Weeks 25-26 China

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Re: Weeks 25-26 China

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Some other things we did while 'visiting' China:

After reading The Warlord's Puzzle by Virginia Walton Pilegard and enjoying the Tangrams, I decided to read The Warlord's Beads also by Virginia Walton Pilegard. It's basically a picture book about the abacus and includes a little history on the last page. In the back of the book it gives directions on how to make your own counting beads or abacus. I modified it a little using what I had on hand.

The book suggested using Fruit Loops cereal for the beads, pipe cleaners for the 'sticks' and cardboard for the frame. I used popsicle sticks for the frame and actual plastic beads for the 'beads'. We glued two sets of frames for each 'abacus'. I cut pipe cleaners in half and we separated the beads in groups of 10 by color. Then the kids strung ten of each color onto each pipe cleaner. We did four rows instead of the 3 the book suggests. They then wrapped the pipe cleaners around the top and bottom of one frame. We glued the other frame on top to sort of sandwich in the twisted part of the pipe cleaners to help keep them in place. That step was really not necessary but I didn't want the beads to accidentally come loose and end up on the floor when being played with. My kids loved this and my ds has even been using it to count everything.

I decided to do this since we didn't do the papermaking or make our own Tangrams. (Hopefully, we will get around to the papermaking when my dd repeats ECC in 6th grade.)

Here is a picture.
Bead Counter.JPG
Bead Counter.JPG (49.95 KiB) Viewed 4428 times
Since we didn't do the paper making, I thought I would still read about it in the Global Art book. I had some different handmade papers I had purchased years ago from my rubber stamping/crafting days. (Before kids ;) ) They looked at the papers and we discussed the different elements you could see. (string, seeds, pine needles, confetti, etc.) It did make them want to do the project but I reassured them we would get another chance. (I hope :~ )

I found an inexpensive animals DVD in Target one day so I picked it up. It's part of a series called 'Animal Atlas'. This DVD is entitled 'Animal Passport'. This particular DVD has segments about animals from Africa, Australia and Asia. One thing I really like about the DVD is that the beginning of each segment gives a brief geography lesson and shows a map of the area or areas the animals are from. (I also have this DVD posted on the Africa and Australia section of the board.)

My kids also watched Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat. I remembered the show from PBS back when my ds was a toddler. It might be a good fit for the youngers although my ds at age 10 still enjoyed it. It was a little hard to find but I was able to find one copy still available through an interlibrary loan.

We also did the paper lanterns out of the book A Trip Around the World. They were a big hit as well and they were really easy. :)
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Re: Weeks 25-26 China

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“That's a Fact - Chinese Pictographs”

In this 1.5 minute video, learn how Chinese symbols for words combine several ideas that reflect Bible concepts perhaps known to the original creators of those symbols.

From Institute for Creation Research on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/129143160
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