Encouragement - Being content when the grass starts to look greener :)

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Encouragement - Being content when the grass starts to look

Unread post by RB »

Do you ever still poke around other HS websites? I spent a lot of time last spring researching different curricula, and I really feel that God led us to MFW. I am happy, my kids are happy. They are learning and loving learning. I can see us sticking with MFW for the long haul.

I still occasionally look at forums of curricula that I used in the past (in one case our membership has not yet expired). I like to "tweak" here and there, so this has given an occasional idea that has benefited us.

Maybe it's just the time of year that makes me restless, but I found myself second guessing whether MFW is right for us. Why? I don't really know. Anyway, I found several less than positive comments that made me question our choice even more...things like MFW not using "Living Books" or being too light (both which I don't even agree with).

My rational internal voice says that curricula is not one size fits all, and that I should just not question our course. But my irrational internal voice says, "What if this is not the right choice? Should we really be spending more time than 3 hours a day for 1st and 2nd grade?

Can anyone relate? Does anyone enjoy the curriculum search so much that you want to switch just to have a reason for researching again? Is there a support group for this? Maybe, being up north, I am just experiencing sunlight deprivation.
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Unread post by Omma »

I sure can relate to your post (and I live 'up north', too!) :). I am not yet cured of this insatiable desire to research curriculums. I am currently using aspects of three main curriculum companies... sigh....

But I can tell you that the more I use MFW, the more I have a desire to keep MFW as a bigger part of our homeschooling day. My dc are in 2nd and 1st grade, and I have the same kind of 2nd guessing myself questions as to whether I am doing enough. I do need 'a support group' and I enjoy these forums for that purpose.

I think the reason why some people (including myself at times) have thought that MFW is light is because they don't fully understand or utilize the book basket concept. It has only been in these last couple of months that I have realized that I don't have to buy every SL Core.... I can use book lists (including MFW's great lists) to help me find plenty of good books in the library.

Also, I have realized that I am a VERY detailed person, and I can go overboard with dissecting every itty bitty aspect of a particular topic, and I need support and reminders that I shouldn't do this with my young children unless it is THEM initiating the detail-hunting of a topic. I know I just spent too much time on the Revolutionary War, for example, because I all of a sudden had a desire to learn more about it. Meanwhile, I brought my poor 6 dd to tears with all the details of war. I had to apologize to her! OTOH, my ds is forever looking for opportunities to check out books on SNAKES... this seems to be an endless interest of his.

I think you have answered your own question by saying that you are all happy and your dc are learning and loving learning. What could be better than that?!! And I think 'tweaking' to fit your family's goals and life situations and interests is perfectly fine.

Let's pray that God that He will give us His peace/contentment and continued wisdom for training up our dc in the way they should go. And thank you for this post!

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Unread post by Poohbee »

I'm right there with you, R.B.! I love to immerse myself in all of the homeschool magazines, catalogs, and card packs I receive in the mail. I love to look at their websites. I love the search for new and different resources that I can use!

I'm always wondering: Is there something more I should add? Is there something I'm doing that I should change?

However, when it comes right down to it, I know that I will stick with MFW for the long haul. When I'm looking at other curricula, it's not because I question or am not content with MFW. It's just that there are so many things out there to choose from, and I like to explore all of the options available.

I have no doubt that MFW is the best possible curriculum for my family! For me, everything is secondary to the Biblical and spiritual training my kids (and I) am receiving through MFW. I have only to listen to both my 6 y.o. and 2 y.o. dds recite the books of the Bible or the weekly Proverb to know that this is the best possible thing I could be doing for my kids...teaching and training them at home with a Biblically-based, literature-rich curriculum.

It truly doesn't get any better than this!
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Unread post by LSH in MS »

I plan to use MFW through high school.

I recently was tempted by TOG revised version for a little while, but I got over that. I have already learned how to implement MFW, I love their philosophy of education and emphasis on all kinds of learning, not just academic. I feel that I would be tempted to do too much with TOG and get overwhelmed with it. I also have no desire to learn a new system when this one is working. We only have 2 more years before we repeat the cycle.

