Weeks 23-24 India

If you are using Exploring Countries and Cultures, please share your ideas with us.
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Weeks 23-24 India

Unread post by Marie »

Weeks 23-24

Additional ideas may be posted in other areas of the message board:
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5207 (India celebration, with photos)

Tigers of Terai

Unread post by Lindsay »

I found a fun book that I thought would go great for the younger children doing ECC. This book said it's for ages 4-8.
It's called, Adventures of Riley: Tigers in Terai by Amanda Lumry & Laura Hurwitz. It uses a combination of photographs from the country and illustrations. While searching for tigers with his uncle, Professor Maxwell, they see lots of animals from the area and learn about them as well.

In the back is a passport, with places available for stickers. I think that this is the beginning of a series. Currently I think there is only one other one available.

(book sales benefit the Smithsonian Institute, Wildlife Conservation Society, and World WildLife Fund)

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Unread post by kellybell »

We enjoyed the video Beyond the Next Mountain which is based on an Indian tribe, the Hmar people. They were headhunters until a missionary came. The video outlines the life of a young Christian boy from the tribe. His dad was one of the first Christians in the tribe and this boy went to a Bible school (it was about a 90 mile hike each way, so he stayed with a nearby family), married a young lady, moved to America and has a heart for Bible translation and evangelism. Great video. I've seen it available from CBD and Vision Forum.
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Unread post by Julie in MN »

1. Our favorites? Don't miss the Rice story & activity!!! We also very much appreciated committing the Lord's Prayer to memory.

2. We enjoyed the mountain ice experiment -- great illustration! BTW, many milk & juice cartons now have plastic spouts. So FYI, we opened the carton to staple it shut, but this was unnecessary & we could have just poured the water into the spout. Our carton burst open along the side, not at the staples! (Oh well, ds likes to staple :o)

3. We did benefit from adding a review of Hindu, re-reading the pages in Windows on the World (like that scheduled for Muslim in Saudi Arabia).

4. We did not have a lot of luck finding India books at the library in a timely fashion. So while we waited, we watched videos :o)

a. We happened upon a blessing when we were studying India -- a video called "From the hills of Manipur... India Children's Choir, Sponsored by Bibles For The World." A headhunter tribe describes how they turned into a Christian missionary tribe -- and the children do it in song!

b. The video Kelly recommended above finally arrived from ILL (interlibrary loan), & I thought others might be as surprised as I that it may be available thru your library. It was a wonderful full-length family movie! I had been thinking how ECC is great preparation for our dc to face college because, like this video, we are learning about both misguided missionaries & anthropologists, as well as true missionaries & followers of Christ. No 2-dimensional studies in MFW!

c. A&E Biography of Mother Teresa -- 3rd grade ds just watched part of this video, but he said it totally changed his idea of a woman who "helped children" into an understanding that she helped a LOT of children!

d. My dh & I watched the Gandhi movie from the library. It was too long for ds, but I had him watch the beginning with us. FYI, it does start at the "end" when Gandhi is shot, so we talked about the parallels to MLK. Then the story begins with Gandhi as a young lawyer who is thrown off a train for refusing to ride in the baggage car, and Gandhi points out how un-Christian it is -- we had a good discussion about that. Also a few scenes of how peaceful demonstration works were nice for ds to see, & Gandhi's clothing changes. The 2nd half of the movie was a bit much, with protestors shot, and Gandhi changing from a Christian to a sort of pantheist. For older kids, it might be a lesson in why Jesus needs to be central, as well as a history lesson about several ECC areas -- it really helped *me* visualize India/Pakistan, and South Africa/England.

e. Eyewitness DK video of Mountains -- pretty good, with animals and avalanches and such. It was interesting how *exploration* has transformed into an athletic activty (now explorers can ride in an airplane). The video only provided a couple of opportunities for ds to say, "Oh, so you were THERE meeeeeeellions of years ago, & you know this!" LOL

