Weeks 1-2 Introduction

If you are using Exploring Countries and Cultures, please share your ideas with us.
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Re: I have misplaced my passport app

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Misplacing paperwork sounds like you're giving your kids an "authentic red-tape real-life" experience! Way to get into ECC! :-)
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Re: Weeks 1-2 Introduction (World Cake)

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We made the cakes usings a green fondant icing. I had the kids draw the continents onto baking paper. Cut them out. Lay them on the rolled fondant and cut out with a knife. We iced the cake with white and used blue sprinkles for the ocean. Then layed the cut out fondant. It worked great.
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Map of the World Cake

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For simple, easy-to-cut-out continent shapes, go to http://www-tc.pbskids.org/arthur/parent ... _Globe.pdf. I think I'll make a sheet cake and place the continent templates on top of the unfrosted cake, trace around them with a writing tip in green frosting, and then fill in with green frosting. After that, I'll frost the blue ocean all around. I'm not much of an artist, so tracing around templates is the only way I'll get anything that resembles continents!
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First Day!!

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We have started ECC!!

The passport application was long, but I have a chalkboard wall, so as we went through the slip of paper I would write the answer on the wall for them to refer back to. They loved writing the checks!!

Then I was nervous about tackling POE with a 9 yo, 7 yo, 5 yo & 3 yo -- but I found a little bag of trail mix in the cupboard and as I read I would ask questions or have them repeat definitions as able, right answers got a bit of mix. If they couldn't explain something, I reread the definition and let them know I would ask again later. For example, "flora" and "fauna" seemed rather tricky. It did keep them listening! I think they got most of it. Heehee.

I also loved seeing their answers on the pretest. Just my older two did it. My oldest did well, he was figuring out quite a bit. My 7 yo dd was just hilarious!! I didn't say anything as she worked through it (I wrote her answers for her), but it is priceless!! Africa is labeled California; S. America is Africa; Japan is Egypt, Mexico is to the north of us and Canada to the south...but she did get Italy!!

Such a fun morning. They are all very excited... :)
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We finished the first two weeks of ECC! With Labor Day making this a short week, I decided to do the earthworm niche and a lapbook review of sorts for my kiddies. So much information those two weeks!! %| Anyways, we bought bright green night crawlers for our jar from a "bait" shop around the corner (a man selling them out of his garage). The guy was very helpful, he thought the kids might like the bright color instead of a more traditional worm color and they are nice big worms. Filled our jar and watched them for a bit. Currently they are in my fridge. Yuck. My dh wants them in a cooler, but I think the warm dirt might need to chill a bit before moving it out of the fridge (the guy told me to watch the temp). My ds was brave and put them in the jar. The girls all tried but were totally grossed out, lots of squealing and then they wanted to name them. Lol So much fun!! :)

Postby 4monkeyz » Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:30 pm
It is rather exciting these worms!! We have added some crushed eggshells and coffee grounds, it was real easy to see the egg shells get "pulled" down as the worms churn the dirt. I don't know if it is bcs. they are so big but we have been able to see some dirt mixing and even a "face" poking out down low. :) My 5yo dd adores her worms, she sits with them at breakfast. Ugh. But the big question now is - what to do with the worms in another week or two??
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First day of ECC!

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Posted Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:49 pm by Yodergoat
This morning I heard a great song on the radio that would be wonderful to incorporate into ECC. It is "How Great is Our God (World Edition)" by Chris Tomlin. Looking it up, I learned that it has lyrics sung in English, Hindi, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Zulu and Chinese. I'm sure someone with a better internet connection than mine could easily find and watch a video of this. We may try to do so tomorrow, on our first day of school! (hopefully)

Posted by Yodergoat » Tue Jul 22, 2014 1:44 pm

I made a "video" on the computer last night, using Windows Movie Maker and a bunch of pictures of people from different cultures, set to Chris Tomlin's "How Great is Our God (World Version)." Actually I just found photos from the countries which are represented by language in that song. It turned out sweet... made me want to cry! We watched that together during our little break.

It ended up being a great first day!
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