Preparation - Getting ready for RTR

Including getting a later start using "English From The Roots Up" or "God & the History of Art"
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Preparation - Getting ready for RTR

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Back-to-school shopping for RTR
JustineOKC wrote:Could someone please list what supplies are needed to start R to R? I am not able to purchase our curriculum until closer to August and our sales are starting now. I would love to be able to pick up our notebooks and any other basic supplies needed to start us off right. Thank you.

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Hi Justine,
I think the school supply lists each year are virtually identical, so look back to CTG for that. It's just the basic stuff, with colored pencils for mapping, the writing paper you prefer, plus a couple of notebook binders. If you like page protectors and cardstock for the notebooks (and for some of the games in the appendix, etc.), you may want to stock up. Astronomy is going to add to your notebooking this year.

For building the body models in science, I also used cardstock. It held up nicely. And if you plan to have your children do the cutting, then have a sharp pair of scissors for each (I cut them for ds, but I only had one child :o)

Oh, and a package of those brass fasteners came in handy for those moveable models.

Oh, again I am thinking of cardstock (or construction paper) in several colors for the "big project" in Astronomy -- making the solar system. There are other options using balloons & such in the Astronomy book, but the RTR manual gives an easy alternative using construction paper.

If I think of anything else, I'll add to this post... Have fun!
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I just rec'd my stuff - like Julie said the basic same things from the previous years. I like Julie's idea for cardstock for the body. Don't forget index cards for the vocabulary and a box if you won't add to last years. If I remember correctly non-hardening clay is used at least the first week and the recommendation to save pudding boxes (my kids love that thought!). I always keep a roll of contact paper - I take a lot of things at the beginning of each year to laminate - but I keep contact paper on hand for spur of the moment things.
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Using RTR
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Unread post by JustineOKC »

Thank you so much! I assumed it might be similiar to C to G but I didn't think of Cardstock and we could always use more clay. Everyone here is so helpful.

Happy Schooling,

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Preparation - Getting ready for RTR

Unread post by Eve »

Hi ladies! I am attempting to prepare for RTR as much as possible without buying the books yet. Could you let me know if there are any other preps I could do without them? This is what I have so far:

**Looked up books at library so that I can quickly find them through the year and placed in card index. Did the same with magazine articles in our Highlights and Nature magazines. Catalogued in Index file for easy find.

**Made files for the 34 weeks. Added any articles or books I already had for each weeks' subjects.

**decided on schedule

**planned on other subjects (ex: math, LA's)

I also plan to (or would like to):

*re-organize room, change around furniture for something new (Yes, I have the space.)

*Think through and plan field trip ideas. I would love to take the kids to the Cosmosphere, for instance!!!

Any thoughts? I would love other's ideas. DH is taking the kids camping for the weekend so that I can have some solid time to work and organize.

Thanks, Eve
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Unread post by mamaofredheads »

Hi, Eve. We'll finish up week 2 of RTR tomorrow. Looks like you've got a great head start and are very organized. :) What a treat to have a weekend by yourself to prepare. This year I made a to-do list throughout the summer & saved it in the computer for next year, so I thought I would share a couple of ideas with you from that list:

- If your budget allows, week 1 suggests to go to a Greek restaurant. You could look on-line to see if there's one in your area. If that's not a possiblity, a simple meal is listed in the TM. (We live near Dallas, so I found a restaurant, but we haven't gone yet.)

- Perhaps get together a few goodies for the 1st day of school. I found human body placemats at our local teacher store that were inexpensive.

- You could get the binders ready, with dividers. I got each child their own color of binders & spiral notebooks - makes it much easier to have them get their things out. And they have great bargains right now (in our area anyway) on school supplies.

- If you know when you are ordering, perhaps you could set aside a day on your calendar for making copies. I have the binding cut off of some of my books to make it easier to copy/use. (Specifically the Body Book & Human Body for Every Kid for this year). I got most of the bindings cut & books spiral bound at Kinko. We have a Staples that is much closer, but they have kids working there who do not understand that if they cut my $25 book crooked that is not a good thing - don't ask me how I know this!!! Also, we are blessed to have a fairly new home school store & she has started binding services for great prices so I've taken my last few items to her. Teacher stores might do it too.