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Unread post by Jenn in NC »

I have already learned how to implement MFW
There is something to be said for not having to repeat the learning curve every year, isn't there?

Funny, there seems to be a lot of talk about this lately. You must be right, must be spring fever coming on early or something. All this convention scheduling, I guess.

The best cure for me is to go look in my over-crowded closet at the literally stacks of hs curriculum's we tried and didn't finish, before we found MFW. You know, the ones that I am going to sell someday, if I ever get the time.

MFW is just the best. :)
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Unread post by TammyB »

Honestly, I am doing the research thing less and less. The longer I use MFW the more I love it. My children are happy and thriving, and I am excited about what we are studying TODAY, tomorrow, and next year. :)

When I started hsing, there were aspects of our program that I loved, but I always felt like it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I loved the books (so did my kids), but I wanted a more MULTI-sensory approach. When I first saw MFW at a convention, I knew it was what I was trying to make SL be.

Every once in a while I am tempted to try another program. Why? I love books! Some catalogs are a book lovers dream! (So is the library and Barnes & Noble, by the way.) I've often joked that many women dream of fancy clothes and jewels. Not me! I dream of books! Lots and lots and lots of books!

I NEED what My Father's World provides: the lesson plans and the TM filled with teaching tips, experiments, activities and fun.

The deal breaker for me is MFW hasthe Biblical integration in its presentation of ancient history. Creation to the Greeks teaches ancient history in exactly the format I want. (Thank you, MFW!)

MFW has also freed me from the pressure I felt to teach the ancients to my young children. (My heart truly felt troubled when I considered that.)

So, this year we are having a blast studying American history/geography. This morning I hardly had my eyes open before my kids had their notebooks out ready to study our state of the day! They are LOVING the states' study!

They are also excited about studying the countries of the world next year. A few nights ago I was telling them about some of the projects we are going to do in ECC, and my 7 year old's eyes were literally beaming. My five year old jumped up and wrote out an invitation list to our Mexican fiesta! I fully expect it to be an amazing year. (And, yes, we will also get to read lots and lots of wonderful books!)

The longer I use MFW the more I understand why God led me to it. It has been an amazing blessing, and I look forward not only to using it next week but in the years to come.

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Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

I don't research other curriculum anymore, except to glance through different Language Arts occaisionally. I do find myself pouring over things in the upper levels of MFW, because I'm so excited about it.

Before I started homeschooling, I attended a 24-hour class at our local community college. It was run by a veteran homeschooling mom who has been a certified teacher for eons. We looked at tons of different curricula and piece-meal stuff, but the night she discussed "what to teach when," she gave us a "perfect world" handout. In her perfect world, you would have unit studies and easy phonics in K, learn about the world around you and finish phonics in First, then have American History followed by Geography. Then start a cycle through history beginning with the Ancients through Modern History, repeat World Geography, and go through History again for High School. This woman had never heard of MFW!!! Seriously. I won't repeat all of her reasoning for choosing this method, but it had me sold. Then I found MFW on Google. I found an expertly laid-out program with a solid Biblical foundation. I'm hooked. I'm staying.
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Unread post by 705emily »

I love MFW but I also sometimes question whether it's enough, or whether it's OK to just "TRUST" the curriculum. One thing that has helped me was reading Susan Wise Bauer's "The Well-Trained Mind". She outlines what she thinks the classical child should be learning--in K, 1st, 2nd and so on. I was so happy to see that in so many areas, MFW is right on target with her--i.e. narration, copywork, summarizing Bible Stories--as in MFW1, and notebooking. In addition, MFW has so many neat opportunities for hands-on learning--and it's manageable!

Another homeschooling mom once told me, "When you are pregnant--it's hard on any given day to see much growth in the baby--but when you see how a whole baby is formed over nine months--it's amazing! When I look back and see what we have done this year so far--and where we were last year--I am just really excited--and I know that we're doing OK.

I have found MFW to not only be a great curriculum--but also a great guide--and a framework upon which we can build! I thank God that He led us to this curriculum

Just thoughts!

