3rd grade - Need to beef up Adventures or not?

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Cyndi (AZ)
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3rd grade - Need to beef up Adventures or not?

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

Michelle2 wrote:I've used ECC, 1st and K. Currently we're using 1st for the 2nd time. :-) This year my oldest is using AP History & English, I can't wait to use MFW Highschool for my other kids tho! ;)

My next one is 8, she has a late birthday so she's either one of the older 2nd graders or youngest 3rd grader. She used 1st and K.

My triplets are using the 1st grade, I *almost* did adventures this year, but I didn't think they we're ready for it. Even though 2 of them are reading, it has been a great year! :)

So now what do I do next year.. This year I had the intent of doing ECC after but I'm not sure! My 8 year old hasn't had american history yet (besides from reading books!) and my 6 year olds haven't either. I don't know if I want to wait another 3 years. :~ So I was thinking about using Adventures? I could beef it up for my 8 year old with Sonlight Core D+E books (not doing the whole thing!!), she is "advanced" for her grade and reading on a 6th+ plus level but she would love all the activities.. she loves crafts! It would also give my triplets another year before moving to ECC.

So should we skip adventures and move onto ECC? Or do Adventures??
Just one opinion from a mom with one kid . . .

I think ADV sounds like a good plan. It is a great year and is listed as a "2nd or 3rd grade" program. Your older would do more notebooking, and would still have LA and math at her level, and I believe the dc would have fun being together. It's a great next step for the 6yo's and I don't think it would be "holding back" the older dd. I agree with adding books from the D+E core for her -- I think there's lots of us around here that did the same thing, maybe without knowing it. Lots of those books are on the book basket list for ADV, or in the recommended reading list in the back of the TM.

I suggest calling the MFW office and getting their input on placement. I have an only child -- big difference. :-)
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Re: Skip adventures or not?

Unread post by Mommy22alyns »

Do Adventures!! There are so many American History resources that you won't have a problem beefing things up for your older DD.

Re: Skip adventures or not?

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sounds like you have an interest in doing some brief study of US history. Based on that and overall ages/stages of your children, I"d lean toward ADV and beefing it up.
gratitude wrote:I probably shouldn't say this on the board but I think the History & note booking of ADV is going to feel really light after the program you're using, which we tried last fall.

I have tried to tie in a number of literature books, like you are thinking of doing with Core D & E, and it has felt disjointed with the program that ADV is. The note booking is a small fraction of the history that he has done through reading. I could do the note book on my own, but haven't.

The names of Jesus are absolutely wonderful & worth doing.
I'm glad Carin chimed in as she's done both. with her experiences....

1. if the notebooking feels lighter than the 8 y.o wants to do
ideas: grab Draw and Write through History and do that as you go along.
You can do more notebooking than is scheduled in ADV.
and in some ways parts of notebooking in ADV is with nature walks - but those are not detailed out for people. so that gets frustrating :)

2. Add local/state field trips that have some history. Those will have longer meaning to the children/family than you might realize.

3. enjoy book basket. Consider just enjoying some field trips and areas of interest. If you have a child who is into something from certain time period, grab some books on that... enjoy them. set them down.

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Re: Skip adventures or not?

Unread post by gratitude »

Thank you Crystal for the Draw and Write through History idea. I have never seen it, but have seen people say how much they liked it.

I wish I had thought sooner to do more note booking with the history as we went along through ADV. We are in the state sheets now, but it would have been a really nice addition if I had made pages for books that he read to go with the topics. So for the original poster, if you decide to do ADV with Cores D&E, I think some note book pages to go with the literature readings to round out the note book would be a wonderful addition for you.
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Re: Skip adventures or not?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

gratitude wrote:I think some note book pages to go with the literature readings to round out the note book would be a wonderful addition for you.
My son made his own notebooking pages on the computer. He didn't like the structure of pre-made notebooking pages. I know he started doing that when he started homeschooling in 3rd grade. By 4th grade, he was quite creative, making some pages look like newspapers and some like handwritten notes and such. I think every family has different styles, but that's another option.

I also had him do some simple book reviews in ECC, which could easily be done in Adventures for an advanced child who wanted more to remember their year. Here is a description of some things we used (2nd-to-last paragraph):
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 615#p82615

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Re: Skip adventures or not?

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Julie in MN wrote:My son made his own notebooking pages on the computer, so he didn't like the structure of notebooking pages.
We took Julie's ideas back then and also created our own pages for ADV, but used the donna young website for writing line guides because my dd likes to write.

Another thing we added was interviewing her grandparents (from 4 different states) and writing up a page about what it was like to grow up in their state.

You could also have the older dd prepare the science experiments and do notebook pages for science.
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Re: Skip adventures or not?

Unread post by C4Car »

Long story short we are doing adventures this year with my 8 and 9 year old boys. It has been GREAT! For my 9 year old I have added a few things. He likes to read, so I added some extra reading and reading projects for him. He also has his own bible reading plan. Added Cursive and Typing and Spanish this year too for him. (These were what he wanted to do) The book "For you They Signed" has been good to learn the character traits and history of the Declaration signers. Anyway, just encouragement that adventures has worked well with an older one.
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Re: Skip adventures or not?

Unread post by erin.kate »

We are doing ADV and we use many, many, many (okay, maybe all of them) of the Core D&E books as read alouds ... not for our book basket ... but for read alouds and good storytime together. We've since decided to stretch ADV over two years (shh) since my girls this year are K and 2nd and loving American History, and next year will be another great year with ADV. It's been a blessing to slow down the pace because we do notebook extensively (my K'er uses the ADV student sheets while my 2nd grader uses a more elaborate journal with a lot of drawing and written narration, and sometimes dictation). I have felt that ADV with Core read alouds has been seamless, it has just meant that I disregard the scheduled read alouds in the ADV TM and we do our choices chronologically ... so we might be in Daniel Boone and still reading about Paul Revere, but that's okay. :-)

So, all that to say I would never miss ADV ... the names of Jesus are precious and I personally thoroughly enjoy the science that relates to Bible (even though I am not a Usborne fan).

It is a year that you can enrich or do just as is and it is fantastic. I find that I love having the TM in my hands but that I am free to add to or take away from as seems best for my girls. I even love it so much that when my girls are in MOD and my boys are in 2nd grade I plan on ADV with them separately. ;)

Best in your decisions!
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Re: Skip adventures or not?

Unread post by far above rubies »

I'm also gonna say to do ADV. We did ADV when my oldest was in 3rd and it was such a great year. :) So much fun and we learned so much.

In fact, if I have more children and there's a big gap in ages, in which my I didn't have anyone in 4th-8th grade, I'd do ADV again in a heartbeat. ;)

BTW, we did HOD's Beyond the year before ADV and it was all great.
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