Weeks 9-11 Brazil

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Terrarium? Brazil

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rawbanana wrote:We are going to be setting up our terrarium this weekend. I have been looking online and the setting up looks a little intensive and expensive! I thought all we had to do was throw soil in an aquarium and get a few appropriate plants, but this website is saying I need 4 layers: rock (or coarse sand), then a layer of activated charcoal, then sphagnum moss, THEN soil! Is all that really necessary?

Also, what plants did you get that did well, but were cheap? Thanks!
I had a small fish tank that was empty. (fish are long gone......)
put colorful aquarium rocks in the bottom
put potting soil over that
set "tropical plants" in that (got from cheap part of walmart garden center)
put glass cover over top.

Later, we ended up using the terrarium in ECC with sweet potato, and/or potato growing, and radish seed experiment at the end after the seeds were going in the cups, even the kiwi seeds at the end of the year. ok, the kiwi seeds did sprout never grew. radish plants grew. tater was getting long root thingsy... and those walmart plants..... one of them is still growing. it even survived an out of state move. it is not a plastic plant.

I did the minimum needed and it worked.
rawbanana wrote:I like your nice EASY method =) Are aquarium rocks expensive? dont want to spend alot on this project...
So, we did the bird seed experiment this week (some in a cup of soil, some in a cup of soil w/ saran wrap over top), I could have done THAT in the terrarium (the covered cup one?) that would have been neat! We are going to do the potato experiment this weekend too, we can do that in the terrarium? Or better done in a cup? Thanks!
I started the bird seed/radish seed in covered cups to do the experiment. But, they kept growing and we thought it would be fun to put them in the terrarium for a little bit just to watch.

The potato was started in a terra cotta or plastic potting jar that we had around. But it was transplanted to the terrarium by my youngest child who wanted it there. :~ I don't know why. she just did. But, it was so cool because then we could watch the thing send out it's runners and sprouts and it was fun to watch. It was not intentional to do in the terrarium... it just happened. :~ you have to know my kid. It made sense to her and it worked great for all of us.

I bought cheap aquarium pea gravel. You can get a small bag at places like Petco, walmart for 3-4 dollars. I went for the colorful kind. yeah, it's cheap. You live near me? I still have half of a 2 pound bag.

looking at pictures from back then.. but the only one seems to have our Brazil Carnival costumes with it. These are fun. We used felt squares and decorated them. They fit our stuff animals, a "south american monkey" and a "caiman"... yeah. anyway, even though the animals block part of it, you can see the plant that was inside the tank and the gravel and soil. on the back side of the tank was another plant that was too tall to fit in there.

I really liked doing ECC that year. wow. that's my old house in Indiana when we had the pink walls in the "teacher's lounge".
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Amazon River Adventure Story

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I found an excellent book in the adult shelves at the library called "Paddle to the Amazon" by Don Starkell. It a 2 year journal of a dad who paddled with his son down the Mississippi River from Canada, along the Gulf of Mexico, down to South America, up the Orinoco River and then down the Amazon River. Their story is amazing. I read it and enjoyed it, and then read excerpts of the Amazon journey to my 3rd and 1st grader. An older student (6th grade +) may enjoy this true story. Some parental guidance may be necessary as the father is divorced. This is not discussed much and in general, the pair act with good morals.
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Re: Weeks 9-11 Brazil

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I found a book that would appeal to the youngers doing ECC with their older siblings. The olders may enjoy it as well. It's called 'Over in the Jungle - A Rainforest Rhyme' by Marianne Berkes, Illustrated by Jeanette Canyon. It's a counting book set to the tune of 'Over in the Meadow'.

In the back it gives facts on the animals depicted in the book and also shows how some of the pictures were made. Most of them were made with polymer clay. It was a very cute and colorful book.
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Music for Brazil week

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We listened to a fun CD for the Brazilian weeks: Disney Bossa Nova

It is all Disney songs done in Bossa Nova style. I played it without telling the kids what it was. It played through and on one them (from Peter Pan) my son said, "I feel like I should know this one." It wasn't until Hi Ho that they realized what the music was.

I wish they had more of these.

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ECC Idea for Nate Saint & South America

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I keep meaning to post this idea every time I listen to my Steven Curtis Chapman CD- Declaration. On the Declaration CD the fourth track is called No Greater Love. I have scanned the liner notes for this song and the image is below. The song is about Nate and his four missionary friends and the ultimate sacrifice that they made for the Waodani people. One of the Waodani men who was part of the spearing company is heard at the end of the track chanting his The Creation/Heaven Song about God the "Man Maker". This would be such a cool way to end after reading Nate Saints biography and then get to listen to a Waodani Christian singing about the One True God who's message first came to them because of what Nate and his friends did.

