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Re: How do you store your student sheets?

Unread post by cbollin »

This answer assumes you're talking the ones that haven't been completed before they go into 3 ring binder when done....

It's CTG..
put them in the the binder. use a tab of some kind to mark your place of the next page to do.
or put a section divider in binder and have unfinished pages in back.. and move them up when done.
(that may mean you have to do some 3 hole puncher work early.)

The months that I did CTG and lived in a staged house while trying to sell? I had a little tiny box that stored ctg stuff like this and placed under the couch. We kept doing school until 6 days before loading moving truck.
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Re: How do you store your student sheets?

Unread post by far above rubies »

Both great ideas!!! Already having them in the binder sounds great. :)
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Re: How do you store your student sheets?

Unread post by Erna »

I also put ours in binders. The sheets that shouldn't be hole-punched are put into sheet protectors in the binders. This also makes it easy for me to file the papers away after we complete our work.
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Re: How do you store your student sheets?

Unread post by RBS in OH »

Adding another idea: expanding file folder

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Re: How do you store your student sheets?

Unread post by Excelsior! Academy »

I have a file box and label manilla folders by week. So the first folder says week 1, the second says week 2 and so on. I just pull all of the sheets out of the plastic wrapping and put into the folders. I do not, however, separate and order them. So the child would have to look for that day's sheet. I do not put all of the Monday sheets together and all of the Tuesday sheets together. Even though we have 4 or 5 students doing a level at any certain time they can search for the correct day in that week's folder. It puts the burden on them to find them, not me, and it keeps them organized.
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Re: How do you store your student sheets?

Unread post by Ohmomjacquie »

We have a crate with a hanging folder for each week. In the folders I gave the student sheets , math work sheets and any other info I need for the week. Then each week I pull the folder out and put them into her binder. It's working really well so far.
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Re: How do you store your student sheets?

Unread post by SarahP »

Last year I spent hours filing 3 sets of student sheets into sheet protectors in their notebooks, then when they come up in a lesson we'd pull it out, complete it and replace it. This year I put all the sheets in an upright file box. At the beginning of the week I pull out all the sheets we need for the week and when they are completed we put them in a sheet protector in their binders. - Which reminds me I need to buy new binders because some of the rings no longer clasp all the way!
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Storing Student pages

Unread post by TriciaMR »

laughingmomma wrote:Hi all. I am new to My Fathers World and I have 3 children using the Exploring Countries and Cultures and therefore 3 student packs. I had originally thought I would 3 hole punch these and store them in a binder until they were ready for use...but then when I did this for my 1st grade worksheets it seemed like there are some pages that are not meant to be 3 hole-punched. Right now I have them all stacked in a pile but I need something a little more secure.

How do you all store these until they are ready for use? I know it is silly...but I am sure there must be some creative solution out there. BTW: we are camping 3 days a week for the summer, so I need to transport everything every week...Space is of course at a premium and resilience is a must! Thanks!
You could buy a bunch of page protectors and put them in binders and put the pages in there and pull out as needed. I've seen multi-pocket folders at Walmart that have a flap that goes over the top. Some of them are plastic and would be more durable.
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Re: Storing Student pages

Unread post by Poohbee »

I use those clear plastic "envelopes" that snap shut. I get them at scrapbooking or craft stores. They are used to hold scrapbooking pages, I think. You can get them in 12 x 12" or 8 1/2 x 11". I use the 8 1/2 x 11 "envelopes," one for each child. I put their God and the History of Art paint and marker cards and their students sheets in the envelope. I put them on the bookshelf with our books for that school year. Then, I just pull out the sheets as I need them. I've used them for the past 2 years, and they work very well. Very simple and inexpensive.
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Re: Storing Student pages

Unread post by laughingmomma »

Thank you ladies. Poohbee--I will have to look for those "envelopes." Thanks!
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Re: Storing Student pages

Unread post by our_arrows »

We have not used MFW, (yet), but I always have my kids' notebooking pages spiral bound.
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Re: Storing Student pages

Unread post by Julie in MN »

I like the multi-pocket folder and envelope ideas.

I've gotten envelope-type pockets from Walgreens where the pocket is 3-hole punched on one side. Usually mine have velcro-closure. They cost about $1-2 each.
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Re: Storing Student pages

Unread post by jhagberg »

Up until now I've had only one child using student sheets, so it was super simple. Now I have two kids with sheets, and the younger will have two sets of sheets (1st and RtR) so I'm starting to wonder how it will go. I think maybe I will try the 36-week-file idea. That way I can collate their sheets and also add related items to each week as needed. I found the idea here:

"I made a file folder for each week of the school year (1-36) and just filed the papers into those and pulled them out as needed. I've done the same with each year since ECC, it works very well for us." (by Kelly1730 » Sun May 06, 2012)

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Re: Storing Student pages

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

I go through the pages and pull out anything that looks like it should be be 3-hole punched. I 3-hole punch everything that is appropriate and I put the other sheets in a pocket file folder. (A clear plastic ones like above would work too.)
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Re: Storing Student pages

Unread post by mommaklee »

I use a single file box with hanging files. I label the hanging files with the week #, that way it is reusable year to year. I sort the papers based on the week # and fill my folders. It doesn't matter if you have one or three kids. You just put all the sheets in their respective folders. Some weeks have more worksheets than others. I sometimes have a week with no sheets. Additionally, I include a folder or two for things I want to have handy year round, like stickers, or page protectors, or something else.

