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Foreign Language - Rosetta Stone set-up, features, versions, time,

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Rosetta Stone & what features to begin with
Sarahs Daughter wrote:When starting Rosetta Stone, should I start with the Preview as well as the Guided Exercises before moving on to the Exercises in that lesson? I've read through the material and I'm still not sure what exercise to start with and what sequence to follow as it relates to the "preview" and the "guided exercises." Thanks.
Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 11:23 am
We start with the tutorial/guided exercises for lesson time.

I only use the preview feature when I (teacher) am looking at what is in the lesson. The preview feature is nice if you are trying to re-do a lesson at a later time for more practice with a specific section -- I use the preview section as on screen pictorial index.

just what I do

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Time? Features? Ages?

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LSH in MS wrote:Please give examples of how you use Rosetta Stone and how much time per day. Do you use the workbook and tests? Do you use the Student Management System? Do you do it differently for elementary age students vs high school? How do you need to do it if you want to count it as highschoool credits? Thanks for your help. Lori
Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 11:23 pm

My 6th and 8th grader only do the program 1/2 hour 4 days a week on the comprehensive track with the workbook and tests. I can check their scores, and I know they are learning the material. I know this is not exactly what MFW recommends, but it works for us.

My 4th grader and under have not started yet. We are still working on other things. If she wanted to start, I would still use the comprehensive track, but I would not use the tests or workbook.
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Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:07 pm

This is the wonderful thing not only about home schooling but also about MFW. Both allow you in many areas like foreign lang. to pace your kids and do what works best for them and meets your families expectations as well.

Just for those who may not be as familiar with MFW's thoughts on foreign lang. though I wanted to give just a bit of information.

MFW suggests beginning younger so that you become familiar with the language without having to learn all components at one time. This is why in the younger years the workbooks are not suggested, since this is a higher level skill in any language. The normal progression is listening, speaking, reading, writing for learning a langauge. Think about how we learned our first language. So as your using the program you start with learning to listen and read. This is a bit out of order from the above progression but, since kids (and adults) have an understanding of reading when beginning, it is not such a jump to make in a new language. In other words since you understand that sounds and symbols make up those words already (unlike a baby) then you can learn reading a bit easier. I think this may also depend on the language being learned. If you are say learning Chinese where the symbols of language are completely different from the ones you have already learned, then the normal progression would most probably be better.

So just as the TM suggests, you add these components a little at a time. I think learning to speak the language with RS or any program is at best awkward and so younger children may actually be more open initially than older ones who are generally a bit more self-conscious. In looking back this is something that I did not start early enough.

Also do not expect RS or any program to make you or your kids fluent in the language. That comes with practice with real life conversations. This is why it is suggested that in high school your kids meet at least once a week with someone who can speak the language. This of course is not always possible and so you have to work harder by talking aloud to yourself, repeating what you hear. RS is a great starting place since they never speak to you in English.

I hope this helps to give you a picture of the progression of learning whatever language you choose to learn. Some of this comes from my own observations as we have been using RS over the past 3 years. What I did not add sooner is having my kids begin copying the speaking on RS sooner. I am not talking about them being tested by the program but just having them, early on, repeat what they are hearing. This could be added after they have listened and read, and then add speaking in this more non-threatening way.

We only used it for the 15 mins. a day and did listening and reading. As already mentioned, I wished that we had moved into the speaking more. This year I will have my son who is in 7th grade focus on the speaking. My daughter who will be doing this for high school credit will spend 45 min. a day using the RS program along with the student textbook and workbook.

I hope that some of this is helpful to you Lori as well as others who are using RS.

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Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:20 pm

My elementary age kids (all of them) just have fun experimenting with the languages. They love to play with the drop down menus to learn to associate the written words. They like to play with the microphone part to see who can get the most words in the "green" level. To them it's a game. We use RS very informally in these years.

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Student Management System

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Heather (WI) wrote:I bought RS last year for our then 4th grader, and we installed the management system, too. Well, sometime during the first lesson it started asking her to TYPE sentences in the foreign language!! Do you just recommend we try it without the SMS for now?? Thanks for any more help with this you can offer.

