EFRU - Latin Pronunciation Help

Including getting a later start using "English From The Roots Up" or "God & the History of Art"
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EFRU - Latin Pronunciation Help

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Lainie wrote:Does anyone know a site to help with Latin pronunciation?

In the meantime, in RtR Week 1, Day 1-- going over Roman numerals, do you pronounce the 's' in tres? Or is it silent? Also, quattuor... is it kwa-too-or OR is it a keh-too-or? Or something else entirely. LOL

And finally, quinque... is the beginning sound a 'k' or a 's' like in Spanish??
If it is just for this one lesson I wouldn't worry about it. It is not an evolving language at this point and no native speakers are going to come and correct you. Just say it however you would in English. All of the pronunciations used are educated guesses really. Here is one guide though.

Ecclesiastical Guide - http://cfaonline.asu.edu/haefer/classes ... ation.html

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Re: Latin Pronunciation--Help Please :)

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English from the Roots up pages XVII and XVIIa give pronunciation help.

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Re: Latin Pronunciation--Help Please :)

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Thanks Christina and Niki for the replies.

Niki, I'm so funny! This is my second year with this book and it wasn't until you told me that page XVIIa was there that I found it. It was stuck to the next page and I never realized it until today. This was exactly what I was looking for. I am planning on writing my pronunciations on the page of the word.

Thanks for helping me in my "moment." Other than pronunciation issues we did have a good day :)
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Re: Latin Pronunciation--Help Please :)

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One thing to note, the updated version of English from the Roots Up that MFW is now selling (as of June 09) has pronunciation guides ON the root pages. Isn't that a great update? Now, to sell my old one & get the new... ;)
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How to pronounce Latin urbs, urbis?

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TammyB wrote:Hi, all!
I don't know if the u in urbs and urbis is long (as in moon) or short (as in book), so I can't figure out how to pronounce these two particular Latin words (English From the Roots Up, p. 84). Anyone know?

Thanks so much!
It's pronounced "oo - r - bis" in the phrase anno urbis conditae, according to an online dictionary.

Way to be thorough. ;)
TammyB wrote:Do you think it is /oo/ as in moon or /oo/ as in book? I'm leaving towards /oo/ as in moon.


[Editor's Note: Both sounds are given in the EFRU pronunciation guide.
/oo/ as in moon is closer, I think.
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