** More user praise reports!

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** More user praise reports!

Unread post by Omma »

Jesus the Bread of Life & Living Water Confession & Praise

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 8:10 am
Dear MFW users,
I am amazed about the way God has used this curriculum in my life to speak to my soul regarding spiritual issues. I have to come and give the Lord praise here, and I wanted to share that I have had my feet on sand and not the Rock which is Christ.

We are using Adventures this year (in case you couldn't tell)! :) I have had problems ever since my teen years when my parents divorced. Anyway, I was led to go to a website at the exact time that we were doing Jesus the Bread of Life. We just read yesterday about Jesus being the Living Water, and what do you think the topic on the website was? Jesus the Living Water that can truly satisfy the soul?

My praise report is that Jesus is showing me that He really cares about me and wants me to find that satisfaction of my soul in Him. Thank you, MFW, for producing a curriculum that can work changes in our spirit and soul to help us (as homeschooling families) to learn to seek the Lord for spiritual food and drink.

RB wrote:Brenda,
Thanks for sharing and giving God glory! I, too have been blessed by bible times using MFW this year. They are definitely not just for the kids :)
"For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword..."Hebrews 4:12
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We are thoroughly enjoying adv around here!!!!!!!

Unread post by Mercy »

Posted: Sat May 10, 2008 9:48 pm

We haven't made it to the states quite yet (we're in the 8th week), but I can comment on it being filled with lots of fun stuff! Lots of great projects to do. We have "project phobia" around here and even we are enjoying the MANY "hands on" activities. Many of which are tied into your Bible learning...which is AWESOME by the way!!!! I love how the Bible is integrated into the science and many times it ties into the history too.

I have found mfw to be very balanced. They usually hit the mark just right so that you learn enough to know the material, but not too much that you are overwhelmed. You usually walk away WANTING to learn more. (instead of being tired of learning!)

My son was not a coloring guy either and I have to say that the art lessons have really helped him to see the value in coloring. He's slowly realizing that coloring isn't so bad (won't go as far as say that he's thrilled with it, but I've noticed I don't have to talk him into it as much.)

There is so much to this curriculum. If you are looking for a fun filled Bible learning curriculum - I think you have found it. :-)
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Re: We are thoroughly enjoying adv around here!!!!!!!

Unread post by Andrea »

Posted: Sun May 11, 2008 4:36 pm

This is our first year with MFW and we have 3 weeks left of Adventures. My 7 year old ds has really enjoyed our school year. He was disappointed when he realized we are almost done and asked if we could re-read the Pioneers and Patriots book this summer!

Each time a state was introduced, my ds appreciated knowing what was coming next: he would search for the state card and flag sticker while I read a few interesting facts on the back of the sheet. He would get out his state notebook, color in the new state on the map, and get out his colored pencils. I think this type of repetition -- knowing what was coming next -- was good for him.

The way American history is introduced in Adventures makes it so enjoyable. We were able to dig in deeper into subjects using the library books from the list in the appendix. We made a birch bark canoe, cooked some fun stuff related to the state being introduced, did some fun science experiments, and learned a whole lot about Jesus. No chance of boredom! Each day was just a relaxed, stress free, fun, creative, and happy way to learn. I could go on and on!
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We are beginning our last week of Adventures tomorrow. :-(

Unread post by mom2woii »

Posted: Sun May 11, 2008 5:11 pm

We have loved Adv. and can't wait to begin ECC in the fall. I agree with the other posts about the TM giving a framework from which to move around. I make the TM work for me and what I want to do everyday.

The two stories she loved the most were the Sarah Whitcher Story and Mountain Born. There is such an extensive book list that you'll never run out of things to read, in fact, you'll run out of time first! :-)

Can't say enough good things about Adventures!

Post subject: Finishing Adventures today!
Posted: Wed May 14, 2008 8:10 am

We are closing out our school year with Adventures. Dd has already written her letter to the president. I made a copy of it to put in her state history notebook. It was so cute, she put a big heart by her signature and embellished the envelope with the American flag stickers from the sticker packet.

