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Re: Preparing for Next Year

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I only wanted to add, to all of your wonderful advice, the copies I did do ahead of time for ECC:

- Extra USA maps. They loved the coloring game early on and wanted to do it multiple times. I also did the 50 state test more then once to solidify all 50. Marie provided one copy of the USA [in the Parent/Teacher Supplement], and the extra copies were helpful.

- Extra copies of all the continents. They would try to fill them in after doing that continent's game. I put all of my USA and continent blank map extra copies in a 3 ring binder. [see the Parent/Teacher Supplement]

- I can't remember if copying the crosswords and extra puzzles in the Trip Around the World books is listed in the front or bi-weekly. I think it may be bi-weekly. I copied all of those at the start of the year and put them into a folder.

- I bought art supplies weekly. Oh how I wish I had done it ahead of time.

- I wish I had lined up science supplies ahead of time. The worms are early on in ECC. If it is 80 degrees and dry , as it was for us, save it until it rains. We couldn't find any worms and we don't have Walmart close by (an option for buying them).

- I punched out and cut all the money and map pieces and country names and put them in zip lock bags by country. I was so glad these were ready to go.

- I did it with 3 kids and set up binders with continent dividers. I put the student sheets in front ready to go and then filled the binder as we used them.

It really is a great program. I hope you enjoy it.
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