Dads - What can they do to help teach MFW?

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Dads - What can they do to help teach MFW?

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girlzx3 wrote:My husband really wants to take a bigger part in our homeschool teaching this year. I'm so thankful for him and his support. I already have some ideas but just got curious. Do your hubbies actively participate in teaching the children, and if so in what areas? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Trisha.

My husband is our "principal". He oversees all the work our girls do and they love showing him their papers, artwork, etc. He would love to play a more active role in teaching, but he works a lot of hours. BUT, we have found areas that work well for him and the girls...

So far these are the areas he has played a big role in:
1. music/piano (he plays piano and guitar)
2. allowance/money management (can't start too early!)
3. read aloud in the evenings
4. bible stories (anytime & anywhere)
5. spontaneous field trip leader (he takes us to some good ones!)

He would love to teach the math (we're starting Singapore this yr) but he knows it wouldn't be as consistent as math lessons should be. The above things he helps with are all pretty flexible and that's where he fits in the best. If we tried to make it a daily, same time, same place thing with Dad, I'm afraid we would all feel disappointed (him the most), so we keep the Dad involvement on the flexible end of the spectrum.

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This can vary from family to family. In my family hubby takes the supportive husband role. :)

Here's some of the things that my dh does to help with the practical day to day side of homeschooling. To put it in perspective, he is out of the house for about 11 hours each day at work. And our youngest child has autism. We homeschool in our real world, not our false dream world.

* he never mentions the fact that the house is cluttered. (that's my favorite thing that he does, btw)
* he helps with a lot of the read alouds
* he lets me have Saturday mornings to myself. I get to got the library, or grocery store. And I can take some of the kids IF I want to. don't have to.
* he takes the youngest outside to play while I cook supper or try to clean up from supper.

Maybe in addition to all the wonderful ideas on this board, you could consider getting a recording of a MFW workshop on this. My Father's World has a homeschool convention workshop that it regular gives called Working Dads can Homeschool Too! follow this link for where to find it

and this isn't part of My Father's World, but Todd Wilson --- the guy who does the homeschooling cartoon books, has a website to encourage dads.

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My dh would be more like Crystal's. He would do anything I asked him to do to help and he and I are completely in agreement that hs'ing is best for our children but he does not take certain aspects of teaching upon himself.

He loves helping with science experiments or reading books to the kids. He'll do any other lesson or activity I might need him to do (ie. if I become ill). He would look to my direction though regarding teaching as most of the planning and implementation is yielded to me.
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My dh is a lot like Crystal's turning a blind eye to the chaos and clutter and the weird stuff going on (today, we've got the RTR cell-o -- that's a cell model built of jello -- in the frig). He does a little devotion with them at night (not the MFW Bible which I do in the AM) and when I prod, he asks what they did during the day (sometimes I simply say, "Okay, tell Dad what you did today.") He's a busy guy, working long hours. I'd love for him to do more but it just isn't going to be happening anytime soon.
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Ooooh, I want to share that husbands doing the Bible study for (or with) the family in the evenings is a wonderful experience! We followed the suggestion in CTG last year, and what a blessing for our family! It's so easy with the teacher manual for guidance. And I must admit it made my day lighter the next morning, when we would just review, pray, & sing a hymn.

Dh also prepares the yearly co-op presentation with ds. Last year, they went to the lock-n-dam together & model & display board & everything. Very dad-type stuff, which is great for a little boy.

And another read-aloud dad here.

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Dads can basically do anything they choose in the teacher's manual.


Bible before bedtime (cuts out part of mom's load in the AM)
Read alouds (my kids love daddy reading)
Projects (my fav area, Hubby is VERY helpful and great at following directions)
Take over a subject such as Science or Math (this will be done during algebra in the future =)

I know a dad who took over a week of schooling while mom was sick. All he had to do was read the teacher's manual and follow directions. (Downside: kids enjoyed school with him more than with mom).

During Adventures my Hubby did all of the magnet stuff.