Isabella moved her poster of Jesus' names to her bedroom and is keeping her state birds/flowers cards by her bed so "she can look at them anytime she wants".

We have had a thoroughly enjoyable year together with Adv. I can't believe how fast his year has gone. We are both excited and looking forward to doing ECC next year.

I highly recommend Adventures----it was a fun year! I loved being in 2nd grade again! :-))
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Dc begging for more Squanto...

Unread post by JenSmith »

after our daily read-aloud time this week! They are loving this book.:D The really cool thing is that I own an old copy of this book-identical to the one that came with the MFW package, with the exception of the cover-so I gave it to my dd7 as a surprise Monday night. Well, I went to check on her after I tucked her in for the night, and she was sitting by her night light reading Squanto. I just smiled and said a prayer of thanks that we get to homeschool and that MFW is working out so well for us. Just had to share that!
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We just had our first BOX DAY with MFW!!!

Unread post by brla »

Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:46 am
When the kids first opened the box, they were worried that we wouldn't have much to do because there weren't enough books. Then I told them about the book basket. Excited isn't even the word to describe their reaction. They were so thrilled about getting to go to the library to get books! They said it would be like solving a "mystery" to look for books on a list and then they get to add books to the topics I give them. Then, they started taking everything out of the box.

Whoever put the stuff in our box did a really great job! The first thing the kids saw was the Nutcracker Suite and accompanying cd's. They just squealed and were ready do read it right then. Everything they pulled out was that way - "Maps!" (squeal) "Laura Ingalls" (squeal) "stuff on indians" (big squeal) "magnets" (squeal followed by too cool) "bird feeder" (squeal) "look at all these cool science books!" (multiple squeals) "art stuff-no way!" - you get the picture.

What a great day! They want to get started this afternoon. I told them I needed to get everything organized first and read a little about what to do first. They told me to just "wing it". How fun!
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Had to share, an ADV moment :-)

Unread post by lisa062797 »

Posted: Wed May 21, 2008 10:50 am

We are in our 2nd week of singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic, and it is one of my favorite patriotic songs. Well, it must be Vincent's, too, because when we sang it yesterday, he just put his whole heart and soul into it. Wow, how neat it was to see and hear that, coming from a boy who doesn't really care either way about music! I had to stop singing for a few lines to catch my breath, because it really made me tear up to hear a 7 year old singing with such heart. :-)
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three cheers for the bible in ADV

Unread post by Michelle in WA »

Since we gave it to her on Monday, when we started ADV, that's all she wants to read. :) I knew she was ready, but I've held off because our church gives them out at the end of 2nd grade. She has read the first several chapters of Genesis already! Just wanted to share my little praise for this curriculum and this day.
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Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

Celebrating with you, Michelle. :) We had a very similar experience here with my oldest. On box day, he tore into the plastic wrap around his Bible & immediately opened it & began reading, shouting, "My very own REAL Bible, Mommy!" Good stuff, indeed. :)
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Hurrah!! for Adventures...

Unread post by LA in Baltimore »

I just had to take a minute after lunch and let you all know that Adventures has been a huge turning point for our homeschooling.
My youngest commented this morning after we finished our Read Aloud that "it was a lot and a lot and a lot and a lot and lot more fun than last year because we didn't have My Father's World!" What music to my ears! :) I had hugged my teacher manual and told the children it was Mommy's friend!!

Praying your days are all sailing along, too!

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Unread post by RachelT »

Yes! We are also really enjoying Adventures! Yesterday I was telling a friend how our year is going because we had not visited for awhile. She asked me why it was better and I said that I thought it was because my ds has matured and things are coming together for him.

But later I was thinking about how interesting and fun our study of American history and the states has been, and most of the other subjects are not a total overload. I also remembered that I finally have a grid and am not having to take extra time to write everything in my own planner. I'm also keeping my younger dd's K work simple and having her do everything with us in Adv. but just doing her own phonics and reading and math. (Last year I was trying to do the MFW K work with her everyday and the K Bible and Science and all of 1st grade, too! I've learned to simplify!!)

