Weeks 12-13 Norway

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Re: Weeks 12-13 Norway

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I wanted to share a website for free rosemaling patterns and instructions for children. For the patterns, it is http://teachartathome.com/Rosemalingpatterns.html . For the instructions, it is http://teachartathome.com/Rosemaling.html . The instructions for transferring the patterns onto the box really are simple. We are going to try it. If it turns out well, we will give them as Christmas gifts from my boys to their grandmothers.

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Norwegian recipes

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There is a long list of norwegian recipes at http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~wgnorway/recipe.html

We hope to try the Norwegian Christmas Cookies.

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ECC, Norway current events.

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Hi all,

This is so cool. Just before Christmas we finished learning about the Sami and did our Lappland felt square and read stories about the Reindeer Herders of northern Norway. Take a look at this article about the Bible being translated into their modern language. http://www.inspiremagazine.org.uk/news. ... ew&id=4023 God is so amazing!! It seems that almost every country or people group we study is mentioned in some a current events news related article that I stumble across. And I'm not a "newsie." This adds such a great perspective.

Blessings and Happy New Year!!

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Re: Weeks 12-13 Norway

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Kelly1730 wrote:Just wondering how the rosemaling crafts turned out for everyone. I'm getting my resources together for Norway and this looked like fun:) (for me anyway, not sure how the boys will like it.)
The rosemaling project went really well for us using the teachartathome instructions and patterns. We probably would not have done it otherwise. I have all boys, and they had a good time doing it. My oldest said,"This is really fun!" We used ours for Christmas gifts for two grandmothers and one aunt. We did plaques for the aunt and one grandmother and a wooden box for the other grandmother. I have three boys so each did one. We chose which boy would do whose gift ahead of time. (I helped the 5 y/o.) We even personalized them with each ladies' initial. We did fancy cursive letters on a piece of paper with pencil and then traced the letter on the back of the paper with pencil. Then we placed the paper where we wanted the letter and traced over the letter so that the pencil tracing would transfer to the wood (like we did with the rosemaling patterns). It took a little thinking to get it right, but it turned out great and taught the boys critical thinking skills. We are glad we did the project!

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Which Heidi DVD???

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jasntas wrote:The book Heidi is suggested for weeks 12-13. I know I probably wouldn't get around to reading it so I was thinking about requesting it on DVD from Netflix. My only problem is which version. There is a Shirley Temple version made in 1937. Another version released in 1968 staring Jennifer Edwards. (The one I was leaning toward). There are also two other versions released in 1993 and 2005.

Has anyone seen any of these? If so, comments? TIA
The Shirley Temple one was my favorite. It followed most closely with the book but none of them followed it exactly which disappointed me. Honestly, I know time is short with reading chapter books, but I would try to fit in the Heidi one. It is FABULOUS!!!!! I decided to buy it because it was so good!

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Re: Which Heidi DVD???

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Hands down my favorite Heidi movie is the Shirley Temple version. It is a classic. I really fell in love with Heidi after watching the movie as a kid.
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Norway - Snow Treasure the book / movie

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jasntas wrote:Just wondering if anyone knows if this book was ever made into a movie? Maybe under a different name. TIA
Postby Julie in MN » Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:47 pm
There was a movie in 1968 or 1969, by McSwigan and Jacoby. If you search Amazon for the title and "movies" you should see one for $27 :~ (Or, you could order the VHS that's on Amazon right now for $120, or half.com has one for "only" $100 %| 8] 8O .) Maybe the library...

Postby momofsix » Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:12 pm
I don't know about a video but we have listened to this on audio tape from our library. My dc love this book so much, we usually borrow it every year to listen to.

Postby momtogc » Sat Nov 27, 2010 9:42 pm
I did a GoodSearch on the title + Norway + DVD and it came up on this site for $26.99: learmedia.ca.

I was also interested in the movie but several reviews I read did not give the movie very high marks. (http://www.imdb.com) If you get to watch the movie, would you give us your review? We might want to watch it also. Thanks!
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Norway week 13

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Urnes Stave Church caught my boy's attention. It's 1000 years old and still standing. Nice information about the church and ships as well as decorative architecture.
[search YouTube for "Urnes stave church (Norway)" by "svart3n"]

We read Lars Olav, A boy of Norway
Here are some youtube videos of the area
[search for "Seven Sisters Waterfall Geiranger Fjord Norway" by "HurricaneBill"]

-- hth

EDITOR'S NOTES: Links edited per forum requirements ( http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=67 )
but details are provided to help interested families to find these interesting Norway sites.
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Re: Weeks 12-13 Norway Rosemaling

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For the rosemaling project I decided to use thin wood boxes (from Michael's), stencils and markers. We could have used paint and blotters instead of the markers but it would have been a lot more messy. Each child picked which stencil he/she wanted to use, taped them on the box and then stenciled away. It was a pretty easy project and, the best part, easy clean up. ;)
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Re: Weeks 12-13 Norway

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We are in the middle of Norway right now, and I just have to recommend a wonderful book to go along with this study. It was available from our public library system: Elli of the Northland, by Margaret Ruthin. I read it aloud, and the whole family loved it. The story is about a girl who is a Lapp reindeer herder with her family,and what happens when she is told that the rich father she never knew existed wants her to come and live with him. I highly recommend it! There is some mention of a feared evil spirit who lives in a dark valley of the mountains, but by reading it aloud I was able to explain that it was just a part of their belief and wasn't true.
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Audio books

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I wanted to throw out there that some of ECC's longer book basket books are really fun to do on audio book. We are in week 13, studying Norway. So last night we snuggled in and listened to the first 2 CD's of "Snow Treasure" while we all worked on knitting looms making scarves and what-nots. Even my boys. :)

We've done some in the car if we have a long drive, but mostly we listen at home while working on a handcraft or sketching.
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What's that book? ECC Favorite 4 Years Later

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MelissaB wrote:We read a library book during ECC that my daughter wants to read again. We've been thinking for months and cannot think of the name. Can anyone help? It's about Poland during a war. The children smuggle gold past officers on their sleds. When the officers say it's time to start school again, a doctor puts red dots on one of the children and says he has some type of disease, so they won't have to go to school, and can continue hiding the country's gold.

Can anyone name that book? :-)
Snow Treasure is a similar story for Norway... Maybe that's what you're thinking about? It's by Marie McSwigan. The kids hide the gold by sledding right past Nazi soldiers.
MelissaB wrote:Yes! That's it. Thanks so much, Trish. :-)
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