5. Amy Carmichael notes:

a. During Ch. 11 "Going Native," we did the activity in Another Trip Around the World, p. 108, where we put on a sari & dhoti (like Gandhi wore) using a bedsheet.

b. During Ch. 16, we followed Muttammal's journey on a world map, which made a connection with learning our countries (note: ceylon is now sri lanka).

c. For notebooking, unfortunately Amy very much avoided the camera! This is all I found:

Amy with children (different versions of same drawing)

Looks like a photo of amy in sari

Nice picture of amy on book
http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/ ... em_code=WW

Writing by Amy & quotes
http://www.powerofchange.org/pocblog/20 ... songs.html

A little timeline to compare Amy's life to U.S. & world events
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Unread post by Tina »

We wrapped up our study of India this week. Another great week. Highlights:

--Kathakali face painting and dressing in sari (for dd) and dhoti and turban for ds. Dc liked this a lot. We got it on video. Fun.

--We got the books One Grain of Rice and The Rajah's Rice and liked both! Neat to see the effects of doubling.

--Ds enjoyed the two fables (same fable, different books) The Blind Men and the Elephant and Seven Blind Mice.

--Enjoyed the books listed on mountains and Mt. Everest. We all learned that this mountain is wondrous and very dangerous to climb (something ds didn't really think about until we read about it!)

--Amy Carmichael. Loved it. Read it in a week. Beautiful testimony of servanthood. (I even got some of her books/poems and read thru some) We enjoyed reading about Adoniram Judson in HT, so we picked his book too (YWAM). We hope to finish it this weekend before starting Gladys.

--Cooking. Well, I haven't done it yet but plan to make the chapattis (unleavened bread) and lassi (yogurt mint drink) and ahm phul (mango whip dessert) from Another Trip Around the World. These are fairly easy. I'll post after we have made them. (Mangoes seem to be something we have used several times for ECC and they have "stuck" with the dc, one of the few foods I've had success with, when it comes to their likings, of course!) (Although that matzo cake I made for the middle eastern dinner was a great hit...........)
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Fantastic Resource on India

Unread post by humpty »

Voice of the Martyrs has an activity and informational book called Bold Believers in India. It is $10 and is jam-packed with information about the peoples, their religion (Hindu) the difference in Hindu and Christianity, activities, recipes, games, and so much more.

They also sell YWAM's video The God's of India ($6). This video is an overview of Hinduism and a call to prayer for the millions of Hindus who long to quench their spiritual thirst - a thirst only Jesus can satisfy. 12-minutes.

Voice of the Martyrs website for children is www.kidsofcourage.com

This link has some charts comparing Christianity with Hinduism (scroll down on the page) http://www.persecution.com/link/archives.cfm
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Unread post by momrandles »

National Geographic has a passport to Asia, exploring the land, food, festivals, etc.....

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Unread post by Julie - Staff »

Posted: Wed Feb 02, 2005 4:58 am
Author: momnjapan

Here's what looks like a pretty cool site for India.

I hope you enjoy,
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Unread post by Lucy »

Lainie wrote:We are about to start India. I ordered my books from the library today and kinda browsed through the TM. I didn't see anything about the Taj Mahal. I know we can always add different things to each country study. But, I didn't want to plan on studying something that was a potential hazard. I know a little bit about why it was built but the information is dim.
Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 5:13 pm

I do not know for certain why but I do know that in year 4 there was info about it in SOTW and we checked out some library books with it in there in year 5. Since ECC is usually taught to younger kids I think it may have been omitted until later.

Here are some reasons you may just choose to wait if your children are younger. It is nothing more than a beautiful tomb and it is beautiful. Our family went to India last year on a trip and we were able to go and see it. It was build by the King for he and his wife's tomb. It also has a mosque on the grounds as the people who built it were Muslim. The King (not the Indian name but I can not remember it now) while it was being built was imprisoned by his sons and never went to it until his death. Sadly, he could see it being built from inside his prison at the Red Fort also in the same city of Agra. There is more to the story that is quite sad, but more gruesome than I care to share.