But the best thing a dad can do in my opinion is be supportive and excited of the whole process of learning, children NEED Daddy's approval.
(and in my case hold me accountable to do school each day).
Sounds like there are some great dads out there ;)
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I'll add here but nothing really new to what the other dads do. Each week (okay we did it last week and made the plan to keep on doing it) I write on an index card the verses for the girls and bible verses recommended in the TM to use during the week. They read, memorize and talk about them in the mornings at breakfast, which is a big help. Also, he loves to pick up on the science when he can. He has also taken on teaching our oldest Latin on Saturdays. She loves it and they talk about it in the mornings as well. So, I guess he does a lot of picking up the slack. Most of all he is behind me and makes it clear to our children that obedience and respect to me is expected.

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Thanks for all the great replies. It's fun to get a little insight into everyones homeschooling life. I must say that my dh has always been very supportive of me in many ways while homeschooling. He definitely turns a blind eye to clutter and chaos in the house, and since I teach piano two nights a week, he becomes full time daddy at that time, which has been great for him and the girls.

My ideas for him were similar to many you guys suggested. Look at or read book basket books with them, do family read alouds, do the Bible portion of our curriculum at night and/or maybe help with projects. He doesn't want to take on math or science right now because he fears with work he would not be able to be consistent. I love this board. Thank you guys and may the Lord greatly bless your homeschool this year. I'm so excited to start ECC.

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Hi :) What a great thread! I wanted to add that my dh is going to be choosing a project to do with my dd each week on Saturday. I will provide him with a list of ideas realted to our study, and he can choose what he likes. We are so excited! He also asked that we save an activity or two for the evenings he doesn't have meetings during the week :)
Later in the year, we have topics of his particular interest coming up, so he will be taking the lead for those times (have to say that I am positive that schooling will be lots more fun with daddy ;)
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Sue in MN

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My dh teaches science to my son. He takes the dc to work with him sometimes and teaches them his trade. He makes them clean their rooms and do the dishes. He doesn't complain about the clutter either. He shows them how to fix things and brings home interesting things he finds while working. One time it was a large turtle and once it was an injured bird. We called the rescue center and they came and got the bird. He leads family devotions sometimes in the evenings. He works hard and gives me money to buy fun stuff for school. He listens to me go on and on about homeschool and gives suggestions. He goes with me to the annual convention every few years. Every year is too much for him. He thinks homeschooling is the best and tells everyone about it.
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Last year in ECC the plan was for him to help with the nature walks, science projects, bible reading and read alouds. We kept up with that plan for the first semester, but it got increasingly difficult to do school after work and on weekends. I felt we were cutting back on too many projects. I'll probably ask for help with projects on an as needed basis this year.

In ECC he was able to do the Bible reading partly because the readings weren't topical for what we were studying on a daily basis. So if we needed to catch up it worked okay last year. For CTG, I'm planning on doing the readings and giving my husband the schedule so he can read along with us.

We'll be doing our own read alouds this year. So this will be an opportunity for him to share some books we've been wanting to read to the kids, and I'd like to get back to the Little House series. All the kids enjoy that.

The way he helps me the most is his takeover of kitchen duty. This has been going on for awhile now. He does the meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and most of kitchen cleanup. He gets a bit of help from me and the older two for cleanup and table setting.

He also comes home to help me with lunches. Work is just 5 minutes away. It helps to have someone there to help manage the chaos for a little while.

I'm sure this year he will enjoy helping us with the feasts.
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Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 9:43 am

My dh is a pastor, so he is so excited about taking our kids to the mtns to ski. Thankfully, we are able to get massively discounted lift tickets. YEAH!!!! He also used to teach youngsters how to ski when we lived in WA state. So, this can be counted as PE, yes? They will most likely be gone ALL day on Fridays about 6-8 times during ski season. So that is a lot of 'clock hours'.
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Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 5:26 pm

My Pastor Daddy Takes The littlest munchkin (2YO) out every Monday a.m. on a date to Dunkin Donuts while he gets his coffee and she gets a donut hole. Then he runs a few errands with her. She adores this time and, since Monday is usually the heavier day on the schedule, it really helps.