- I also take the spiral binding out of the TM & G&THOA to copy & then run the spiral back through.

- It is suggested that the child(ren) color all the timeline pieces at the beginning of the year & cut them out, so you might want to allow some time for that as well.

Hope that helps a little. Enjoy your planning/organizing weekend. You're going to love RTR! :)

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Unread post by 4Truth »

You could check and see if there's a Renaissance Festival scheduled anywhere in your area.
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Did anyone blog their Rome to Reformation year?

Unread post by HSmommi2mine »

Lainie wrote:I was just wondering if anyone blogged their Rome to Reformation year. I would love to check it out. I've looked through some of the archives. If someone has just finished RtR and can think of anything that really helped their year, I would love to hear it. I will have a 7th grader doing Apologia as well as the Saxon Math. Anyone in that situation??
I did, although not thoroughly. The school posts are titled "Weekly Report". Here is my blog

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Re: Did anyone blog their Rome to Reformation year?

Unread post by cbollin »

7th grader:

try to start the science and math a week ahead of everything else and help your child with it to learn how to study and all of that.

Apologia General Science: for some helps with Module 1, check out Donna young's website for way to take notes on the scientists in that chapter.


Buying RtR piece-meal ... also body book question

Unread post by cbollin »

AnniAm wrote:Can someone tell me which books (barring bookbasket books) I will need for the first 6 weeks or so of RtR? And what supplies I should start collecting? Thank you!
When you get your manual, you’ll have a better feel on the supplies. Most of what you will need will be standard school supplies. But one thing to begin to collect would be 15 pudding boxes to make roman arch. Maybe get a box of matches that has 6 smaller boxes with it inside.

Other than that, it’ll just be easier when you have the manual as they give a materials list for each week.

Take a look at what I’m mean on the pudding boxes. ... 806#p28530
and the matches ... 809#p63400

Books Needed in first six weeks:
• Teacher's Manual, Second Edition
• Student Sheets (purchase one per student)
• English from the Roots Up (from CTG)
• Ancient World (from CTG)
• Streams of Civilization (from CTG)
• How the Bible Came to Us
• The Roman Empire
• Augustus Caesar's World
• Bronze Bow
• The Human Body for Every Kid
• The Body Book
• First Encyclopedia of the Human Body

Here's one more link that might help with some fun supplies for week 1. ... 964#p66964

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Re: Buying RtR piece-meal ... also body book question

Unread post by AnniAm »

Thank you! That was very helpful, especially the links!

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Binders for RTR

Unread post by rebeccal2002 »

mothermayi wrote:What size binders are needed for RTR? It looks like I need a history binder and a general binder but I don't see the size. I am probably overlooking it in my excitement! I can't wait to get started!
Hi, I've always wondered what size is recommended too. It's not in the TM as far as I can tell.

We used a 2.5" for our English, etc., and a 3" for our History Notebook. The size seems just fine, plenty of room, yet the kids can handle them okay. I tried to use 2" binders one year for History and it was too small. I'm planning on reusing the binders every year as long as they last. :)

Hope this helps.

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Re: Binders for RTR

Unread post by mothermayi »

Thanks! That helps. Now I can go to Costco ;) .
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Basic Supplies for RtR

Unread post by Erna »

shera wrote:I just ordered RtR today and my local stores are starting back to school sales this week and next week. I am wondering what basic school supplies will we need, like how many notebooks/binders.

I believe the Yahoo Group for RTR has a supply list. It helps with planning the weeks out, if you'd like to join such a group.

As for binders, we do a three inch binder for core subjects and a 1.5 inch (I believe, could be 1 inch) binder for the history notebook. I would say other basic back to school supplies are worth gathering. One I have to remind myself is to get index cards for the English From the Roots Up words.
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