Books - Book list in the back of the TM

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Books - Book list in the back of the TM

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Does Adventures TM have a book list in the back?
Happy2BMotherof3 wrote:I'm still awaiting my arrival of Adventures. I was curious to know if the adventures TM has a book list in the back like the first grade TM does? TIA!! :D
yes it does.

In Adventures it will be listed a bit differently than the 1st grade tm. It is still in the back section and the books are listed by each week for the "book basket". And then, don't forget to look at the last couple of pages of the teacher's manual to see a General Reading List by grade/skill level.

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Unread post by Happy2BMotherof3 »

I got my box today!! yay! Boy that was fast shipping. My son was so excited to pull everything out of the box and asked if we could start right then and there. I told him he would have to wait a day so I could look over the manual first ;). (Hopefully after we get started I won't have such a hard time with him during school....I sure hope his attitude will change.....)
As I looked through the manual I was very impressed. I know we are going to have a great/better year this year. I didn't realize that MFW also taught christian character! Everything that MFW has to offer is what I've been desiring. I'm thankful the Lord has led me to the right curriculum! He is so Good!
The curriculum I had before.....just didn't seem to be very complete. Sure there were lots of great books but I always felt empty after reading to my there were some things missing.
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Adventures Book Basket question

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mommy3 wrote:I am thinking about purchasing Adventures. I've noticed on other boards that the Book Basket list has several books *starred that are highly recommended. If I chose to purchase those books, approximately how many books are we talking about? We have a good library system, but I have worries that the books may not be available when I need them so just curious as to how much it would cost to purchase the books that are highly recommended.
Thank you!
There are around (50) *starred books, which is only a fraction of the list. ADV has an awesome book basket list! Not every week or topic has a *starred book, either. I don't know if that helps . . .
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Re: Adventures Book Basket question

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I almost bought my own "book pack" by buying many of the book basket books. I was going to buy one or two books from every unit, minus any state specific books. (I can get those from the library.) I did get a Children's state atlas or whatever it's called with info on every state and I am still planning to buy the book that has stories from each state in it. So, I was going to get like 20 books...maybe a few more. I can't remember. I looked at them on amazon and Rainbow Resource to decide which ones I thought were worth buying and went from there.

In the end, I decided to use what my library had. However, in future years, I plan to include this in the cost of my curriculum and buy books. :-)
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