He'll also do puzzles, play games, play ball, make up story problems while hanging out with them, He's always there to ask what we learned and check out the newest project, eat the latest culinary creation etc... He is wonderful at reinforcing all that I'm doing with the practical real life stuff.

He also never fails to read the bible, pray and sing/praises to God with them on a daily basis. Yes, He's pretty great. And by the way Happy Pastor's Appreciation month to all those Pastor Daddies out there.
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O.T. Thanks to the Dads!

Unread post by courthart246 »

Since Father's Day is just around the corner, I thought it would be nice to share some appreciation toward our hubbies for all that they do to help in training our children. I am so thankful for my husband's support. Even though he is very busy and doesn't have a lot of time to help with formal "school", his love and support are very evident in other ways.

He does breakfast with my kids every morning, allowing me to prepare for the day.
He listens at the end of the day when I need to share some of the joys or "woes" of the day.
He asks the children at the table what they learned about that day, showing my boys especially that school is important and interesting.
When he has Fridays off he does the MFW science experiments with the kids, as this is not my favorite thing.
He also helps them to observe God's beauty in nature.

Most importantly, he trains their hearts in biblical truths. I am so thankful to the Lord for such a wonderful husband and daddy for my children. He is a gift to our family.

What about you? What do your husbands do to help in the training of your kids? I know some dads on here do the majority of the schooling. Hats off to them as well!!!! Let's celebrate Father's Day by truly appreciating the dads our husbands are!
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Re: O.T. Thanks to the Dads!

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Great idea!

My husband travels extensively with his job......he's been gone now since the beginning of May, but should be home by this weekend.....yippee!!

I'm just so thankful that he is willing to work so hard so that I can stay home with our children. I'm thankful that he fully supports homeschooling, and encourages me along. He isn't here to take care of every day things, but when he is here, he is on the floor with our kids & they are always excited for daddy to come home to play with them!

Re: O.T. Thanks to the Dads!

Unread post by cbollin »

Big out loud Happy Father's Day to Mike (mgardenh) on the board!

I so much want to do a little pic of you in the denim jumper and post it! LOL!


out loud thank you for my dh now for just the past week or so:
thank you for doing all of the speech therapy homework with youngest. I'm too tired to attempt it anymore
Thank you for grading the argumentative essay in week 1 AHL (you were right. Marie made it easy for us. )
Enjoy the baseball game tomorrow.
thank for coming home early tonight to watch youngest.
and more than that, thanks for encouraging me not to quit homeschooling for next year.

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Re: O.T. Thanks to the Dads!

Unread post by TriciaMR »

Thanks to my dh for:

Working so hard so I can stay at home and be mom and teacher.
Starting the laundry on the way out the door to work.
Doing the dishes after dinner almost every night.
Taking tomorrow off to watch the kids so I can go to the CHEC conference.
Never complaining (out loud) about the messy house.
Mowing the lawn and taking care of the outside stuff.
Giving me fresh perspective when things just don't work the way I thought they would.
Supporting whatever decisions I make for our homeschool.
Helping clean the house.
Taking us to Jason's Deli on Wednesday nights (kids eat free!) so I don't have to cook dinner.
Remembering to charge my cell phone for me whenever it needs it.
All the other little things you do to make my life easier!

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Re: O.T. Thanks to the Dads!

Unread post by schoolmom2 »

Thanks to Russ totally re-arranging his schedule, we are going to the conference together next week (and believe me, conferences/seminars are not his thing!)

He does the dishes without me asking because that's my love language.

He knows that a solid day of cuddling is required when he returns from a long trip.

He takes the kids geo-caching to let me have some alone time.

He encourages me to have girlfriend time whenever he's home, and never complains about "having to watch the kids."

He pitches in whole-heartedly to teach the boys, even taking over whole days so I can have a break, and he always does Bible (when he's home).

He never expects me to fix dinner; he loves it when I do, and expresses his gratitude, but is just as happy to fix it himself or take us out!
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Re: O.T. Thanks to the Dads!

Unread post by samandsawyersmom »

Thanks to Courtney for starting this!! Great Idea!!

