Science - My son's bird pics (Adventures)

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Science - My son's bird pics (Adventures)

Unread post by TurnOurHearts »

We began our study of birds this week in Adventures. I must say, God provides! I was initially worried that my own lack of knowledge would hinder our study, but when I saw the "Birds" book included with the curriculum (back in August), I knew we had a good resource.

Well, God certainly brings the increase! My son, who loves to draw, loves to write, got out the bird book the other day and began to make a book of his own…all these were done on his own time. I didn't ask for any of this - he blew me away! *beams*

Again, can I just say:


Paige in NC


More at my blog if anyone’s interested. I thank you for letting me beam! :0)
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What a treasure!

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What a treasure, what a keepsake! You should have that spiral bound and a clear cover added at the copy shop or buy Illustory and have a book made of it. What gorgeous drawings!

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LOVE the pictures! Thanks for sharing- my daughter was able to look and see the kind of thing that she will be studying next year. She's excited! (and, she thinks that your son is a very good drawer!).

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Beautiful pictures! We're going to be starting birds this coming week and I can't wait!


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Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

He's a talented artist and neat handwriter as well. I giggled at the last drawing, as we had a love/less love relationship with those noisy birds. When we lived in the country, they built their nests in the stones smack in the middle of our 200' driveway each year. It would take forever just to spot the nests so we could avoid hitting them. But the kids LOVED watching for the eggs to hatch and God richly rewarded us. We had a most unique experience one summer, actually hearing the baby chirp while still inside the egg, prior to cracking the shell and hatching later that day.

We named one of the babies "Long legged Louie" (they have the longest legs), as he was the only egg to hatch that year (an animal got to the nest and fed on the eggs one night and only Louie made it). The kids got to hold Louie briefly (after he dried and just before he ran away with his family; I know, I's the only baby we held, but we felt especially fond of Louie since he survived being eaten by a night animal while in his egg), and to study him while he dried his newborn feathers out under the large jagged leaf of a weed, complete with a little piece of shell on his head, lol. Kildeer babies are up and running in a matter of hours, never returning to the nest after hatching. Oh, and for those who don't know, Kildeer pretend they have a broken wing to lead you away from their nests. And they are VERY VERY noisy little birds. Gotta love 'em (sort of, lol).

Anyway, didn't mean to hop off on a little bunny trail. Tell your ds his work was enjoyable to view! Thanks for sharing.
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Unread post by kellybell »

Oh wow.

And this is from a seven year old.

Seven year old ---BOY---!

Does he give old ladies like me lessons? Sign me up.

Give that kid a big hug and a kiss.

Tomorrow I am showing my kids these pictures (they are in bed now).

Praise the LORD for your little artist.

ANd for his momma.
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What a blessing!

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Oh, Paige, I am so glad I 'stopped by' the forum. Your son's drawings are just fantastic, and remind me so much of our daughter Courtney's drawings when she was younger. She did the illustrations for the bird and flower book :) She is now a senior in college, and is still drawing, but in great detail. I will pass along the sweet pictures that you posted so she can be blessed as well. I know it will make her day!

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Unread post by Lucy »

Hey Ginger,

We too are enjoying Courtney's work this year. It is good to see you here on the board.

Merry Christmas!

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To all of you who took the time to help, to view, to 'ooh & aah,' you have really blessed me! My sister, whom you all know as 'mom2mns,' deserves much of the credit for putting a love of art in my son's heart. When he was tiny, she would come over (nearly every day) and do art with him. Crayons, markers, pencils, etc. - he loved doing art with his Aunt Quinne!

Thank you all for letting me be excited about my son's giftings. I hope as we walk along the MFW path together I'll have the opportunity to do the same for you. You really can't know how much your comments meant!

Many thanks,
Paige in NC

PS - Some specifics: These drawings all were copied from "Birds, Nests, and Eggs," which came with our Adventures curriculum. Toni - thank you for your story about the killdeer! I told Max about them & he thought it was sooo funny that they were in your driveway. And Ginger, please feel free to pass along any of Courtney's drawings (or a website?)!!! We'd love to see her work - it would so inspire Max.

Thanks again guys! You're awesome!!
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