to try to make it work! I know I can still buy the "old" notebook...
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