And BIG THANKS to Courtney for really getting me interested in MFW!! You are the best!

I thank God for my husband who knows I am not even close to being perfect!! DH is my rock when my life gets stormy! He is my equalizer when I have had a bad day, week, month, etc. He loves me now even tho I do not look like I did when we 1st got married!! He is honest and true to everyone but most importantly me. I love him with all my heart and soul and am glad he is here to help ground me!! God Bless mine and all the other DH out there trying their best to keep family most important!!

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Re: O.T. Thanks to the Dads!

Unread post by jasntas »

My marriage to my husband was definitely the hand of God. We were not Christians at the time of our wedding and had no intentions of becoming Christians. But about a year later we both accepted Christ.

We have had our ups and downs as everyone does but my husband has been my solid foundation when things were rocky for me and I for him. (The death of his father 2 days after his 25th birthday and the death of mine 3 years ago, for instance).

We were married 11 years before God blessed us with children and those last 5 or 6 years were particularly hard on me. My husband stood by me when I would cry during the Mother's Day services at church and would hold my hand when someone would announce that they were expecting.

Then one day while my husband was praying, he believed that God spoke to him and told him that we would have a son. Less than a year later I had conceived and delivered and we had our son. Then my husband was praying about our daughter before we knew her gender. God reminded him that we would have *A* son. And he knew she would be a girl.

This past year I must say that I believe as a family that we have grown even closer together than ever before as we have traveled this homeschooling road together. At the beginning of last fall I believe my husband was as skeptical as I was about making this homeschooling thing work. Especially as some of you may know, homeschooling was disastrous for us the first time we tried it. This time around we have put our trust in Christ and have done our best to follow Him in ALL that we do. HE is our rock.

I am so thankful to have a Christian husband who stands by me and supports me in every decision I make, no matter what!
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Re: O.T. Thanks to the Dads!

Unread post by Poohbee »

I have found these tributes to husbands so moving! When I often hear women bash or complain about their husbands, it is so refreshing to celebrate and thank our husbands! (I think I'll print this message for mine and give it to him for Father's Day). :-)

Vince, I am so thankful that you work so hard so that I can stay home with our kids. I'm glad that you wholeheartedly support homeschooling our children. Thanks for all of the things, big and small, that you do to make my life easier, like emptying and loading the dishwasher everyday, getting the girls in the shower while I check my e-mail and message boards and relax a bit, ;-) taking care of the lawn, taking care of my car for me, taking care of the mice when they visit our home each year, playing with and loving our children the way you do, and so much more! How blessed I am! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, HONEY!

Thanks, Ladies, for this thread! I've loved reading about how blessed you are to have your wonderful husbands, as well!
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Husband helping with Proverbs work in First! So excited!

Unread post by Yodergoat »

I had been meaning for months to go through the teacher's manual with my husband and have him look over it, and especially to have him look at the Proverbs study and give his thoughts and ideas. But we never got around to it until the very night before we began, last Sunday. Our daughter had gone to sleep, leaving a rare chance to talk quietly and privately together about something for any length of time. '

My husband, knowing she was about to study Proverbs for First, had decided to do his own study of Proverbs during his lunch time at work. He was going to be starting that the same day as we began First. But he had still not seen which Proverbs she was going to be learning. So he went through the manual with me. First, he wanted to see which translation he would prefer that she learn these in. Although it is convenient to have them written as an example on the lined paper in the back, we prefer that she learn them in New King James... I wanted her to be able to recognize the words as being the same if she heard them preached at church or read them in her own Bible.

