Updates - New editions & packaging on some items

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Updates - New editions & packaging on some items

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

This thread is a compilation of conversations about changes over the years. To help sort through these discussions, this first post summarizes the topics that have come up.

We frequently are asked about copyright dates. Adventures Teacher's Manuals are copyrighted 2005 and/or 2013. However, you will want to scroll down to the bottom of your copyright page to find the "print date" to find out when exactly your manual was issued - the Sample pages from the Adventures Teacher's Manual show the most recent copyrights were obtained in 2013 yet the manual was printed in December 2016.

Minor changes are made in Teacher Manuals as needed, to reflect new editions of books, typo corrections, book basket updates, a few added timeline pieces and a few new Student Sheets were scheduled, and so forth.

Various tweaks since the last copyright date of 2013 include:
1. 2014 format revisions to the Teacher's Manual but no content changes - some lessons moved, improvements to the layout of the daily lesson plans. Note in older TMs that Week 26, day 3, will now have a Student Sheet.
2. In 2014, handwriting pages for the memory verses were scheduled (and added to Student Sheets); these are easy to use with all previous manuals.
3. In 2014, added the Map of the United States Sticker Picture, which is easy to use with all previous manuals.
4. In 2016, Pilgrim Adventures replaced Squanto; the new read-aloud is easy to use with all previous manuals.
5. In 2016, the art program was reprinted and DVDs scheduled; paints were added in 2017.
6. In 2019, state-related books were updated in the Book Basket list in the Appendix

Summary: Current Student Sheets will work with all versions of Adventures in U.S. History as well as with all past versions of Adventures in My Father's World

NOTE: If you purchase a complete package directly from MFW, then all of your materials will match. The information on this thread will be unnecessary for you.

1. Teacher Manual & Student Sheets
a. 3-hole punched manuals: Original pilot family editions are marked as not to be given away or sold. They are in 3-ring binders. (Note that for a very short time, the final version of Adventures was published in 3-ring binder format as well, but will have different copyright information.)
b. 2005 Adventures in My Father's World (1st ed.).
c. 2010 Adventures in My Father's World (2nd ed.), the primary change being Student Sheets - these replaced the 50 State Sheets set, State Bird Flashcards, Flag Stickers, and copying the Appendix. Student Sheet contents were enhanced but not changed.
d. 2013 Adventures in U.S. History (1st ed.) - title change and new cover style to reflect the new Discover Stage. No content change.
e. 2014 format revisions but no content changes - some lessons moved, improvements to the lay out of the daily lesson plans, Bible verse model handwriting pages added to TM and Student Sheets now include handwriting pages for the verses as well as a new Student Sheet for Week 26, day 3.

2. State Sheets vs. Coloring Book
a. The first year it was published, Adventures used a Dover coloring book and a Bird/Flower chart for state birds and other state information.
b. The following year, MFW published a package of State Sheets for all 50 states (including MFW bird/flower cards). These were scheduled in both Adventures and EX1850/1850MOD.
c. In 2010 when Student Sheets were issued, the 50 State Sheets (and bird/flower cards and flag stickers) became a part of the Student Sheets packages. Current Student Sheets will work with all previous versions.

3. American Pioneers & Patriots
a. The second edition of American Pioneers & Patriots was published near the time that Adventures was first published.
b. However, you may see posts about working with the first edition of American Pioneers & Patriots, since many users had that edition in their home libraries at the time. The first edition was a small-sized softcover, while the second edition that is scheduled in Adventures is a large hardcover.

4. The Story of the U.S. vs. Exploring American History
a. Exploring American History was originally scheduled in Adventures. Only specific selections were read aloud to the student, and the rest of the book was not used until American history is studied in more depth in EX1850 and 1850MOD (years 4 and 5 of the family cycle).
b. In mid-2009, Exploring American History 1st edition went out of print and there was a gap before CLP published a 2nd edition. At that time, MFW republished its own version of this classic, public domain text and named it The Story of the U.S. This new version includes only the age-appropriate portions of Exploring American History that are scheduled in Adventures, with very minor changes. The Story of the U.S. is now part of the Adventures package, while the full Exploring American History (2nd edition) continues to be included in EX1850 and 1850MOD. Each week the primary history figures are noted in the Teacher’s Manual, so either version can be used; if your text and Teacher's Manual do not match, we recommend taking a half-hour before the school year begins to write the correct page numbers in your T.M.

5. Patriotic CD
a. Originally Adventures included the Celebrate America CD from Twin Sisters, which was packaged with a booklet.
b. Later, the booklet was changed to a PDF file of song lyrics on the CD (by the publisher), and the additional notes were moved to the Adventures Teacher's Manual.
c. Currently Adventures includes the Patriotic Songs of the USA CD from Twin Sisters, a MFW version.