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Unread post by cbollin »

RB wrote: But my irrational internal voice says, "What if this is not the right choice? Should we really be spending more time than 3 hours a day for 1st and 2nd grade?
Let me speak to that irrational voice...
MFW covers between 7-10 subjects in that amount of time for that age group. Isn't that enough? If you spend 3 hours on just one or two subjects, then you might need more. But MFW is providing a lot of subjects in a short amount of time that is age appropriate.

I like the variety of teaching techniques in MFW: text, living books, library books, hands on stuff that isn’t just paperwork. I love that you can’t separate out the Bible. Not everyone wants that in a curriculum. That’s ok. I want those things so God provided MFW for people like me. He provides other programs for other people. I am content with MFW. I’ve been using it for 5 years and still love it. Plan to stick around a long time.

I don’t think MFW is light. Since the pregnancy analogy is already on here... Here’s my tossed salad vs. buffet restaurant analogy to explain it. Imagine you have a dinner sized tossed salad. Not each and every bite that you have will have the same amount of carrots, or protein, or lettuce. But, when you finish your plate, you have had a full and complete and balanced meal. You could have decided to do a buffet restaurant where you have the option of having over 50 full sized items all at one time. You’d never eat all of it. And you might spend too much time going back for just one more pot sticker and never get around to having a complete and balanced meal.

I sometimes look at other websites or forums. Believe it or not, it makes me appreciate MFW all the more. I appreciate the pilot families all that much more. I appreciate how worldview is covered. Then I stop reading them, and go teach my kids with a great program that works for us.

For those who like to consider classical education, you might enjoy listening to MFW’s workshop (either in person at a convention or get the recording) What Should 21st Century Christians Be Teaching Their Children. The alternate title of this workshop is Interpreting Classical Models in the 21st Century. Here’s that link to the CD recording. This 2007 edition is currently the #1 best selling post conference CD that Rhino Technologies carries

Sometimes it really helps me to go back and listen to things like those workshops.

Unread post by cbollin »

me again... I posted the rest of this on a different thread just a few minutes ago. But I wanted to pull a part out of that thread and bring it on this discussion as well.

Why am I not shopping around for base programs any more? Why am I convinced that MFW was a gift from the Lord and therefore I am content? Why is it that I can surf boards on other company's website and not really care or feel like I need to change?

I think I have some insight here. It keeps me focused to post stuff like this once in a while.

****I like the missions emphasis in MFW because that helps to have discussion in our family about living for God. It is not just head knowledge, but service and discipleship. To me that is a key thing. MFW has helped our family to carry over all kinds of discussions to our daily lives. Talking about missionaries(and Bible translators) and how to support them was not a part of our daily lives until we were using MFW. Sadly, our family might otherwise just shove those things in a box and put God in one box and the rest of our school day in other box and then dismiss school. With MFW, that changed for the better.

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Thank you!

Unread post by RB »

Wow! I felt a little better just after writing yesterday (confession is good for the soul), but after reading all these wonderful posts I feel a sweet peace. I needed to be reminded that I'm not alone in second guessing, that MFW is not too "light" (my goodness, we have read more amazing books this year than ever before), that we are all blessed to have discovered it.
I might order a couple more conference CDs, too...hadn't thought of that :)
Thanks for being part of an answer to prayer. God is good!!!
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Can i do this?

Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

pjssully wrote: I am sooo scared (maybe?)since i have only used one other program. I really want to simplify my life, our school and trust that MFW is enough. Please pray that i can at least give MFW a good semester try before "giving in" to the pressures. This board has been a great help and i am sooo glad i can honestly say what i feel without being judged. I know there are other's who have left curriculums and have been happy with MFW so i am trusting that it will also be the same with me!
I will pray as requested, Pam, and I'll be praising God too for how He will begin to bless you as you give MFW your full focus. We're all human. We have expectations. Visions for our hs. Ideas about how it all should or will go. And then reality sets in (God has a way of teaching us so well like that).

As you work through this next month and explore your comfort level with MFW, please try to keep a few things in clear focus (a "defogger" of sorts).