We are loving our year in RTR, and of course, learning LOTS as always!! (I wish I would've learned history and Bible like this in school.) :o)
Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 10:17 pm

Just for you and others to know that the SMS is not intended to be used any earlier than 7th grade. Many states allow early high school credit for a language so this is always an option. I will use the SMS this year with both of my kids but I do not think my son is ready to do it for credit yet. I will let him give a go at the writing which like any language is the most difficult.

RS is used as a fun and gentle introduction to the language of your choice, to lay a foundation for when the child is ready to become more academic and take it for credit using the study guide as well as the workbook, quizzes and test.

As I said earlier, I think kids that have been using RS will move through the lessons in the SMS quicker than the pace that is laid out in the teachers handbook. especially if it has been used consistently for 15 to 20 minutes a day for at least 4 days a week.

My problem is I have never been very good at keeping it going in the summer. I am going to change that, with God's help, this year.

The Hazell's found RS to engage their kids over a long period of time and have found nothing offensive in RS. You may decide to try RS without the SMS. Just use it as the MFW T.M. suggest. If your T.M. does not have that info let me know and I can pass it on to you. It is in all the newer T.M.'s now.

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Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 10:55 am

Here's what we are doing -

My 7th grade son is doing RS with the SMS, but not the workbook. We've looked at a couple of things in the Study Guide -but I'm not concerned about full credit until he's in highschool. After 3.5 years of Latin (yikes) he is so refreshed by RS Spanish. He enjoys it. So I am letting him go at the SMS pace, but without any other requirements. I know the MFW suggests using the workbook in 7th grade - but I will wait to implement the "full program" when he is a Freshman.

My 3rd grade daughter is using it without the SMS and only on it 2-3 days a week. Truly just an exposure for her.

For fun we have picked up magazines in Spanish, will rent some movies in Spanish, and always try to read instructions manuals that come with stuff (in Spanish!) ---

Hope that helps -


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Posted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 1:30 pm
In version 3 the graphics are different and the homeschool teacher sees the grammar quicker :) But grammar is in version 2 of Rosetta Stone. Use the Written Module in RS and you'll understand. That's the section with the pull down words :) it you don't have the grammar just right, it lets you know. It has the grammar for learning punctuation, capitals, plurals/singular, subject verb agreements --- all of that stuff is in Version 2. And that's before you even get to the workbooks.

It is still through an immersion method. For example when your toddler learns to talk you don't sit there with flashcards and worksheets "doing grammar". With RS's immersion method of learning language, you approach all of that grammar the same way. Version 3 just adds in these extra graphics to help you even more.

I don't think I did a good job explaining that. But after spending about 20 minutes just now using V. 2 of Russian level 1, and learning quite a bit of grammar in there.... (plurals and subject/verb agreement and not forgetting my commas in a series of words......) I needed to say it out loud on this thread.


What are the stickers that go on the keyboard for?

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dascott wrote:I just received my Rosetta Stone [version 3] and I am excited to get started next week. What is the stickers that go on the keyboard for? It looks like they are the same letters that are already on the keys. I didn't see anything that explained it in the users guide, unless I overlooked it. Thanks.
I don't remember if there is something in the user's guide or not.

When you get to the writing assignments in the program, the stickers can be helpful for typing. So far, we haven't put our Russian stickers on the keyboard yet. When we did a writing lesson (on the screen, not a workbook) there was a corresponding keyboard picture on the screen. It's obvious why you'd need keyboard stickers for a language using Cyrillic alphabet. Perhaps there are extra characters in the language you are studying that are the only ones that are *needed* for the stickers, but they include the others that are the same just for convenience????

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Re: What are the stickers that go on the keyboard for?

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Most likely you'll need it for the n with the tilde over the top (you know, n~, but that part is over the top). I'm trying to remember from high school Spanish if there were any other letters. Otherwise, they use the same letters as we do.

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Turning off the speaking part?

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dascott wrote:I just set up RS today for my kids to start work on Monday. I was reading through the user guide and now I am confused. I don't really want them to try the speaking right off. I would like them to know what the words are and then go back and do the speaking. Am I thinking the right way or is it best just to go through it all at once? If I do just want them to do the listening and reading, what should I have chosen when I set it up? I just chose the Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, which is the one RS recommended. I did see where you could turn off the speaking part from the toolbar. I don't want it to be too much too soon for my kids. They are ds - 12 and dd 10 (on the 29th). I appreciate any ideas or suggestions from those using RS. Thanks so much!
I think it is important to practice speaking as early as possible in the language you are learning. So, I wouldn't shut off the speaking for the session. The kids will have fun with it most likely to just try and talk with the microphone as needed on the lessons.