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Re: Storing Student pages

Unread post by kw4blessings »

This past year, for first, I kept all the student pages together and pulled them out as needed. This year, doing ADV and K, I set up the weekly folder idea that previous folks mentioned. For K, I have a folder for creation, then one each for the 26 units. For ADV, I have one for each week. I hole-punched each sheet that will go in a ntbk and left the others un-punched. I didn't want to put out the money for a hanging file folder (although I'd love to have one), so I put all the folders in a cardboard box that's an appropriate size. Best wishes!
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Re: Storing Student pages

Unread post by Joyhomeschool »

The last four years I stored mine by weeks in a filing cabnet. This worked great for a long time. I just pulled that weeks material and passed it out as needed. One year I even took apart all thier other workbooks and copied all papers I might need in advance! That was a great year! Lots of prep but easy peasy.

This year with four in school, possibly 5 if my 4yo doesnt stop learning so quickly!! I have separated all science pages from the history pages and pre-prepped them into page protectors in each childs history and science binders. If its an item thats not meant to be in a binder, its still in a page protector till its used. For example some of the first grade booklets are just in a page protector, we make them and place them back in the page protector for storage. In our family cycle Im sure there will be pages added or taken away as we go. I plan to print off pictures of any projects to go into our notebooks as well. Im thinking this will be easier than expecting my kids to get the handouts back in the binders at the end of the day, what comes out goes right back in. WE shall see if it works. LOL
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Best way to organize student sheets?

Unread post by kanderson »

Plgw2013 wrote:I'm having a hard time keeping the student sheets (two sets of ECC and one first grade) organized. What's the best way to keep everything organized and close at hand?
I 3 hole punch them and put them in a binder, one for each student. For the 1st grader, after they completed the page I just stuck it back in the binder. For my ECC'r I had a second notebook with index tabs for each subject and he would complete the sheets and file them under the subject. I put all English and extra math drill sheets in there too.
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Re: Best way to organize student sheets?

Unread post by donutmom »

I have a separate file folder in my desk drawer (it has a file drawer in it). When I have more than 1 child in the same year, I take the time at the beginning to put the sheets together--so page 1 for both kiddos are together, page 2, etc. Do you know what I mean? Then I don't have to fumble with more than I need to. If 2 separate years, then I use a folder for each. When we need a sheet, it's easy to grab. The kids know right where they are, so they can get them, too.

I do try to paper hole punch at the beginning of the year, too, but that doesn't always happen.

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Re: Best way to organize student sheets?

Unread post by romans8x28 »

I have a file box with 34 folders and have my K & 2nd grade sheets in each week's folder. I also put in things like a library book list, extra sheets, and a copy of the grids.
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Re: Best way to organize student sheets?

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

Right now I have 5 sets of student sheets...2 for K and 3 for Adv.

For the K'ers, I have a master binder. All the weekly student sheets are 3-hole punched and put in there by week. Each week, I take the sheets for the week out and put it in their notebooks. When it's done, I take the completed sheets out and put them back in the big master binder and replace it with the next units's sheets. The sheets that aren't appropriate to 3-hole punch are in a folder together.

For Adv, I haven't done anything special at all. They are all still in their plastic with a slit in the top of it. I pull the sheets out as we go. If I think of it, I pull out the sheets for the I want to do something else with them, but I just haven't figured out what and I haven't had time. But, I'll probably do folders.
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Re: Best way to organize student sheets?

Unread post by Joyhomeschool »

I have five sets of student sheets this year, one K, one 1st, and three in Exp-1850. I put each set in page protectors in binders for each kiddo. We pull them out as needed, do the work and slip them back in. Easy peasy. I also use those post it tabs to mark where we are in the binder and where the sheet goes.
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Re: Best way to organize student sheets?

Unread post by momonthemove »

I have 3 kiddos. Last year we did ECC and this year we are jumping ahead to 1850s to Modern times before oldest starts high school next year. I have tabs that say Week 1, etc. I put these in two binders. Split half way through. I compiled all the sheets for week 1, etc. and have them behind here. I take them out to use and put them back in the binder when we are done. I do this for just their history pages. They have different binders for their different subjects.

That worked last year and is our plan again for this year.
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