Hopefully you can read the print.

The first image is the Lyrics to both songs. The last paragraph is the translation of the song that Mincaye sings.
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Re: ECC Idea for Nate Saint & South America

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Great idea!

My dh and I got so into the Nate Saint/Jim Elliot story around here. My dh even sort of made the following Jim Elliot quote his mantra:
  • "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."
In addition to watching every documentary we could find, I even read Rachel Saint - Star of the Jungle about a month ago. I think I may read it to the dc as a read aloud over the summer.

As I've mentioned here before, another good follow up for the dc is the Jim Elliot Story in the Torchlighter series. I will warn that, even though it is a cartoon, the men are still speared.

Difficult subject but I think that particular study has been the most life changing for my entire family.

I think the 'No Greater Love' song would be a great addition to the study.

Thanks for sharing. :)
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Nate Saint - neat story at Bible Study

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We are using Priscilla Shirer's "Jonah: Navigating a Life Interrupted" in our ladies' Bible study. Last night we watched the third video session and for the first 10 minutes or so, she relates the story of when she went to a luncheon and heard Steve Saint and "Grandfather" (a Waorani) speak about the massacre in Ecuador, and about all the wonderful blessings God has brought to the Waorani since then. It was so special. I told my dd about it on our way home from church and she wants so badly to hear it firsthand that I am going to request to borrow the church's DVD.

I mention it here because if you have the opportunity to borrow the dvd from your church's library, it would go really well after finishing the Nate Saint book in ECC.
Julie in MN wrote:And if your church doesn't have it, Steve Saint and the Waorani man are also featured in a couple of other places. One is the Steven Curtis Chapman Live from 2002 Music video that has a trailer of Beyond the Gates. Another is I think during the credits of End of the Spear. Some scenes with this man are very touching, and others are even funny (such as his first impression of a drive-thru window!).
And to think I was going to skip that book because I thought my dd couldn't handle it! It has turned out to be a huge blessing to us.
Julie in MN wrote:Go Cyndi! You did it :)
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Re: Weeks 9-11 Brazil

Unread post by MelissaB »

We just finished reading the biography of Nate Saint's sister, Rachel Saint. It's an amazing story! The story of Nate Saint isn't complete without learning how Rachel Saint reached the tribe for Christ after her brother's death. (We ordered it from the same company, YWAM Publishing. I think it was $7, plus shipping.)
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Re: Weeks 9-11 Brazil

Unread post by jasntas »

MelissaB wrote:We just finished reading the biography of Nate Saint's sister, Rachel Saint. It's an amazing story! The story of Nate Saint isn't complete without learning how Rachel Saint reached the tribe for Christ after her brother's death. (We ordered it from the same company, YWAM Publishing. I think it was $7, plus shipping.)
I read this one as well. It was a wonderful follow up book. I love Rachel's recalling of a 'vision' she had as a teenager (and years before she even knew who the Aucas were) that she was to live among a group of unclothed, dark skinned people and (if I remember correctly) they would be her 'family'.

We also watched the Torchlighter series DVD 'Jim Elliot' that was mentioned earlier on this thread. We loved that one as well.

Unrelated to the missionary stories, I was actually here to mention a DVD on the rain forest that we enjoyed. It's National Geographic's Really Wild Animals series called Totally Tropical Rain Forest.
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here are some ideas to get started.......
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... =25#p65700
scroll through as there are several people chiming in with ideas... and what to buy

also, you might consider going to Kmart, or a craft store and seeing if they have the Alex brand "paper mache kit"
http://www.kmart.com/alex-toys-paper-ma ... 897562000P

or at joann's craft
http://www.joann.com/joann/catalog/prod ... _10231314a

now you have some options to work with :) buy something that might still need to be mixed, or use flour and water at home.

more ideas from others? ?
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Unread post by Julie in MN »

One of the Global Art projects we did had us make a bowl out of fabric and I think a watered-down school glue. I think it's under Africa. So one option if you want to make paper mache might be to just water down some regular glue and soak the newspaper pieces in it? I haven't tried it, and it might be more expensive, but we did make a nice bowl when we dipped fabric scraps into the watered-down glue :)

P.S. I see someone earlier mentioned this idea, too, so it might just work!
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ECC wk 11...MAF plane

Unread post by kanderson »

We did that MAF plane project a few weeks ago. I told ds he would have to wait until Daddy got home to help him put it together. It took them 45 mins - to an hour to get it together!!

