Supplies - For more than one child

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Supplies - For more than one child

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ccpeterson wrote:Hi everyone! I just placed my order for Adventures. : ) My question is....since I'm using it with 2 children, do I need to buy any xtra workbooks or anything like that for the 2nd child, or do I just make photocopies? I bought the deluxe edition.
Thanks for your help. I'm looking forward to it!
Although I Can Do All Things does have within-the-family copying privileges, I encourage you to buy a separate copy of this book for both students if you can afford to do so (and the same advise holds for the God and the History of Art book that you'll use later in CTG and beyond).

We started GATHOA with just one book for two girls and soon I found that we had raggy copies and two girls trying to look at one book. Halfway through the year, I broke down and bought another book so each girl has one.

The books are a bit pricey but maybe you could tell Grandma that there's this art book you'd really like both boys to have (it would make a great birthday or even "back to school" gift).

You can certainly get by with one copy, but things just seem easier (and neater, and harder to lose) with two copies.
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ordering questions for Adventures

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mommyto4 wrote:I plan to use Adventures next year with my ds (3rd), dd (2nd), and dd (K). So ... for "I Can Do ALL Things", "Magnet Kit", and "Soda Bottle Bird Feeder", do you think I should order 1 for each child? For the art book, I can't tell from the description if the extra sheets would be sufficient or if it's better to just get them each their own book if they do a significant amount of drawing on the pages/in the book. And, as far as the magnet kit and bird feeder go ... I don't want them to be fighting over them. I would appreciate any advice/input on that. Thank you so much!
Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 5:53 pm
The I can do all things book is a workbook so they will each need one plus marker/paint cards. My K can't/won't do it. It was too hard for her. There is a lot of hand coordination and do it according to the instructions which she really didn't want to do. It really is art instruction and unless your child is gifted artistically I personally would recommend waiting a little while for that book for your Ker.

The magnet kit can be shared and the soda bottle is up to you. Do they want to work together and make one as a family or do they always have to have their own?

I think doing Adventures with your 3 will be wonderful. I am really surprised how much my 5 y.o. listens, remembers and understands about the history we are learning. A lot of the time she does better than her older brother.

This is my 1st official year homeschooling and it took me about 6 months to see that MFW really isn't "light". We do a good number of the read alouds and I think that is why my 5 y.o. can remember so much of the history because it is tied into a story that she can relate to.

Right now we are in the middle of Farmer Boy and they know about sheep shearing, carding and spinning wool to make cloth on a loom so mom can cut out the fabric and make a new outfit. This same lesson is then taught in the Patriots and Pioneers book in another story. It really is all coming together now and is great to see the fruits of our labor.

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Fun With Magnets - two kids share or each their own?

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CindyLou wrote:Hi - Again, for those who have had two or more kids doing Aventures - did your kids SHARE one "Fun With Magnets" kit, or did you get one for each child? Looks like my two kids (both age 8 ) will really enjoy this, so I can see the benefits of each one having their own set. Just curious what others have done! Thanks in advance.
When I was talking about this with a lady at the MFW booth at convention, she recommended one for each child. I haven't experienced it yet because we will start Adv. in the fall but that is what I did because of that recommendation.
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Re: Fun With Magnets - two kids share or each their own?

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I have 3 children and they took turns.

if that's going to be an issue.. spend the few extra dollars. then you have extras and all of that. but MFW doesn't list it as one per child. so getting one per is up to individual situation.

eventually I ended up with a second set because it was also in 1850MOD deluxe.

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Re: Fun With Magnets - two kids share or each their own?

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My twin sons shared and it wasn't a problem.
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Re: Fun With Magnets - two kids share or each their own?

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My 4, 7, and 9yo boys were playing with this today and sharing was mostly okay. ;) I won't buy two.
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Re: Fun With Magnets - two kids share or each their own?

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I had a 3rd and K'er at the time. One set, no problems. We usually have a sharing issue around here but it wasn't a big deal at all for us.
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