*There are many other absolutely wonderful curricula options out there. But a great curriculum is not the same thing as a great fit (ever find an adorable blouse or sweater, think, "I soooo love this!", then try it on and think, "It sooooo looks better on the rack."?)
*If you have extra time in your schedule (you sometimes will with MFW), you have creative license to fill it the way you see fit. A mini unit study? Create a lapbook? Dive into some great library books on a current topic of interest together? Rent a video that enriches your hs? Fieldtrip? You get to call the shots with some available time you might not otherwise have.
*Having the TIME to focus on character training and application of the word is soooo important. Did you have that necessary time with SL? (it's built into the content of both curricula, but I'm talking about day-in, day-out teachable life moments and not feeling that they're slipping by without proper focus).

Do update us on how it's going, okay?
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Unread post by dhudson »

My husband was talking to David about how much I was adding in to MFW- 'cause I'm like that, and he said that one of the main reasons they choose to keep MFW gentle and only what you really need without overdoing, is so you can get out into your community to share the love of God. We can't do that if we are stuck in our homes doing more schoolwork.

That statement hit me like a ton of bricks. I was tied to a 6 (or7) hour school day and not able to add much ministry into our daily lives. I took that home and gradually (I don't like to admit when I'm wrong ) fixed our school schedule. We are able to do more ministry as a family and individually to our church and our community. My kids enjoy school more and are excelling in their academics. I am learning that short does not mean lacking depth and that gentle does not mean that we are not academically rigorous.

I hope you find MFW helping you school your kids but have enough time (and energy) to fit in life as well.
God Bless,
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Unread post by TammyB »

I am going to step out on a limb here and offer an observation I have made. If this is inappropriate, my feelings will not be hurt if it is deleted. :)

In my opinion there is a general feeling on another forum that their program is far superior to any other program and that if one desires a truly quality education for his child, then that is the only way to go. Every other curricula is generally deemed shallow or light.

Having said that, however, my intent is not to criticize those who feel that is the quintessential homeschool curriculum. Honestly, for some people it truly is. For others MFW outshines all. Others find their niche elsewhere.

God leads people to different programs for various reasons, but if God has led you to MFW (and you have indicated in the past that you believe He has) and you are still frequenting the other forum, then you are going to stay tied up in knots. You are going to continue to be plagued by doubts because the other forum is going to feed them.

Whatever you end up using, put blinders on to everything else and just use what you have.

Praying for you,
apayne wrote:I wholeheartedly agree with this. I had to quit reading the curriculum portion of the other forums for that very reason. I needed to read this post several weeks ago, but I'm glad I finally figured it out myself. I just can't say enough how much I agree with this.
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Unread post by Fenni »

Winni wrote:Ok, I'll admit it, I am a homeschool curriculum window-shopping junkie. Sigh.

Everything is so well layed out here. I can combine my kids (not with any of those other programs...not with the age differenced of MY kiddos). Anyway...I'm here to stay!
Posted: Fri May 09, 2008 8:27 pm

I have been gently forbidden to look anymore! LOL Now that dh sees how great MFW is (he went to a MFW conference w/ me last month), I am going to have to present him with some really great reasons to leave it. And that's good! I need that!!! I love MFW and have total peace about it but I know sometime my mind will start to wonder and my fingers will start to click. It's just best for me to only hang out at the MFW forums and groups so I don't hear about the "latest and greatest!" :o)
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confessions from a curriculum junkie

Unread post by Heidi »

Posted: Fri May 16, 2008 5:26 pm

I, too, am always on the research for what is new out there. This does not come from being dissatisfied with MFW - because I love MFW. For me, it comes because I am a researcher and I like to keep up. I always end up with liking the same several - MFW, Sonlight, Beautiful Feet, Veritas Press - or even doing our own. I also like a lot of AIG's stuff for science.

So, this year, in fact most of April, I sat down and analyzed what I liked about each, cost, time in and etc. Then, I sat down and seriously took a long look at doing our own curriculum. I laid out my scope and sequence, checked out tons of books from the library - and again analyzed what I liked about each, cost, time in and etc.