6. Map of the United States Sticker Picture
Added to Adventures in 2014. Can be easily scheduled, adding the sticker to the state you are studying.

7. Magnet kit and bird feeder moved from Deluxe to Basic.

8. I Can Do All Things (Deluxe packages)
a. I Can Do All Things was "revised" in 2007, with slight page number changes reflected in Adventures manuals.
b. In 2016, the book was reprinted by MFW with updates in artwork, print, and layout but no content changes; DVD art instruction was added to the package.
c. In 2017, acrylic paint was added.

9. Pilgrim Adventures replaced Squanto in 2016 (Deluxe packages)
Squanto was becoming difficult for us to obtain. My Father's World has thus created Pilgrim Adventures, an adaptation of Stories of the Pilgrims by Margaret Pumphrey. This book covers the entire story of the pilgrims, beginning in England, moving to Holland, and settling in America. Squanto as well as Samoset are featured in later chapters. (Squanto begins on our continent, with Squanto watching the Pilgrims arrive.)

The new read-aloud can be easily substituted in the same time slot but is a longer book, so read a chapter on Fridays as well. The book can be found on our website here – http://www.mfwbooks.com/item/02307/Pilgrim-Adventures/ .
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American Pioneers & Patriots 1st edition

Unread post by Leslie »

mom2three wrote:I am planning to buy the Adventures curriculum for my 2nd grade daughter. We already own a few of the books that go along with it. One of the books that we have is the American Pioneers & Patriots by Christian Liberty Press 1st edition. I think that the one in the curriculum is the 2nd edition . I was just wondering if anyone knows what the difference would be? Do you think that I could still use mine even though it is the 1st edition? Thanks for your help!
I have the 1st edition also. You can still use it but the pages will not match those listed in the teacher's guide. I was able to figure out which chapter they in two ways. Sometimes they list in the history what the topic is. This makes it easy to get the right chapter. When they did not list the topic, I was able to figure out what chapter to use by the activity or craft they had for that week. I don't know if the content is exactly the same between the 1st and 2nd edition since I've never seen the 2nd, but I think it must be about the same. Hope this helps!
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How to use state sheets instead of Dover Coloring Book

Unread post by blessed2bamommy »

JoyfulDancer wrote:We just started doing the state sheets and I've got the older version ADV TM but the new state sheets. The instructions in my TM fit with the Dover US coloring book that used to come with ADV, but not so well with the new state sheets. Can someone tell me what to read from each sheet? Thanks.
Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 3:06 pm
I read over it myself and then read aloud to the children parts that were important and really interesting. I love these State sheets. They are so nice w/ all of the info. on them. We have had much fun at the interesting laws that some cities have. :-)

Re: How to use state sheets instead of Dover Coloring Book

Unread post by Guest »

Posted Thu Dec 28, 2006 3:27 pm by cbollin
Basic routine each day with the sheets.

*read any blurbs from the teacher's manual on the state
*find state on map (wall and/or laminated one)
*the small empty box in the upper left corner is for state abbreviation, and write the capital by the star. older students can label neighboring states too
*find bird and flower card and then use the card to color in the sheet (good for training on detail and fine motor)
*put state flag sticker anywhere
*read or paraphrase the back of the card

Optional activities: gather library books about the state, and another optional activity is to click on something in the archives over here.

I guess at some point there is some mention of filing the sheets in history notebook :) gotta be there somewhere.

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Re: How to use state sheets instead of Dover Coloring Book

Unread post by 4Truth »

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 3:44 pm
We have the old ADV, too (using the Dover coloring books), and Crystal describes basically what we did even though they were in the form of a coloring book and not separate sheets. (I got each girl her own coloring book.) They really enjoyed it. Not too complicated, but it gave a real good overview.

Oh, and I made separate sections in their notebooks for the states by region, i.e., "13 Colonies". I gave them the option of keeping their coloring books as coloring books, or copying the pages so that they could be hole-punched and put in the binders. They both chose to keep them as coloring books. So, anything I printed off the web, or that they narrated or illustrated about a particular state/region, we inserted behind the tabbed divider for that region.
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I Can Do All Things - Updates

Unread post by Q-father »

Updated Schedule
Posted Wed Jun 27, 2007 10:41 am by Q-father
The current Adventures TM includes this message regarding I can Do All Things:

Please note: I Can Do All Things has been revised since Adventures in My Father's World was written. The revised version is almost identical to the original version, except that information was added to the introduction. The art lessons are the same in both editions, but the page numbers have changed.