As to the question of which "lesson plan" to use:

Skip the ones that are placement. My oldest and I picked the placement test just to see what they were about. I still don't know how to interpret what happened. Just skip them and start at the beginning with everything. At this point if one little aspect is easy, that's ok.

Most of the "lesson plans" aka "curriculum paths" are tweaked versions of each other and most of them work better at later times of instruction. Yes, my oldest and I played with those setting for a while. It was summer time. ....

Therefore my personal thoughts on this (and I'd love to know if MFW has figured it out yet)
*do the Full Year for most of us. It combines everything.

or for younger children (what does that mean???)
*Speaking and listening focus for the younger students.

In terms of getting to see the alphabet letters and all of that --- there is question mark icon near the top right corner that can show that and allow side practice as needed. It works in the speak and listen mode and in full mode -- just click on alphabet option on that ? and that's from the main screen after you select which user is logged in. (thanks to my oldest for that reminder!!!)

The other curriculum options you can try later.

Question re: "Which pathway to choose" in RS

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Toni@homezcool4us wrote:Since you've been playing with the settings, I would like your thoughts, as well as anyone else who is using RS.

My students are 9, 6 and 5. I only desire that they listen and speak the language this year (actually, I would also like them to be able to read the words being spoken and have practice in letter sounds).
Hi Toni!!!!

If you go with the listen and speak pathway, they will still get to read the words being spoken. There are even some of the "listening and reading" lessons in this pathway. But they will hear and see the words on the screen. Some of the lessons you get lots of practice seeing/hearing and matching before speaking. It even includes the occasional grammar lesson too --- it's just a scaled down version of the full year program. So it sounds like the pathway that you want. The other things are in there. And you can still use the question mark icon in the top right corner to pull down the Alphabet for targeted practice with alphabet sounds when you are in the speak and listen pathway. Without turning it back on and all of that, I can't remember what microphone option is available for the alphabet sounds practice. I'll get back (or maybe someone else will have chimed in on that.......)


Rosetta Stone v. 3 users - Supplemental Educational Material

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Editor's note: MFW has since concluded that Supplemental Educational Materials may not be useful for most users, but this information is provided because occasionally users continue to express an interest or a need
  • Supplemental Education Materials (workbooks, quizzes and tests) are now available for download (free of charge) for Spanish (Latin America), French, German, English (UK), and English (US) from
    After October 10, 2008 these materials will be included on the CD in the box.
I know I ordered Russian for my kid and there are no plans by RS to have quizzes etc. I was thinking of trying to make some of quiz/worksheets based on the English worksheets and have my kid translate and find someone to grade them :) I probably won't, but thought about it.


Postby cbollin » Tue Feb 10, 2009 10:36 am
tiffany wrote:Re: rosetta stone workbooks on CD
I purchased the new version last year and it did not come with workbooks at that time. I think it is all on CD. I do have the Spanish version. I will need the workbook material next hear for my 9th grader. Should I get the books separately?
The workbooks are not physical books to the best of my knowledge. They are contained on the SEP cd itself and you'd print them out as needed. I don't think there are separate "books" for purchase. But you might want to contact RS customer service to verify that. When I said "Spanish has workbooks" in my 2nd answer, I was referring to the Supplemental Educational Materials CD that I had mentioned in 1st paragraph.

Posted by cbollin » Wed Aug 26, 2009 3:39 pm
CharleneHoell wrote:We are using Rosetta Stone version 3 Latin American Spanish. Do any of you use the worksheets or tests or do you just do the work on the computer? I am one of those that if it is included, I feel like I need to use it, but the instructions are all in Spanish so I need to look at the answer key to figure out what they want the child to do in the exercise. Just wondered what other had done? :~

My boys are really enjoying it so far.
For the ages you have, definitely don't do those quizzes or test or worksheets from the SEM. (supplement education materials CD)

even in the preliminary high school plans that MFW sells for RS (takes a phone call...) they don't recommend those parts for a list of reasons including that the feedback they received from people that the worksheets don't seem to help with the language acquisition process.