Here is what I finally concluded: MFW - seems to always be pretty much what I would pick if I were to do it myself - and incorporates the Bible into everything as I would that nothing else seems to do. So it seems that Marie is like a kindred spirit - only she has already done it all. With 3 special needs kids - this means that much more time for teaching rather than planning - and now I think the next time the research bug hits me, I think I will spend it learning even more fruitful like learning more about teaching special needs kids, or giving myself a literary education and simply enjoy reading. Right now I am reading through all of Jane Austen, and various special needs stuff - Sensational Kids, by Lucy Miller - very interesting.

I once quit and tried the Robinson method. I was trying to figure out how to add my third special needs kid into my teaching and bought into thinking the other two could be independent with just a change of diet and follow what appeared to be a simple routine. I suppose they could, and I certainly expect them to grow into being so; but, I like being with my kids and learning with them. We all missed MFW very much. Yes, I lost some time (1/2 year) and it ended up taking us 1 1/2 years to finish ECC - but, I learned a lot about myself and my kids - mostly, it made me appreciate MFW all the more.
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Unread post by hsmomto3 »

Posted: Sun Jun 01, 2008 9:23 pm

Everytime I keep "trying to decide" which curriculum...
I want to get for both my boys for the new school year I ALWAYS wind up here...at My Fathers World....I have to say it is EVERYTHING I want for them and then some. We are finishing up our 2nd year with MFW and I just can't imagine not continuing on for many years to come...

I am SO GLAD I found this curriculum.
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Unread post by 4Truth »

ChristyH wrote:Everytime pretty packaging tempts me I just return to my list of priorities and MFW meets them all. The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence.
Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 1:40 pm


In fact, I was just thinking about how easily I can get myself overwhelmed by not even changing curriculums... but just "overdoing" MFW! I need to learn when to lay off the Book Basket and library piles....

MFW wasn't meant to be complicated. That's why they have the Basic package -- required -- and then the Deluxe package -- optional but really fleshes it out -- and then they have the Book Basket... completely optional. I keep forgetting that last part.
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Unread post by Tracey in ME »

Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 3:15 pm

VERY excited to be starting our 3rd year with MFW this fall!

I've done TONS of "looking around"...hmph...MFW has EVERYTHING we need, want, and then some!
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Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 9:55 pm

We don't even attend the conventions anymore, nor do I read the catalogs (we DO encourage others to attend the conventions though, so they can check out the MFW booth, lol). There just isn't any reason to. When we buy extras, we either don't get to them (and feel guilty for spending the $$$) or it bogs down our day (Marie has done a GREAT job planning out the workload and we just don't need to add to it). MFW is, imho, the best.

When to know when MFW isnt for you?

Unread post by cbollin »

Joyhomeschool wrote:I absolutly LOVE The idea of MFW. I love the idea of all the grades I've done so far (K, 1st, ADV, ECC) But I wonder if its just not for me..

We went through K and 1st with my current 5yo and have skipped all the extras and just focused on the phonics portion. With other grades going on I didnt have the time. Then with ADV and ECC we did great at the beginning of the year then in the middle drop music and art.. Now in ECC I've not loved the RA's, dropped all the advanced work for DD, and basically color pages, read the selections from the texts and play the geography game. I skip half the curriculum! And my kids ARE learning a ton, mostly from the geo game and from their own personal reading. ADV was the same for us. WE lost interest half way through the year with art and music and basically did the state pages, read about the state and the birds and that was it. They learned a bunch but we didnt do half the curriculum. How do I know if its not a good fit for our family...?
good question. let me ask some thinking questions out loud to try to process with you.

*is it just mid year blah's? you know, I love MFW and it works for me, but this year, I'm going through the motions because of some of my health issues. That's how I know it's not that MFW stopped being a good fit with me, but rather it was just a weird season in my life. No matter what I'd use right now, I would feel this way.

*given the oldest child's age - don't worry about the advanced assignments. Sounds like they are learning and enjoying things and you are tweaking to make things fit.