If your copy of I Can Do All Things has "Revised!" in the top right corner of the cover, you can still follow our plans, but add two pages to all page numbers cited in the lesson plans. For example, in Week 1, do page 10 on Monday (instead of page 8), etc.

What copyright date do I need for I can do all things?
Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 1:41 pm by cbollin
If it has the "yellow paper" cover, it is really old. 1996. I wouldn't depend on that one if you are trying to use it with MFW Adventures.

If it has the multi colored-in cover, 1999 copyright, you'll be ok.

I also want to make sure you know it is a consumable book. :) If it is just a few pages here and there that have been used, you should be just fine. There are many assignments in the book, and it can be used for more than 1 year. So if you have to skip an assignment or two, it'll be ok and work out great :o) worth an honorable mention on that.

oh wait a moment..... there are paint cards that are part of the program. Don't forget those.

Celebrate America CD packaging

Unread post by cbollin »

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2007 1:35 pm

According to Bret Welshymer in the MFW offices (thanks Bret!) :

The publisher no longer supplies the booklet for Celebrate America. The booklet contained sheet music for each of the songs and some history about the songs.

The sheet music for each of the songs is included on the CD in separate PDF files. In our revised Adventures Teacher's Manual, we have included the short commentary from the booklet about the songs being studied. For example, on "God Bless America," Monday, week 1, includes a box that begins "Irving Berlin..."

You may also choose to check the internet for some background on the song. For example, here is a link for God Bless America:

**and of course you can always call the MFW offices for more information.

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Celebrate America CD packaging

Unread post by Lucy »

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:41 pm
The Celebrate America CD does not come with a book anymore, but has over 70 pages of sheet music with piano scores and guitar chords. These can be printed from a computer. The only song not available is God Bless America.

If you are ordering a basic Adventures package this item is included.

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American Pioneers and Patriots new edition

Unread post by bethben »

mama9times wrote:I've received my package for Exp-1850, but did not order the Pioneers and Patriots book because I already have a copy. The page numbers don't match up with the lesson manual. In fact, I haven't even been able to figure it out when looking at the topic for the day. My copy is about 6 years old. Is there a new edition?
Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 6:51 am
I too have the older copy. I went online and looked at the table of contents. Then I wrote which pages matched up.

Just a side note, there is extra material in the new edition. Not much, but there's a whole section on the railroad that we should have read in there, but didn't have available.
Bret Welshymer

Exploring American History in Adventures

Unread post by Bret Welshymer »

Question: Why has the book Exploring American History in Adventures in My Father's World changed?

Answer: This version of Exploring American History has gone out of print. My Father's World has reprinted the portions of the book used in Adventures and updated the Teacher’s Manual to match the updated book. The updated book is called The Story of the U.S. The content has changed very little in the new book. Exploring American History works just as well as The Story of the U.S. when used with its corresponding Adventures Teacher’s Manual. The Story of the U.S. can be matched to the weekly topics in the 1st edition, with a little time and effort.
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Re: Exploring American History in Adventures

Unread post by homemommy83 »

I just recieved my Adventures last week! I read through the new book, and it seems PERFECT for this age group! The length of the readings and topics are interesting; I read it entirely to get ready for this year! I LOVE MFW! THANK YOU FOR GREAT SERVICE AND PRODUCTS!!!
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American Pioneers and Patriots new edition

Unread post by Julie in MN »

SandKsmama wrote:I have used the old version of American Pioneers and Patriots - the page numbers are different, which is a pain, but as far as I can tell, all the chapter titles are exactly the same except in the new version there are a *few* different chapters at the very end. I just wrote the page numbers in pencil so I didn't have to keep looking them up.
Another difference might be the book itself -- size, pictures, etc? I had this book for EX1850 & didn't end up using it, but I'm pretty sure mine was a pretty book, a large hardcover with illustrations, while the one I've seen others use is a softcover, smaller but thicker, and less illustrated?

My memory felt clear enough to want to pipe in but take it with a grain of salt :)

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American Pioneers and Patriots?

Unread post by cbollin »

momma2kact wrote:I have an older(copyright 1995) copy of American Pioneers and Patriots, and I can't find the story we were supposed to read today (Building the Railroad/ Building the Transcontinental) I have had trouble with this book as far as page numbers matching up, but I've always found the story before--I can't find this one--any answers or ideas? Is it really not in there?
your oldest is 3rd grade so we're talking ADV. hmm..brainstorming out loud....