Personally... .for the ages you have, I'd use the speaking and listening path and have fun with any audio CD books your library might have with simple stories that you already know, or turn on the DVD subtitles or audio features for Spanish instead of doing a worksheet

just one opinion....
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When do they begin typing in the foreign language?

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niki wrote:BUT once they got so far they needed to stop because it involved typing sentences in SPANISH!!!
Posted: Sat Jun 28, 2008 11:47 am
Just some tips that worked for us with RS.

If you are in version 2 of Rosetta Stone, one of the ways to begin to practice the writing element is to use the option with the pull down menus so that you are dragging and clicking the words into place. My kids were doing it that way with Russian. A whole different alphabet!!!! eek!!! I wasn't ready for the typing part either. But liked using the pull down menus. But it's ok if your children weren't ready for all of that at their ages. You're ok :)

In Version 3 of RS --- the typing is done a bit more as copywork ala typing. And that has been fun for me. It has the keyboard display on screen so I can match it. And then it gives you the word that you are typing.

Hope some of those helps/hints work as you continue with RS next year.
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Unread post by MJP »

Posted: Sat Jun 28, 2008 10:13 pm

I have version 2, but I just put mine on the comprehensive automatic pilot.

How many levels to buy, and when?

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jtcarter14 wrote:My children will be going into 2nd and 3rd. I see that RS is recommended to go along with adventures. Some questions... Is the software set up so that it can have multiple users? It's so expensive, that I would like to only buy one copy for both my children to use and hopefully me too so I can keep up with them!
Yes, the Homeschool edition is set up for multiple users from one package.

When children are in Adventures, MFW seems to encourage you to "consider" adding a foreign language. So, MFW recommends using Rosetta Stone for learning a foreign language, but you don't have to add in when doing ADV if you don't want to. RS can be used over many years.

Rosetta Stone can be used up to adult learners. so, there is time to do it later. One of the newer features of Rosetta Stone version 3 is the addition of "curriculum paths" to be used. Younger kids can use a "speaking and listening" path and then once they are in high school, they can use the full curriculum path with the workbooks and other things to have complete high school level course.
I'm also confused about how much we save by buying all 3 levels. It says "Levels 1, 2, & 3 - $499 (save $50)," but when I add the prices individually for the three levels, I come up with $827 which would show a savings of $328 if I buy all 3 levels together. (This is Latin American Spanish with audio companion.)
The $50 savings is comparing the cost of buying the Level 1, 2, 3 package to other places (such as Rosetta Stone itself) who carry the same package of all 3 levels bundled together. If you bought Latin American Spanish with audio companion from Rosetta Stone, it would cost $549. Therefore the $50 savings is above and beyond the savings that already exists in the bundled set. (Good question, by the way. I like that one.)
Would there be any reason not to buy all 3 levels? Do you suggest the audio companion?
All 3 levels together will equal 4 years worth of lesson plans for high school credit (when used with the full curriculum path that I mentioned earlier). I bought the package of all 3 levels. I'm sure someone can have a good answer of why you should/shouldn't buy all 3. I decided to just get it all at once and have it.

The audio companion. Well, it's $50 and if you get the audio companion for all 3 levels, then you'll have 12 CD's. so, per CD, the cost isn't bad.

I'm still forming my opinion about the audio companion CD. They have only been on the market since about June of this year. The audio on the CD's has to be used after you have done the computer lesson. It is the audio script of the computer program. It has the advantage of just being audio practice. It follows along the lessons. Good for hearing and practicing out loud. Take it in small listening times.

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HS version or regular?

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Tami in IA wrote:Do any of you know what the difference is between the two? Which do you recommend? If it helps I will have my 1st & 2nd graders (and myself) using it.
Posted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:30 am

I have used both versions and have found the homeschool version more friendly and easier to use.


Rosetta Stone speech recognition + stopping points

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jtcarter14 wrote:We got Rosetta Stone (Latin American Spanish) a week ago and started using it right away. My 2nd grader loves it and seems to have it pretty much figured out, although he sometimes has to repeat a word or phrase what seems like 100 times in order for the speech recognition to accept it. This has only happened with maybe 3 words or phrases.