Anyway, I am agreeing with you that Adventures has been great! Yay!
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Unread post by Poohbee »

I have to shout my agreement here, too!

As we were working this morning, I had to reflect on how much my dd and I are enjoying so many aspects of Adventures.

Both dds loved making the ink out of berry juice and writing with feathers yesterday! The hands-on projects are so much fun and really help our study of history come alive!

One of their favorite things to do is the science experiments! I love how the Usborne books make science fun and interesting for my daughters, but it is so easy for me to do with them...not complicated at all.

I really love the study of the names of Jesus! I love that we take two weeks for each name of Jesus, and we read so many wonderful Bible stories and scriptures associated with each name. I also love how the science we are learning matches the name of Jesus we are studying.

As I looked over PLL this morning to plan for next week, I told my dd, "I LOVE Primary Language Lessons!" I just love how they are a gentle and very brief introduction to a whole variety of grammar and composition skills. I love the variety of things we do in PLL, from dictation to copywork to observation lessons to picture studies, etc. PLL is wonderful!

And, yes, I love the study of American history! It is a brief overview of the history of our nation and doesn't overwhelm my dd, and she is learning so much about how our country began. And I love that we are learning about some of the key figures in the history of our nation. We do Brain Quest questions each morning, and this morning, we had a question about George Washington, whom we had just studied last week, so of course, my dd knew the answer to that question. I love what we've been learning about our founding fathers, too, because it has been a great reminder to me that they were men of God, who truly sought our Heavenly Father in founding this great country!

Oh, I could just go on and on. There is so much we love about Adventures! Thank you so much, Hazells, for this wonderful curriculum!
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Unread post by LA in Baltimore »

Even though most of my younger ones where a little old for ADV I really wanted to make sure they had a FUN first time experience with it. The fun really fell out of my homeschool as the years progressed and the number of grades taught increased. (I'm a teacher by training, and I must admit, it is MUCH easier to teach 24 same grade children than 4 different grades at once!) I've made sure they have had additional Bible, writing, and grammar work as well as their usual math programs. I've also made it a PRIORITY to try and complete ALL assignments in ADV. We also have them write about their favorite science experiment each week. What we did, what happened, what they thought...

Bottom line...they are enjoying our switch to MFW and so am I! I have been using so many of the same books, texts, etc. as MFW, but not in the same creative style that MFW does. What a difference a creative touch can make! God has really gifted them in this area.

I expect (at this point) that all four of mine will be college bound, so we want to make sure that they are ready while still having an enjoyable homeschooling experience. Sometimes it seems all the homeschool college-bound course work out there is dry and dull and all the warm and fuzzier stuff leaves gaping holes.

It almost seems too good to be true to find a Charlotte Mason Style program that is thorough and so delightful!

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Just loving MFW

Unread post by my3sons »

We are in week 22 of Adventures, our first year with MFW.

I just love it. This will be the first year we will finish the entire year's worth of curriculum because we have finally found what works for us. I am so excited as I look at the years ahead, especially the biblical focus. Although I still have my doubts on my ability to be the teacher my kids need on some days, I do not doubt the curriculum we are using and that they are truly learning. What a great feeling! :)

Posted Wed Aug 13, 2008 11:50 am by my3sons
Post Topic: Just finished Sarah Whitcher (book from Adventures)

Just finished Sarah Whitcher (book from Adventures). WOW! What an awesome story and a testimony to God's faithfulness! I could barely read the last chapter as I was just sobbing.... my boys were wondering what the heck was up with momma! ;)
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Re: Weekly Reports

Unread post by KimberlyND »

This week in ADV we have been studying how Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. I can really see my two getting the whole names of Jesus study. Sometimes when they are playing and ds is reading to dd from his Bible he is telling her the plan of salvation. How great is that?

We had a science activity where we put popcorn seeds inbetween two wet paper towels and cover them. We put seeds between two dry paper towels and covered them. Of course we knew the wet ones would sprout and the dry ones wouldn't but it was still neat to do it. We checked them everyday. It didn't take long for the wet ones to start to grow. After ds wrote down his observations we talked how Jesus is the living water (word) and how we need to read his word each day to be that branch that bears fruit.