The marble and intricate inlaid stones are beautiful but it was a sad place for me. My kids felt it too and especially my daughter commented that she liked going to the Red Fort (a castle of sorts and living quarters) because she could imagine people there. She felt the emptiness of the Taj Mahal.

Anyway probably way more than you wanted to know. I think it would be fine to show a picture but the history behind it is just sad. As Carylee said, you may find some pictures and general info in the general books you got. You of course can limit the history to a king who made beautiful tomb for his wife.
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Re: Weeks 23-24 India

Unread post by Ariasarias »

I found the game Parchisi at my grocery store on sale.
It is an Indian game, very similar to Sorry, but with many more interesting rules.
The one I bought had Indian animals as the pawns. My kids really liked that part.
We also enjoyed watching the Jungle Book. I never realized it was based in India :).
It was fun to point out the things we had read about India in the movie.
Nicole :)
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Re: Weeks 23-24 India

Unread post by doubleportion »

Cute picture book called The Story of Little Babaji by Helen Bannerman and illustrated by Fred Marcellino. About a little boy who has been given new clothes,shoes, and an umbrella by his parents. The little boy then proceeds to meet four tigers one at a time. He convinces them not to eat him by giving them one of his new items. In the end the tigers pride and selfishness destroys them and they turn into a puddle of butter or "ghee" as they spin circles fighting. Which the father takes home to the mother and she makes a meal of pancakes for the family to eat. Lots of great illustrations with mother in a sari and father in traditional indian dress.

NOTE-this is also The Story of Little Black Sambo but they have changed the names of the boy and his parents to make them more authentically Indian names.

Re: Ideas for ECC India- Stoneinlay project

Unread post by cbollin »

doubleportion wrote:So we are on week 24 of ECC. I would like to do the stoneinlay craft from Global Crafts, BUT I don't have the clay or the "gems". Did anyone use some other materials instead? I have some cornstarch, baking soda etc that I thought I could make air dry or bake clay out of. I haven't made the clay recipe before but found it on a website and I hope it will work. But am at a loss for what to do for the stones. Any ideas?
gems.... thinking.... do you still have your ADV manual? There's the making jewels for a crown in one of the weeks --- remember it? it involved glue drops on alum foil and dry that overnight and then take a marker to color them?
does that ring a bell?
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... wel#p48117

do you have glitter glue to make into sparkly glue lumps that look like jewels.
I remember something for this... try some printable jewels
http://www.printpicnic.com/PDF/Accessor ... crowns.pdf
maybe that would be quick and easy if the printer is working.
you could print that page, cut them out
press into regular modeling clay, homemade clay stuff like you're thinking.

or, my kids are saying "make a round cake and use some icing to decorate on it?" got any sprinkles around?

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Re: Ideas for ECC India- Stoneinlay project

Unread post by TriciaMR »

doubleportion wrote:I might have her make those glue gems. We could always dry the clay and then stick them to the clay after or before drying.

Maybe I could just have dd create something with construction paper instead. I did find a neat site that had pictures of really beautiful stone inlay work.

Would love to do cake! But ds is being tested for food allergies :( out of color on our printer right now. No glitter glue either. Thanks, Crystal for helping me think out loud.
Some other ideas for "gems": beads (my dd has tons), decorative rocks (we got some smoothed ones really cheap from Michael's), marbles... What about breaking up hard candies and using those for "gems" (unless bugs would be a problem). Do you have any left-over stuff from making Gingerbread houses?

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Re: Ideas for ECC India- Stoneinlay project

Unread post by doubleportion »

We ended up just looking at pictures of stone inlay online and then making a box covered in construction paper. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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Re: Weeks 23-24 India

Unread post by RachelT »

We also had fun with The Story of Little Babji!

