Weeks 21-22 Saudi Arabia

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Re: We skipped the trash sorting worksheet (ECC wk 22)

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kaiakai wrote:But I'm wondering.. if you recycle and compost, then why would your trash be so gross??
LOL! Well, not EVERYTHING ends up in the compost. Sometimes, runny oatmeal goes in there. (We're on septic, we try not to scrape any dishes into the sink.) Sometimes a poopy diaper goes in there. (Even though we use cloth diapers, we use paper on occasion, especially now on my toddler since we have a new baby in the house =easier.) I'm not really sure what else to say, it's just the GARBAGE, and you never know what you might encounter. I'm not the only one who throws stuff away around here. We're pretty good with recycling and composting, but, we're not perfect at it. :)

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Re: We skipped the trash sorting worksheet (ECC wk 22)

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When we did this one, I had looked ahead and saw this one coming. So, a week ahead of time, I told my family, and even put notes on our garbage cans, as to where certain garbage should go. We always recycle glass, paper, metal, and it all goes in the same bin. So, we always clean out those things before we recycle them. Instead of putting them straight into the recycling bin, we put them in my specially marked garbage can. Anything glass, metal, paper, etc. as long as it was cleaned out, went in that trash can. I had a separate trash bag for anything that was messy or food we needed to throw away. We did this for a week. At the end of the week, we sorted our "clean" trash and weighed it. Then, since almost all of it was recyclable, we just dumped it in the recycling bin. It worked well. I had no interest in sorting through messy trash, but sorting through clean garbage worked fine. And, it really wasn't any extra work for us to throw our garbage away in "messy" and "clean" bags for a week.
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ECC Unit 22--Identical House Plants (Saudi Arabia)

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far above rubies wrote:I'm having a hard time finding a place with house plants, unless I want to drive 30 minutes to a nearby nursery. So, just wondering, what did any of you veterans use for your two Identical House Plants?
far above rubies wrote:Aha!!! I found one!!!!!!!! Good grief! I only have to drive 20 minutes, but that's not too bad. LOL I never thought it would be so difficult to find house plants. LOL
Glad you figured it out! I just can't remember that one, myself, but I know we did a sub around that time, here's a post I made, so maybe we subbed that one out:
(#4) http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... =156#p2495

I was thinking there would be a few plants in many stores, over by the fish in Walmart, in the back of Home Depot, in the garden section of Ikea, etc.? But you're right, maybe not at this time of year. You should post your findings on the Ideas board, for future plant-searchers ;)

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Re: ECC Unit 22--Identical House Plants (Saudi Arabia)

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Grocery store floral dept.
is anything in your terrarium from brazil?
anyway... I'm just as annoyed at times that these science programs seem to want us to buy house plants in January. Apologia Elementary is like that and so is jr. high. I'm just growling... grr... giggle giggle...

hmm.... would there be any options at a pet supply store with real plants?

another way to get the same idea if you have no house plants of any kind in your house, or local places... The point of the experiment is about acid rain. How about this?
You could soak an egg in vinegar and another egg in regular water. check the effect. watch the bubbles forming on the vinegar soaked egg, ooh.. there's a funky reaction going down right?
check it in a few days.

now... I realize that an egg isn't a plant and that might not connect with all children that the acid rain can have some effects on plants. but it's really cool to do that with the egg, and it shows up again in chemistry and physics experiments.....

So, you could come back to this experiment in a few weeks. Soak some beans/seeds overnight. Start them growing and see the effects. I have no idea how it will turn out, but it sounds neat.

if all else fails.... (come back to it in the spring to do at home and just read about it and read others results)

I was hoping on this link the student would have had pictures

he used lemon juice and distilled water. so you might want to use some distilled water.

ah ha! pictures...... if you have to wait a few weeks/month to get real plants and try this at home... you could just look at pictures from this person's experiment
http://jrscience.wcp.muohio.edu/nsfall0 ... dRain.html

looks like they used ivy.... do you have any ivy outside in the yard that you could bring inside....

(anyway... that's my thought process on it when something seems hard to find.
Are there pictures out there to at least show my kiddo and then do the thing later?
Is there a way to feel similar, but not exact effects with things I do have?

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Re: Weeks 21-22 Saudi Arabia

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For the science experiment, we had a difficult time finding a store that had house plants in stock in the middle of January. It took some calling around but we finally found a couple at a Home Depot.

We also decided to rent Hidalgo just for something entertaining to showed us a bit of the Arabian desert.
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Re: Weeks 21-22 Saudi Arabia

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The Voice of the Martyrs has a promotion right now with a free DVD: Iran Alive

We were fascinated by the middle east study in ECC and learned a lot from the VOM materials. But I have read posts saying it can be discouraging to some, so I thought this DVD might really be helpful. It portrays the Christian television ministry of Iran Alive. On the Iran Alive ministry website, you can watch some of the videos even if you don't decide to order the DVD: http://iranaliveministries.org/

It is so encouraging to hear that Iran citizens are really ready for Jesus, after many have lost faith in a government-controlled religion and lost hope in trying to live without God.

One section of the DVD has television broadcasts of conversions, including one 12 year old boy's testimony of forgiving and befriending his schoolmates after they beat him up for being a Christian. (Preview, as a few testimonies mention drug abuse and suicidal thoughts.)

Another section of the DVD is an interview with the television host, and he talks about Christmas in Iran (yes, they celebrate it and it's not secular), and he talks about television's popularity there especially with the young people, and about how his ministry sometimes shows Christ by talking about his marriage.

I'm sure the free DVD is for the purpose of encouraging support of their ministries, but even if you only can offer prayer, what a wonderful thing to have our children lifting up this ministry in their little prayers.
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