I love how MFW brings everything back to the Bible! Great job MFW!!
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ADV and patriotism

Unread post by goatsandadonkey »

My son seems to be enjoying learning about the history of our country this year, but I am really learning a lot and feeling very patriotic. Especially during these difficult times that our country is facing. I think that EVERYONE should be required to read the books in ADV and get a picture of how this country began.

Even reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder book Farmer Boy gives me a new appreciation for farmers and the hardworking Americans who made our country great.

Just wanted to share and say that if you have a chance to go through ADV, you should!

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Great 1st day of Adv!

Unread post by erikdeb »

We jumped in and started Adv today. I think I'm going to like studying our country - listening to the track of the Pledge of Allegiance nearly made me cry. 8| For math, we've been working on our math facts, so I gave him the math-window addition chart from 1st grade and had him do it - he did it quickly and got them all correct - I was impressed! After lunch I put on the ICDAT DVD that we decided to "add", he watched the intro parts, and wanted to start it right away (which was fine) - he's been doing the A-Z drawing exercises for over an hour now and doesn't want to stop - he's into week 3 of assignments, and loving it!!!! I'm hoping that's okay. I know that I'm not going to push it on him, but since he's done everything else for the day, I guess if he wants to keep drawing and I have nothing else for him to do, I don't have a problem with that. The only thing that we didn't get in was Book Basket, and that's because silly mom forgot to get the books from the library, so we'll run and pick them up (they're on hold) tonight.

I am excited to do our 2nd day tomorrow!

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Finished ADV today!

Unread post by jasntas »

We finished ADV today!! So celebrating with you. I can't believe the year is over and I (almost) can't believe how successful over all our year has been. My ds actually seems to be enjoying school and my dd tells me almost daily how much she loves school.

The TM suggested that we choose a favorite song from the Celebrate America cd. I let each of my dc choose one. My ds chose The Star-Spangled Banner. (He loves the story behind it). And my dd chose #11, which is The Battle Hymn of the Republic. (She knew it by track #, not by name). I got a bit teary eyed to The Star-Spangled Banner but had tears rolling down my cheeks by the time "# 11" was over. It was really neat. We also looked through their notebooks and pictures from the year and they really loved doing that.

For us, I believe MFW has truly been a gift from God. And this board is a major encouragement to me as well. :-)

Postby jasntas » Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:45 am

I have to share something about our ADV experience that happened a few months ago. (I don't think I've shared this before). Last fall, in the first week of ADV, we learned about the Vikings and I thought my ds was totally oblivious. A couple of months ago we were all waiting to get our hair cut when my ds struck up a conversation with a high school grad from our church youth group. Somehow the subject of Iceland and Greenland came up. He proceeded to tell her about how Greenland got it's name and who Eric the Red was and, and... She sat there with her mouth open in amazement, and so did I. She made the comment to him that she wished she would have been homeschooled too, because he knew more at 9 than she knew at 19.

I don’t know what I am so worried about. ;)
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Adventures Letter

Unread post by BHelf »

Okay, so I have a feeling we're going to have a lot of these type moments that I want to share about our year this year. (Thanks for all who are praying for our school year--my DD's attitude seems TONS better so far.) Today was our 4th day of school but 2nd day of Adventures--the day when you read the letter written to your child about their name and its meaning and/or why you chose it. She and I have talked about this many times but there must be something about writing it down. She asked me to read it 3 times and then asked if she could read it and grabbed her notebook. She LOVED it and it seems to really be sinking in how important her name is to us and to her. (She's been struggling over why we call her by her middle name instead of her first name lately.) I am so appreciative of this assignment and how I know it's going to make studying the names of Jesus all the more special!!

Posted Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:56 pm by BHelf
We did our first science experiment today (seeing if the egg floats or sinks in plain water and in salt water) and since my DD has a huge interest in science right now, she LOVED guessing what would happen, performing the experiment and then jumping up and down and running downstairs to tell Daddy (he works from home) what happened! :)

So again, thanks for the prayers everyone and I look forward to posting more things about our Adventures this year!!