I have an ADV manual with the page numbers that match the 2002 version of APP (paperback even...oohhhh). and that was what was sold by MFW when ADV came on the market, when it was "hot off the presses" in the 3 ring binder form. (did mfw ever match the 1995 edition?)

back to the question...
that chapter is in Unit 12 - which is the last unit in the 2002 edition of the book.
What is your last unit in your 1995 edition? maybe that would help?
I'm just going to guess that the chapters aren't in the edition you have. but I am really clueless to be able to help.
momma2kact wrote:Yes, it's for Adventures. My AP&P has 12 Units, in Unit 12 it just has : "The Greatest Pioneer of All" and then "Word List of Key Terms". I'm assuming that means it just doesn't have those stories in it! I will check and see, but can you tell me if there is more scheduled reading from this book in the rest of the Adv.? Thank you so much.

Sounds like chapter 34 and 35 and 36 are not part of your book. My unit 12 starts with the Greatest Pioneer of All and then the railroad stuff comes right after that and ends the book.

I guess we learned one major difference between those editions. cool!

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Re: American Pioneers and Patriots?

Unread post by SandKsmama »

Yep, this is the only difference between the older edition of AP&P and the new one. I already had the old one, so I just decided to skip that chapter, or fill in with book basket books, etc.
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Re: American Pioneers and Patriots?

Unread post by wisdomschool »

Cyndi (AZ) wrote:There is a chapter in "On The Banks Of Plum Creek" in which Pa takes Laura to go see the men putting the railroad. It is a drier chapter and not as entertaining as AP&P, but it might be a good thing to read through while doing that unit. Just a suggestion. Any LIW fans out there that know what I'm talking about that could help further?
Hi Cyndi,

I know what your talking about as we just read it not too long ago(not to my Adventures student, but to my 5 y.o. as she and I are reading the Little House chapter books right now) It's in By the Shores of Silver Lake

I hadn't thought of that as a substitution--good idea, thank you!

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The Story of the U.S.

Unread post by Caryn »

momofsix wrote:Is this (The Story of the US by MFW) something that can be used independently from Adventures? What is it like? Just wondering if this is something that I would like to purchase or not. So, if you can help me out by giving me feedback, I'd sure appreciate it! ;)
Thanks, Elissa
Elissa, the Story of the US is a wonderful book and can definitely be used independently of Adventures. It's the perfect thing to add to any other program if you feel like you want to add some American history to whatever you're doing.

I think one of the books that used to be used in Adventures went out of print, and so MFW wrote their own book covering the main points of American History that are covered in Adventures. It's a quick overview of American history, divided in to chapters and is perfect for reading aloud to Elementary age students, or for middle school age children to read themselves.

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Re: The Story of the U.S.

Unread post by doubleportion »

Story of the US replaced the out of print book Exploring American History in ADV. Almost everything in your ADV package that is reusable you can reuse with your 2nd/3rd grader in the EXP-1850. If you compare the books in ADV with the 2nd/3rd grade supplement for EXP-1850 you will see what I mean. For ADV the book is a core history source book as you go through the year.

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Re: The Story of the U.S.

Unread post by Julie in MN »

If you'll be doing EX1850 soon, you'll get Exploring American History 2nd edition, so you'll basically have Story of the US - longer version. Unless you want individual children to have their own to read, I wouldn't think you'd need Story of the US.

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Re: The Story of the U.S.

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

I had the chance to see "Story of the US" the other night at a local homeschool group because one of the moms had the new ADV pkg to use next year. If I hadn't already ordered the few things I need for ECC (hey - today should be box day!), I would definitely get a copy for my dd. She would love it! I'll pick one up at convention if they are selling them separately. If your child likes US History as much as mine does and loves to read, you can't beat it. My dd keeps Pioneers and Patriots on her bookshelf and rereads those stories all the time; she's really into that topic.

edit to add: Oh Elissa, now I see the comment about EXP1850 . . . yeah, money-wise you aren't going to need the book. I'm just excited about it because I know how much my dd will love it, and I enjoy getting her "good books" that don't have to be screened for her extreme sensitivity.
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What is considered an old version of Adventures and grad

Unread post by Amy in NC »

cbollin wrote:but if you want to play mfw trivia on "how old is really old version of ADV"....... LOL... I can answer that too. LOL
Oooh, oooh, oooh pick me! My Adv TM is in a three-ring binder, hot off the press in July 2005. One of the first ones after the pilot year. Mine came with the Dover US coloring book instead of state sheets! :-) And my bird feeder still hangs off the side of the deck! :-) 8[]
cbollin wrote:and the conversion chart for the science books page numbers because for a short while the science books were out of print and they were selling an usborne book that had both of the book (science in air and science in kitchen) in the larger book.......
Ooh, I forgot about that one!

