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Bible reading plan

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C4Car wrote:I am wanting to add a daily bible reading plan for my 3rd grader. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Our church is reading the whole Bible together in a year as a church for the second year in a row. It has been really neat to read the Bible together as a family. We take turns reading aloud and when I started my children were in K, 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th grade. It has been a neat adventure together and sparked great discussions together. Even my K wanted to read a verse or two many days - with much help and encouragement. :)

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Re: Bible reading plan

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If you do a Google search for bible reading plans you will be able to pick which one you like. There are chronological ones where you can read the bible in order of events happening, historical in the order the books were written, and countless others. Also check or for plans.
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Re: Bible reading plan

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After more research I think I will begin the Bible in a Year for Kids Challenge edition by Tyndale. We read the bible in the evening as a family, but I want him to be a little more independent and learn the habit of daily reading the bible for himself too. Thanks ladies for your responses. :) Love having a place to come and get advice and support from others.
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Re: Bible reading plan

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I would recommend using The NLT One Year Bible for Kids by Tyndale Kids.
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Book basket/rest time?

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disneymommy wrote:We have gotten out of the habit of having rest time/quiet time in the afternoon for non-nappers. I desperately need to implement some sort of down time for the bigger kids this school year (3,5, 8 and 9 years old). I was thinking that I'd like to use book basket during this time, for an hour or so after lunch when baby goes down for a nap.

I like that this will give them a bit more time to just really enjoy the books and not feel rushed as they might if we fit book book basket into a 15 or 20 minute period during the main part of our school day. It might also make the transition into getting used to that quiet time easier since they will have "new" books to look at and enjoy. (And I'm thinking I'll occasionally put some music, movies or toys in the basket they can use during this time)

Does anyone have thoughts? Thanks!!
I think that sounds like a great idea. The only downside I can see is that doing an hour every day for book basket at a time might be too much. You don't want book basket to become drudgery or boring. My kids LOVE book basket. They read books out of it every day multiple times probably up to an hour. But, it isn't forced or all in one sitting.

Maybe you could have an educational video on during that time also or an assigned reading book (maybe from the classic list in the back of the manual). Or maybe kids could practice reading to each other quietly.
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Re: Book basket/rest time?

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We are new to MFW, but we do have "quiet time" every day after lunch for the big kids. My oldest (7) chooses to read the entire time (yay!) and he always has a chapter book going. My 6 yr. old looks at books, does lego, etc because he isn't reading quite yet.

I have our schedule penciled out, and they will have book basket time for 15-20 minutes, but the basket will be out all day long. I agree with the pp that it might be a bit much to make that time book basket time. I like the idea of short spurts of time, and then if there's an interest sparked, they can come back to it later on their own time.

I definitely LOVE this quiet time we have established and would highly recommend it! :-)
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Re: Book basket/rest time?

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Thanks for the thoughts - Not having done book basket yet, I'll take your word that an hour a day might be too much. I think I am going to still make it part of that time, but just have them begin with book basket and then finish quiet time with other activities or reading if they chose to. I like the option for them to continue with their book basket reading for that whole hour if they'd like to (I think my oldest may). But I do like the idea of other options after they've spent some time with the book basket books.
Julie in MN wrote:There are a few more "quiet time" ideas here, if they would help: (2 pgs)
Thanks for the link to ideas! I need to think this through a bit. I imagine my first few days will be rough implementing quiet time with four kids who haven't had it regularly in at least a year or two :( But we NEED it this year, so I am committed to making it a habit.
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Recommendations for Bible studies for kids

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klewfor3 wrote:
Tue Mar 22, 2016 8:12 am
We are doing Ex-1850 this year and have been doing the Boy Have I Got Problems study of James from Kay Arthur. We have really enjoyed it!! On a side note, I bought an extra book by mistake but was glad that I did! I have 3 kids going through the study and we do a majority of it together. It makes it SO much easier to have my own copy! Just for anyone else who might be starting this curriculum...

Anyways, I was thinking about continuing to get the kids their own to work through and didn't know if anyone has any good ones to recommend. My oldest ds is going to be 13, and I really would like to keep him going with studies. My girls have devotionals that they read at night, but I would like to keep them in a study since this has gone so well this year.Thanks!
If you and your kids like the Kay Arthur study, she has many more like it to choose from. My 5th grade daughter is working through Arthur's three studies on the book of John this year, and she has really liked them. She likes that Kay Arthur's studies really have a person dig into the Word. So, one suggestion is to look into other Kay Arthur studies for kids. There are quite a few, on a variety of topics.
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Re: Recommendations for Bible studies for kids

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Doorposts has a neat study that is geared toward boys called Because You Are Strong. It's really neat because through the course of the study they are taught how to use resources like concordances, atlases, Bible dictionaries, etc. They say that even though it is geared to boys, that girls can gain from it as well. Our almost 10 year old son just started it (doing a little slowly every day) and is really enjoying it.

Ooohhh...have you ever gone through Our 24 Family Ways by the Clarksons? They don't have a study guide with questions & answer blanks, it's more like a guide for parents to lead a family study, but it is hands down my favorite Bible/character resource. We did it when our kids were younger, but plan to go back through it again every couple years because it's so wonderful. Good for a variety of ages.
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Re: Recommendations for Bible studies for kids

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Explorer's Bible Study offers studies from preschool-adult. My daughter has enjoyed using these and has learned a lot. They have a website you can check for more info. :)
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