Posted Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:43 am by BHelf
I think, after 2 years of major struggling to adjust to school at home, Mom and DD are finally learning how to do it! :)

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Unread post by Metairie »

I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised at all the extras which aren't advertised in the catalog! The activities, crafts, and so many other meaningful things thrown in are amazing. :-)

Posted Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:09 pm by Metairie
We've had so much fun!

We did our first week for Adventures. Wow, we've had such a great time. I feel like my oldest is learning so much, so complete. Even Daddy came into the kitchen (he works at home) when he heard us talking about the science experiment! Our first week is up on my blog. Thank you, MFW!
spaldingclan wrote:I read your blog and agree with you that the week sounded like a lot of fun for you and the girls and they are learning a ton! Way to go:-)
You know, that was just a summary!

Postby Metairie » Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:13 pm
We finished Week 2 in Adventures! It's up on my blog. I am so, so, so very impressed. Not just with History, everything has been a blessing. We are probably going to take two weeks for one at least until we hit the State Study. There's just too many wonderful things to rush through! :-)
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Here's why we liked it so much --

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

Adventures was my favorite year to teach! We had so much fun. Here's why we liked it so much --

Wonderful opportunity to discuss the true story of the building of the U.S.A. We are very patriotic, and it was important to us that our dd understand that we live in a Christian country and how it was founded and why. Learning a bit about each state was so wonderful for her, as well -- it really opened her eyes to understand how the U.S. is split up into it states and how it has grown over time. It provided the framework for understanding continents and other countries, as well. The discussions that we had about different people and places were priceless to me.

The hands-on activities in ADV are the best, IMHO. Making Johnny Cakes and Hasty Pudding are things my dd will never forget - seriously. We still have the tee-pees and wigwams she made! And that was 2 years ago, and we've moved across the country! We also brought the Names of Jesus poster with us! I made here leave the bird feeder - she made me buy another one! :-)

All of the science experiments were so great, too -- floating the egg, growing the balloon with yeast, popping the lid off the tupperware by soaking the beans . . . there were tons. Her science notebook from that year is adorable; she drew a picture and wrote a sentence or two about each experiment.

For us, it was the best year ever (and it was one of the most difficult years as far as things that our family was dealing with).
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A letter back from my Daughter!

Unread post by Mexmarr »

Adventures has gone so well! The girls were so happy with their letters. My daughter wrote a letter to me today, and I wanted to share it.

"Dear Mom, You are a good mom. a vvveeerrryyy good mom. I love to see you work. I love you soooooooooooooo much. sooooooooooooo vvveeerrryyy much. and thank you for the card that you gave to me. Love, Rosy"

And throw in several hearts throughout!

Things like that make any sacrifice worth it!
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I love Adventures!

Unread post by Mexmarr »

I just wanted to post and say how much we are LOVING Adventures!!!!

I have found that my kids want to do a little more than scheduled, so we are going through it a littler faster. We generally get the 4 days worth done in 3 days of school. I'm fine with that, as they are learning and loving every bit of it, and my 2nd grader is keeping up with Math, Spelling and PLL.

THey cheer in the mornings when it is time for school. We have even had tears on Saturdays that we don't school. Some Saturdays I go ahead and do it, lol.

We finished up Week 5 today.
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Re: I love Adventures!

Unread post by lisaha »

I'm so glad you are enjoying it! We did it last year and we loved it too! My children also wanted to work ahead-begging for one more story read out of "Pioneers and Patriots"! You will love EEC next year too, we are doing that now and today they were begging for more and more "Hero Tales" and "Living World Encyclopedia"! In Monday and Tuesday we have worked through Thursday's work! LOL! It's an awesome program! :)
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Re: I love Adventures!

Unread post by beaglemamma2008 »

kanderson wrote:DS keeps asking how much longer until we start the "America" stuff. Lol.
:-) Love this! My dd now calls the Celebrate America CD her "country music." 8[]
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