*music and art are extras. confession: most years, at some point, we have dropped art and music for a while, picked it back up. This year (giggle), my middle gal wanted to just do the art and skip some history stuff. (mommy, I just want to draw castles and dragons and knights and the Great Wall of China) So we did for a little while.

+maybe it's just a slump in the read alouds and not clicking with the early books scheduled? Doesn't mean MFW isn't "right" -- it could mean "permission" to yourself to set some of them down and select another read aloud from book basket or something?

*starting school back up in January can be hard. Maybe a fresh idea to tweak ECC would be nice? What if music and craft gets moved to "light and independent Friday" or you spend a week just enjoying catch up in art/crafts and play the games. Read something out loud to them from book basket for read aloud. Save a missionary biography for summer time. Add in some geography/biome videos. Can you have access to the Schlessinger Biomes around the World series? fun videos.

*will CTG work? I don't know. Last year when we did CTG (it was the year we moved to a new state), I was just so thankful to get it done.

*given their ages, it sounds to me like ECC is working for you. they are learning, they are reading, you're doing math, language arts...


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Re: When to know when MFW isnt for you?

Unread post by tiffany »

There are parts of the curriculum we don't always get to. It kind of varies from year to year. If you find you are needing or wanting to skip things, I wouldn't order the deluxe packages. We have kids in various levels of learning. So, for my first grader, we only do phonics, bible and math. Usually cooking works well for us, but this year, we have only tried one recipe from our U.S. cookbook; we have done all the readings and plan to pick some of the recipes at a later date for a big feast. We have always had difficulty getting around to science experiments, but that is not because of the curriculum we use.

I remember ECC and we loved it. That year the extras were particularly fun for the kids. We did suggested cultural meals on weekends as a family. You have to eat, right! :) I am not a crafty person, but I forced myself to select a craft for each country studied. (Picking the easiest one of course.) It wasn't so bad once we got started, and the kids really enjoyed it, which helped spur me on for next time.

So I guess my advice would be to tailor the program to suit your family, but leave your comfort zone of reading and paperwork to add in some of the fun parts of learning. I think you'll find you'll enjoy MFW more. Maybe you could do music one week, art the next, cooking next, crafts etc. Or, sit down with your manual and look at all the activities for each country. Pick one that you would like to do and pick one more that the kids would enjoy that you can put up with.

Nobody ever said you have to do every activity or cross off every box on the grid. Sounds like your kids are doing really well.
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Re: When to know when MFW isnt for you?

Unread post by Fly2Peace »

If your children are 8 and under, the advanced assignments would not be a regular part of the assignments, as I understand it. Those are for children who are at least 4th grade level, I think...

But, then again, might be good to confirm. Crystal? Do I have that right??
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Re: When to know when MFW isnt for you?

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I am doing ECC and I don't do the art or the music much either. I have dabbled in it but usually fall back to other stuff. I said this before on another board and got bashed but Farmer Boy was very boring to me and my kicx. It just seems like they work and it snows...they work and it snows... LOL

But....what saved me was before I even started MFW, a very knowlegdeable homeschooling mom from another state came to speak to our co-op. Her family "invented" our co-ops and came to talk. They have like 8 kids and are just an amazing group of people. Anyway, she asked me what I was using. I told her MFW. She said "Treat it like buffet and pick what you want. If you try to do it all your first year, you will get overwhelmed." While I was able to do most all, she is right. I had to tweak some things to fit. Don't feel guilty if you skip somethings. Mine know more about geography now than I did in 12th grade. (I skipped it to take sociology instead) Even tweaking it and doing things my way...I can't imagine life without MFW. If left to my own to make a schedule...I would be lost.
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Re: When to know when MFW isnt for you?

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My daughter still talks about me making her read Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. I figure one bad book in all of her elementary schooling isn't so bad.

I read Farmer Boy aloud to the middle kids this year. The thing that impressed them the most was all the pie and donuts that Almanzo got to eat. I love for them to hear about the amount of work those kids had to do and the responsibilities they were given.
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