Then we went through the Proverbs one by one, and prayerfully decided which ones we would use and which we might replace with a different one that speaks to us. I can tell that these were carefully chosen by Marie, and they were all excellent. We didn't come away with any possible substitutions yet, but we will revisit this throughout the year. I do know that we will be adding Proverbs 12:10 "A righteous man regards the life of his animal, But the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel." This is because she is responsible for some of our many pets... she personally feeds, waters and tends to two budgies, a guinea pig, four crayfish, a turtle, two rabbits, three cats; and she also feeds our small flock of chickens and helps with different aspects of care for some of our other pets. So this is something which applies to her! Not sure what we will substitute out, though. :~

After we had gone through them all and he had prayed over me for a good school year, we got ready for bed. He suddenly said, "You know, I need to do some of the teaching, to take on some leadership in this... to help you and to be an example to her. Maybe I can explain the Proverbs to her as each new one is introduced. I can teach her how to find the chapter and verse while I'm doing it, by helping her find it in her own Bible. And I can be sure to review each one with her throughout the week to help her memorize. But you can help her copy it and review it and all of that."

I am just giddy about this! :-) My husband has hesitated about being an active teacher in our homeschool in the past. He likes science but doesn't want to be the one to do long involved science experiments because he's tired after work. He feels like he can't teach phonics because he never learned phonics and actually loathed phonics instruction in school (despite being a GREAT reader). He knows he would not be patient enough with her in math because he is great at math and she has trouble with it... he knows he would expect too much too soon. He was absolutely supportive of homeschooling, and interested in what we were learning, but very hands-off.

But Bible? Oh, yes, he can teach Bible! He actually teaches Sunday School to 1st and 2nd grade boys, and works with this age group in AWANA (Sparks). He is so good at explaining Scripture so anyone can get it (that is, if it is something we are meant to actually get and not one of the mysteries that will only be revealed later, if you know what I mean).

Yesterday (Day 2) was the first time Proverbs were mentioned in the teacher's manual. I just told Gail that Daddy was going to be going over this portion with her after supper. She looked intrigued... Daddy doing school?

And indeed, they sat together last night and he went over the introduction to Proverbs and then taught her the first portion of Proverbs 9:10. And he explained it so well, so gently and effectively... much better than I could. He had once studied and then preached a message about "the fear of the Lord" and so it was near to his heart and easy for him to expound.

I am so thankful for a husband who is willing to do this. He had always prayed with us and for us, encouraged us in Kindergarten, made it easy to get what we needed for school, been quick to go on a field trip related to our studies, and other things. He had always taught our daughter biblical principles and shared Scripture with her. But seeing him open the teacher's manual and then look up the Proverb with her and make it a time of real instruction specifically for her schooling... that was a special blessing!
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Re: Husband helping with Proverbs work in First! So excited!

Unread post by Buttercup78 »

That is just so precious! My husband has been my "substitute teacher" a few times and enjoyed it, and so did the children.
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How or do your husbands help with school?

Unread post by momxnine »

Melany wrote:Just wondering if everything is all up to you or does your husband help with school?

Does he help teach lessons or do the activities?

Or does he help around the house since your time is spent teaching the kids?

Or, if you do it all, how do you do it?
My husband doesn't work at home, so the only things he's able to do are be the "principal" when someone is not cooperating or whatever (I call him so whichever boy is causing the trouble talks to him and then he deals with it additionally when he gets home if he needs to), and he does the parent/teacher conference with my 2 high schoolers. THAT is a HUGE help. He basically oversees what they're doing and helps them on writing assignments if they need help.
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Re: How or do your husbands help with school?

Unread post by TriciaMR »

My dh works. He starts a load of laundry as he leaves in the morning (the Washer & Dryer are right by the garage door), then my oldest shifts the laundry at our mid-morning snack break.

I expect the kids to pick up after school (put book basket books back in the basket, pick up pencils, straighten out the piano, straighten out their desks, etc).

Each kid is a helper at one meal. My dh often does the dishes in the evening and helps me fold the laundry. Major cleaning usually happens on the weekend. He mostly focuses on the outside (mowing, cars, landscaping), but if people are coming over, he'll help by vacuuming or pulling chairs out of the kitchen so I can mop. He will also be chore inspector: making sure the kids have done their chores on the weekend.

As far as school, he is my ear to bounce ideas off of. He pretty much lets me pick curriculum, outside activities, etc. But he sees himself as mostly a provider (making sure we can afford for me to stay home) rather than implementer. He will talk to the kids if we have discipline issues, and does help in that area.

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