Apparently it was worth the effort though ds still has it hanging in his room. And a week or so ago one of the neighbor kids was over and I heard ds explaining about Nate Saint's mission when he asked about the plane.

Kinda neat how God works things out ;)
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ECC wk 11...MAF plane

Unread post by momxnine »

extrafor6 wrote:So, I'm "craft challenged" and can't figure out how to put the plane together! We have the parts cut out but I can't figure out how to assemble them. Any help would be appreciated :)
Cut out all the pieces, fold them in half and glue the fronts to the backs. Then using some sharp scissors or an exacto knife, cute open the slits. One is right above the windows (black dotted lines) and the other is on the tail (white dotted lines). Then the wing pieces just fit right through those slits. Did that make sense?
extrafor6 wrote:Thanks! I'll try it tomorrow :)
Vicki in SW MO.

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Brazil for ECC

Unread post by Yodergoat »

I began by having my daughter "fly" into Brazil. I stamped her passport, then a Brazilian guide (that was me of course, with a ridiculous accent) took her on a lengthy hike into "the rain forest." I carried some of our books along. The "rain forest" was actually just a little spot in the woods near our house, pleasant and mossy. It was warm enough then that it was still green and almost felt tropical if you used your imagination. We did a few of our subjects on a blanket spread on the mossy path beneath the trees. It was a fun intro... but I forgot to take photos! :~

We read many books about rain forests and other topics of interest, including excerpts of "Through Gates of Splendor" and "End of the Spear".... mostly because I had misplaced our Nate Saint read-aloud. But, we did cover this story in great detail, and it was already something that Gail was very familiar with through household discussion. We bought "The Jim Elliot Story" video from Torchlighters, and also enjoyed the bonus feature video interview with Steve Saint included on the disc. Since I was already teaching Gail about this event, I compiled photos and material and taught a two-part lesson on this for the 3rd-6th grade Awana children, and later did a devotion with the youth on the subject. I made a video slideshow of real photos to go with the wonderful song by Steven Curtis Chapman called "No Greater Love" and played this during the lessons. It makes me cry to watch it... wish I could share it here.

We extended from Brazil into learning about many of the South American countries, and we especially enjoyed the animals. Thankfully, we happened to go to the Memphis Zoo at this time and we made a point of noticing which animals were from South America. Our library had packets of "bulletin board" cut-outs for several of the South American countries, which we rotated on our bulletin board.

We watched the animated movie "Up" which is set in the high tepuis of Venezuela. Of course in the movie the setting of "Paradise Falls" is fictitious, but it is based on the real life Angel Falls in that area. It was fun to see actual photos of that area on the computer and compare these to the film. The real world place is so amazing and fantastical that you would almost not believe it exists other than in an animated movie!

We put a great deal of energy into making a Brazilian feast. I looked into going to a Brazilian churrascaria style restaurant... but they were CRAZY EXPENSIVE in our opinion. So I tried to recreate the experience at home. In churrascaria restaurants, patrons put the green side of a coaster up to indicate that the servers bring more of the barbecued meats which they carry around on long skewers. The server then slices off a piece of the chosen meat. When the customer has had enough meat for the time being, they flip up the red side of the coaster. We made coasters which were red on one side and green on the other and had our feast on the back porch, with some Brazilian music in the background. I had only two songs, which I had found on a CD of world music, so I just played the same two over and over again... but now that music is etched happily in my memory! I had the grill going right there on our small porch, and served long metal skewers of spicy smoked sausage, chicken wrapped in bacon, and steak. My husband and Gail really got into it, flipping their coasters at the appropriate time while I served. I also made feijoada, a Brazilian stew with black beans and a variety of fresh and smoked and/or salted meats (I used country ham, beef summer sausage, fresh pork, fresh steak, and bacon) served with rice and oranges. The feijoada was EXCELLENT and Gail has requested that we make it again. Something about eating juicy sweet oranges with it made it better. The grilled meat skewers were very tasty but we ended up eating WAY too much! For dessert we ate chocolate brigadeiros which we had made earlier in the day according to the recipe in A Trip Around the World (except we rolled ours in chopped Brazil nuts). Ours turned out very melty and soft but tasty. How I wish I had taken photos of our meal! It is our favorite memory from Brazil. It was wonderful out there on the porch at sunset with our soft Brazilian music playing while the charcoal glowed hot in our grill and my family enjoyed their festive and leisurely meal.

As always, we ended the study with a slideshow of photos from South America set to music from the area. These are fun to make, interesting to watch, and will be valuable to revisit in review.

I know we did more, but without the photos I am having trouble remembering...
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