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adventures revision

Unread post by doubleportion »

mikesherry wrote:When was Adventures revised? What year will the copywrite say if it is the 2nd edition?
2nd edition I believe has been out only for this year (when the 2nd edition TM came out for the other years). The TM would not have an appendix if it is 2nd edition.

The other changes for the ADV package includes new book "The Story of the US" which replaces Exploring American History. EAH went out of print.

Hope that helps. We did the older ADV version but I don't have my TM to look at at the moment.


Re: adventures revision

Unread post by MFW-Lucy »

Dear Sherry,

Edie is correct this is the first year that the 2nd edition without the appendix pages has been out. Inside would say, "Revised January 2010".

The Story of the U.S. was added to Adventures in June of 2009 before the 2nd edition was released. This is when the switch was made from Exploring American History, 1st edition to The Story of the U.S. Both of these books contain the same information, and are not both needed. You will want to have the correct book to correspond with with correct Teacher's Manual.

The books used with each Teacher's Manual are also listed in the front to help you know which books you need to coordinate with that manual.

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Version 1 vs. Version 2 History Book

Unread post by samiam »

matriarch918 wrote:I have the 1st edition of the the Teacher's Manual even though everything else is 2nd edition. So it tells me in the on Thursday of Week 1 to read from Exploring American History. Can I use the The Story of the U.S. in place of this without major problems?
I'm using Story of the Us with the first edition of the TM. I got the idea from somebody else, btw. I have the other book, Exploring....but I just preferred to have this abridged version where the best parts were pulled out.

It is EXTREMELY easy!!!! The TM says to read pg 6-9 in the old book, Exploring... if you were going to read about Leif Erricson, but in the Story of the U.S., there's only approx 3 pages about Leif, so it is SO NOT HARD to correlate the pages of the Story of the U.S. with the old Adv TM.

I mean, I do verify prior, say the night before, what we need to read and if it's easy to figure out in the Story of the U.S. book. If it isn't, I spend a few minutes correlating it wtih the Exploring book, but for the most part, it is so obvious, it's not even a thought to think about.

I mean, the Story of the Us is only $6.95, so just order it....if nothing else, it will increase resale value when you are done with the package.

Older version vs newer version - State Sheets

Unread post by cbollin »

Posted by cbollin » Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:34 pm
Even with a 1st edition, I think you will benefit from buying the 2nd edition Student Packets b/c I'm not sure MFW is still selling the state sheets completely separately, unless you call them. But, this extra information from David Hazell's post in February might help with some of that decision
  • Postby david » Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:56 pm:
    Last year (2009) Adventures student materials included State Sheets and Cards ($12.95), State Flag Stickers ($2.25), and copying costs for all the appendix pages. This year (2010) new expanded Student Sheets for Adventures will cost $19.95 each, instead of $15.20 each plus copy costs. When including paper costs, printer/ink costs, and labor, it almost impossible to copy all Adventures’ appendix pages for $4.75. It is always our goal to save customers money.
    http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 970#p57970
angieb wrote:I am wondering if anyone knows what is different between the first and second edition teacher manuals for Adventures? I know the student pages are included in the first edition and need to be copied, but is anything else different?
Postby cbollin » Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:41 am
The biggest difference between 1st and 2nd is the appendix pages were removed and we don't have had the hassle of dealing with the copies ourselves. and Exploring American History first edition is out of print and replaced with Story of the US.

If you're buying/getting used manual, make sure you get the books that went with that manual. Often times, it's common on used sales with mfw materials to ask for all of the books with an offer. That way it doesn't matter if it is Story of the US, vs. Exploring American History first edition, or little stuff like that. So, if you mix and match out there and just get the manual and hope to collect books later, you need to know what books were with the manual you are getting. MFW is really good about package prices and really good about dealing with the details of page number changes when an outside publisher makes subtle changes.

hope that is helpful information to consider as you find what you need.

I'm reusing my ADV manual from 2005 with the current student sheets. All is good.

[ Editor's Note: More info on State Sheets which replaced the appendix: http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=8648 ]
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Old Adv w/ new State sheets ????

Unread post by samiam »

momgenet wrote:I ordered the newer version of the state sheets.
I can use these together with no trouble, right ?
I actually did that with Adventures last year, had the 1st edition TM, and then new student sheets. Thought it was just easier to purchase them rather then copy them. No issues at all. Actually, if I remember right, when I sat down to compare them side by side, they were virtually the same. Don't remember a single difference (although there may be a few slight differences that I am forgetting, but nothing mentionable really).
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