Glimpses of Adventures - How is it going in January?

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Glimpses of Adventures - How is it going in January?

Unread post by Homeschooling6 »

We are starting week 7 today. The kiddos and I have really been enjoying using ADV.
When it is time to stop reading they always want more. We loved reading "The Sarah Witcher's story" & "The Courage of Sarah Noble" We are a little ahead with our Read-alouds. I accidently grabbed The Sarah Witcher's story instead of Sarah Noble. Hope that doesn't throw us off with anything else.
The Bible is great. We use Bible time from both ADV and MFW1

Love to hear how others are doing =)

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Unread post by southernshae »

Well, we are in the middle of week 33! Only one week (and 4 state sheets) to go. We are almost done with Grandma's Attic and have been enjoying it very much. We did the activity this week and watched The Miracle Worker (it was great) as we are learning that Jesus is the Word. Our poster only has one more item to add to it, and we are reviewing the verses from the study.

My dd decided to make a chart to determine if there was any month that states were added that was most common....she went through her entire notebook and tallied them up. (She told me the answer but I forgot). That was so wonderful to me that she came up with that all on her own. We also have been playing a simple game with the blank USA map and the little state bird/flower

Another thing that we are doing is making a great effort to do each and every science activity. There was a post by Marie just a little while back emphasizing the importance of doing them, and that prompted me. My kids really enjoyed the experiment "Air Power" recently and this prompted us to do an experiment from LAST year in MFW1st (the Science with Water book) that we never did.....the water wheel. It was really neat when we were watching a Little House on the Prarie DVD over the weekend and they saw the water wheel in Walnut Grove and said "hey, there's a water wheel mom....we know how that works!"

Have fun!
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Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

We're heading into week 16 tomorrow, reading Farmer Boy. The kids are enjoying our year in Adventures.
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Unread post by niki »

We are finishing up week 19 tomorrow. It seems we finish up the reading for the week of Pioneers and Patriots in one sitting (even the 4 y.o's) They love that book.

Last week was my favorite for science. We made a jello cell - completely edible. The next day we ate it after I had the kids draw and label for their science notebook. So eating the "cell" and hearing the kids fight over who gets to eat the nucleus and certain organelles really had me laughing.

We are LOVING our year in Adv.

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Unread post by txquiltmommy »

We are on week 23 and having oh-so-much fun. Today we had an ice day. Much of our city closed down and Daddy even got to stay home from work. We read about Maine, and enjoyed several of the book basket books together. Later in the day, while I was in my room folding laundry, the boys came in and shut my door. They said they were working on a big surprise for me and didn't want me to peek. When I came out I was thrilled to find that they had built a huge lighthouse for me out of Legos! It isn't infrequent that their passion for what they are learning carries over into their free time.

Our Jesus poster is so awesome. It is hanging near our front door, and so many people comment on it when they come to visit.

We agree that the science experiments are a blast. I'm happy that such simple things bring them so much satisfaction. I love that the experiments are simple enough for them to fully participate; they are not just watching me do something. It gives them such a sense of accomplishment.

One thing we have enjoyed doing is preparing recipes from a 50 states cookbook that we bought. The boys made a deep dish pizza last week wtih homemade crust when we studied Illinois. Tomorrow we are making a blueberry cobbler for Maine. We do a recipe for about 1/3 of the states, and since we all love to cook together, that has been a special way to make Adventures even more memorable.

We LOVE Adventures, and I love reading about the fun others are having too! I'll be very sad to see it end, yet ECC sounds great too! :)
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Unread post by kfrench »

We are just finishing week 17 SO we are at the halfway point. It is the half way point for PS too so we are right on target. We listened to Farmer book on tape last summer so we are reading the long winter. The are having a Laura Ingalls party at the library based on that book so that will be fun. The girls are really enjoying it and want me to read more and more. It really feels cold reading this book in the middle of winter.
My girls are loving the MFW. The don't like the rest of school but love this part. We read through out notebooks today since we are halfway through.
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Unread post by mommyamb »

We are just getting started! We started today. From looking over the Teachers Manual, and getting things ready, I know we are going to love it.
They enjoyed today's lessons.
I am so excited!

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Re: Weekly Report/Check In

Unread post by KimberlyND »

In Bible we have been studying the verse, "I am the vine; you are the branches." John 15:5. One thing we learned is that we need to obey God's commands to "remain" in him. Of course the science tied in with the Bible study so we have been learning about plants and fruit.

Ds loves his spelling. He usually works ahead and finishes before the week is over. This week he studied different spellings of the long "i" and "o" sounds. He didn't do too well on his test. But that will get better as he reads more, I hope.

In History we read about Robert Fulton. He still needs alot of prompting with the narration but came up with a good summary: "Robert Fulton built the steamboat. The Indians called it the "Big Fire Canoe." His boats helped the settlers get west." In our state study we read about Indiana and Mississippi. He enjoyed asking his dad and big sister the riddle: "What has 4 i's but can't see a thing? Mississippi." We read books about the Star-Spangled Banner and have been learning the song.

He is really getting the Singapore Math. He is almost finished with 2A. He learned division of the 2's and 3's this week and is now finishing up the review. He kind of forgot how do do his subtraction so I'm glad to have the review.

He has almost finished the reader series we have been using. But I have more. He has asked to do extra reading this week. In addition to the readers, he has been reading to me from some ERs he picked out at the library.

We did two lessons in I Can Do All Things. It isn't one of his favorite subjects but I can see alot of impovement in his skills. It's good for us because if it wasn't scheduled we probably wouldn't get to it very often!

In music we studied "Swan Lake". The children really love the music study and ask to play to cd's frequently.

We don't do foreign language yet.

We are reading On The Banks of Plum Creek and are way ahead of the schedule. We all love those books and I never tire of reading them.
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