My 1st grader, on the other hand, is having a terrible time with it. It hardly accepts anything she says, and now that she knows about the speech recognition, she can't stand to have it turned off. It is set to Easy. Why is it so particular? Usually, if they're not getting it correct right away, it's not even registering in the yellow. It's like it doesn't even hear them. I have put the headset right onto my head when they were having problems though and quietly said the word or phrase (but correctly pronounced) and I got it correct on the first try. (I have also gone through Level 1 placement successfully without any trouble.) My kids' pronunciation isn't perfect, but esp. considering my daughter's is set to "Easy", I think my kids pronounce things very well for kids taking Spanish for the first time. Any suggestions, or has anyone else had this problem?

Also, we can't figure out when it's ok to stop in the middle of a lesson and when it isn't. It seems like sometimes it lets us pick up where we left off the next day but other times it doesn't. This, of course, brings my 1st grade daughter to tears, esp. considering she's already having trouble with it. Any tips on that?

Oh, I do have the Homeschool version 3 from MFW, but after reading the part about foreign lang./Rosetta Stone in the intro of Adventures, it seems like I have a different version b/c it didn't make any sense to me. I have read through the manuals (user and parent). I just got off the phone with them, and although the guy was very kind and polite, he was not able to help at all. :-(
*much to my daughter's and my surprise, we didn't know there was an easy setting until your post. thanks.

*if the microphone and speech recognition problem persists, call RS tech support. or NOT! sorry.

*sometimes the speech recognition gets in a feedback loop thing where it doesn't register any color on the speech thing. Well, I've learned by experiment how to wait the extra second while it resets before trying again. But I give up on trying to type how I do that. Instead, I'll just send ((hugs)). There is a speaker icon button on the right of the word that you are suppose to say. You can hit that button and it will start again to recognize your speech of that word. But when I hit the 3 times in a row frustration and it doesn't think I've said anything, I just hit that icon and then it seems to work.

*if all else fails on speaking the word, use the arrow to go to the next word and don't worry about the percentages.

*some of the problems you've encountered, I have too. That would be the seems to restart in a different place. Then one day, I received a notice to upgrade the software via the web. Problem disappeared as far as I can tell.

*some of the going backwards is also related to built in review. I am in Level 1, unit 1, part 4 and aced the vocab on first try. It sends me to level 3 vocab to review, then I ace the review, and then it sends me to unit 1 part 4 grammar that comes right after vocab.

*some of the reset can be due to something dumb I did once. I logged out the wrong way. uh. I don't know what I did wrong. But it didn't restart right. grr.

*some of the going back might be due to not getting enough of them right either. I know that's kinda hard on a young kid, so let her know that the computer wants to let her try it again or something.

*My guess is that the ADV manual is referring to RS version 2. No, it won't make sense. I think the ADV manual was probably printed with those version 2 notes before version 3 hit the market last year. Just an odd timing issue. You can ignore those Skills A, Skills C stuff. That makes sense for version 2. it really does. LOL. yeah right. uh.. anyway. Use the parents user in version 3 of RS.

*what "curriculum path" did you select for the kids? just curious and asking. I've thought from time to time on it. I like the full path for older kid (and of course it's needed at high school), but then I wonder if speaking and listening path is "better" at younger and just curious what everyone else is doing?

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Re: Rosetta Stone speech recognition + stopping points

Unread post by jtcarter14 »

Thanks! My kids are on the full path. It seemed like the right thing to do for a school year.

Well, we'll keep it up. My daughter seems to be ok with turning off the speech recognition now. She's a complete perfectionist, so skipping to the next question was just not an option. My son is actually that way too with the speech recognition. But he doesn't seem to get too frustrated with it although I sometimes think it may drive me insane if I hear "la mujer" ONE more time!!


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our disk is scratched

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bunnytracks wrote:our disk is scratched
note: in version 3, RS, you load directly to the hard drive, so that doesn't become a problem like in v. 2

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RS questions

Unread post by dhudson »

FYI - You can call Rosetta Stone and they will replace your old disk for $9.95 - I just did this earlier this week. The older versions cover more information so if you do buy the new you will need to buy more than one year's worth to get the same info.
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Number of levels in different versions

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LA in Baltimore wrote: Is that why the new versions come in so many levels? They cover less material each than the Level 1 version I have?
my opinion and experience? sorta yes, sorta no.

They add in other things that the version 2 didn't have. So, the sequence is different and some content improved significantly (the addition of milestone conversations is great!)