We also found an audio version of stories from The Jungle Book by Jim Weiss of Great Hall Productions. He has many other recordings of all kinds of tales.

The kids enjoyed hearing about Amy Carmichael in Hero Tales and in the Heroes for Young Readers series from YWAM. We did not read the big biography because we were still finishing up David Livingstone.

The ice experiment was pretty easy and the volcano experiments are always exciting! We have done those things before, but the kids were happy to do them again!

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India - TEACHING AN 8TH GRADER the second time thru ECC

Unread post by Julie in MN »

(1) World religion discussion
I posted here ("intro to other religions" part) http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 533#p58533
about how we added to the discussion on "other religions" -- and I used the example of the caste system in India, which I think is helpful to go into with older kids at this point.

(2) Listening to national anthems
The 7-8th grade Worldbook CD has an audio button for listening to India's anthem. (It probably has all the country anthems -- we just noticed it!).

(3) Reading
As part of my 8th grader's "reading time" this year, I wanted him to read some short stories. One he read was Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, from the Jungle Book. It's set in India (although the family is British). Rudyard Kipling is a fairly classic author and ds enjoyed the story. Note that this seems like a children's story but really is a little too scary for young ones, I think.

I also found a few Rudyard Kipling stories on tape at my library.
And there is a Rikki-Tikki-Tavi animated video that follows the original story very closely. It's on YouTube, also, in 3 parts.
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Re: Weeks 23-24 India

Unread post by doubleportion »

My dd picked up a book at the library last night that I thought would be perfect for India. It is a book all about Saris (the wrap that Indian women wear). Beautiful illustrations and a sweet story. It is My Dadima Wears a Sari by Kashmira Sheth and Illustrated by Yoshiko Jaeggi. Published by Peachtree Publishers copyright 2007

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Re: Weeks 23-24 India

Unread post by jasntas »

In Week 23, Day 4 I decided to take on the project listed in the POE book on page 89 and have my dc make a model of a mountain. They came out great and both my dc couldn't be more proud of their work. My ds usually starts a project and never finishes but he really got into this one. I just had to share to encourage other moms out there to try some of the bigger projects now and then. :)
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Re: Weeks 23-24 India

Unread post by jasntas »

I found a cute video in our library system. It was called 'Baku the travel bug. Episode #1, Making friends around the world' [DVD]. The summery is as follows:

Baku invites you to meet some of his very best friends from Mexico, India, and Lebanon. At Aunt Sydney's house, they'll show you and the other children from the neighborhood how to make tostadas, put on a sari, and get up and dance Lebanese style.

It's a little on the 'young' side but was very interesting. My dc actually watched it when we studied Mexico but they really enjoyed it and have since remembered what a sari is (an Indian woman's dress) and what a bindi is (the dot on their forehead). The main character is a puppet but everyone else is 'live'.

This is episode #1 in a series but I don't think any others were made because I couldn't find them anywhere.

I think this would be a good companion to the picture book we read called My Dadima Wears a Sari / written by Kashmira Sheth ; illustrated by Yoshiko Jaeggi. That summery is as follows:

Two young sisters raised in America learn about the beauty and art of wearing a sari from their wise Indian grandmother.

I just thought I'd share in case anyone was interested. :)
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AWESOME (FREE) India Missions Activity !!!

Unread post by amyhatfield2003 »

Hi everyone!

We are using ECC (our first year homeschooling) and are LOVING it! I wanted to share an AMAZING resource that I found that's perfect for those getting ready to study India. The website is: http://www.mypassporttoindia.org and each family can register for a FREE kit that includes passports, stickers, and a "suitcase" that can be used to collect donations for missions in India. Each day you watch a 4-6 minute video about how God is working in the country and then the kids haveto answer 2 questions in their passports. My boys (ages 12 and 9) loved it! It was such a blessing to us that I wanted to share it with my fellow MFW families - Enjoy !
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