Schedule - Do you follow MFW grid? How do you teach several?

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Re: How to use teacher's guide schedules - what do you do?

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Hi Tiffany,

I have a pocket chart hung up with each subject on it. I picked it up at Target in their dollar section. I have each of my kids initials on paper inserted next to each subject. When they finish a subject, they flip their initial over. There are "X's" on the backs. They love to see their subjects finish...and where everyone else is in their day.

For me, I write in my TM in pencil. I haven't cycled back yet but figure I'll erase it if I need to. :)
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Re: How to use teacher's guide schedules - what do you do?

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I used to copy my grid, like several of you. I have 6 kids total and don't ever plan to part with my manuals. :) But, I got tired of all the papers. This year, I got a great idea from someone else. I now use those post-it note arrows (like the ones that say "sign here" but blank) and I have one horizontally on each of the main subject lines on the grid. As we do each item, I move it over to the next day. So, my grid has several of these going horizontal on each row. It looks like a rainbow. (one on Bible, vocab, English, math drill, history, science, art/music, read aloud, etc. I may be forgetting some.) This way, if we finish our history reading, but don't finish science, I move the history one to the next day and leave the science. I know exactly what we have done at a glance, but I don't have marks on my page. At the end of the week, I use a regular post-it note on the page to make any notes of things we didn't do and the date we completed the week. If it isn't noted that we skipped it, we did it. I love that I have the record that is specific to this year, but I don't have the marks in the book or the extra grid pages floating around either.

I do still write in my manuals a little. Anything that I know I'll want to remember for the next time through, I make a note of right in the book. I add books to the book basket list in the back when I find something we really like. That is where most of my marks are, but I'll do them anywhere I have something I know I will want to know when we do it again.

I also have the kids assignment books. We use a composition book for ours and the covered them with cool craft paper and their names this year. They each have one and they are their own designs. I try to write in it every night, but honestly, I don't always. It does get to be a lot of writing and frankly, my hand doesn't have the stamina anymore. :~ But, I really think there is a grand purpose to these. It puts the responsibility for doing their work onto the kids and teaches them to be independent. So, I admit, I think it's easier to just say, "Okay, do the next page in your math workbook now," but I think it's better in the long run to say, "get out your assignment book and do something." ;)
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