But from a high school credit point of view it takes levels 1-3 to have the same amount of "hours toward credits" as the older version claimed they did in levels 1 and 2.

then to add to the mix, RS went and added more levels in spanish to confuse us all :)


Rosetta Stone Version 3 - how to bypass a phrase

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amelasky wrote:I set my daughter up on the basic program thinking that was the plan she needed to be on. It seemed less intense than the complete school year program. She loved it the first day and almost completed a full lesson.

Now I am not so sure what to do! Towards the very end of the lesson, she hit a phrase that for some reason, neither one of us can say correctly. It will not let us skip the phrase. So, we're literally stuck. What do I do now? Do I need to set her up on a new "plan" in order to bypass the dreaded phrase? We have both driven ourselves crazy trying to say it correctly.

She's only 8 (3rd grade). I wanted her to spend a little time (15 minutes or so) each day being exposed to the language in more detail than Dora the Explorer can offer, nothing too serious. :-) Thanks in advance for your help.
remember too, Rosetta Stone customer service has the ability to help with technical questions too. It can only help to improve their product.

I asked my oldest daughter for tricks to skip a frame. There are times that our microphone goes out and she has to skip a frame. so she's learned a trick or two.

We assume you're doing speaking and listening path as that is the most basic path for young kids.

so we set up an account on our side for that path and put me on the mic
sure enough, I still can't say the most formal hello greeting in Russian. good thing I'll never actually go there.
anyway, after 4 tries, I hit the button that is in the lower right corner that looks like 2 arrows.
it took me right away to the next screen.

I went back.
Tried the following approach
failed at saying it right again. it hates me. I'll stick with the informal greeting if I need it or at least say good morning instead of Hello.
I then went to the buttons at the bottom of the screen and went to the number 2
it let me go there

My oldest said:
try this mom
hit the button on the lower left corner
that helps with answers
hit it again
try again to say the word. You can do it mom. don't worry,
and this time it took my answer.

My oldest said "mom, tell this lady on the board that if you get it wrong 2 times in a row, you have to reset that frame no matter what. So, you either go to a practice and break it down with the helps, or you hit the answer button and hit the answer button again."

so. if you get it wrong more than 2 times, it will not accept it because it wants you to ask for help in some fashion.

but, you can advance the screen with either the double arrow, or click on a number at the bottom.

if none of that works, let us know and Kate can try again.


wait a minute, says my oldest......

have they played with the mic sensitivity and range? Are they on easy or hard with that?
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Re: Re: Rosetta Stone Version 3 - how to bypass a phrase

Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

If you have various users set up, click on your dd's name. Then go to the top right and you'll see 4 circular tabs. One is for full screen, one to change users, one is a question mark, and one is...not sure what it is, actually, but THAT is the one. ;)
Click on it and then select "set preferences." Next, select the audio tab. Now move the "speech recognition slider bar to "easy" and then "save changes." This should allow her to pass with only basic pronunciation.
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Re: Re: Rosetta Stone Version 3 - how to bypass a phrase

Unread post by amelasky »

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The mic was set to "normal" so I changed it to "easy". Also I changed her "path" to the "speaking and listening" one. She was on "standard".

I will probably be back with more questions. ;) :-)
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Rosetta Stone - Review settings v. 3

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Winkie wrote:I used RS version 2 in the past and my MFW TM said to have the student repeat the lesson if they scored less than 90%. Now with version 3, do I need to do that or is that kind of review already built in to the program?
I know at 87% it lets you go on. hit the 70's and it's a definite repeat (yes I had time on my hands to have fun and test it......)

but yes, it is built in to automatically ask you if you want to review that lesson if your percentage is below a certain mark (or you can opt to continue). Otherwise, if you reach the mark, you can go on. and it "grades" it for you and shows you the score. I don't know if there was something in the initial set up where I got to determine it or not. In any case, it will let you repeat a lesson if you reset it.

you have the option to use the Dashboard to check percentages at any time for a specific lesson on all users if you weren't sure. Dashboard is great and replaces that SMS from v. 2 .
Also, in the bottom right corner is a way to check progress of the lesson while doing it.

Then after you logout and start the next time:
If you passed the lesson, you go to the next thing.
If your score was below the mark, it says something like do you want to reset score and start the lesson again

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