State Sheets - Enjoying them (teachers too!)

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State Sheets - Enjoying them (teachers too!)

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I was getting ready for Monday and we are starting the State/sheet cards and I thought that I would have loved to have a set of my own, so I can do this along with the kiddos or read from my set while they colored.

Just thought I would mention this for those who are interested in ADV. Buy a set for yourself =)

They are worth the extra $$$. The state bird/flower card are very pretty. I am really excited about starting this.
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ADV, Ready to start the states!

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Mexmarr wrote:We finished week 11 yesterday (minus the Johnny Cakes, which were postponed because of a stomach illness.)

So, we get to start the States! It should be fun. I was looking forward to this part. =)

Obviously, we don't follow the weekly schedule, considering I finished on Tuesday, lol.
ADV was a great year for us. We enjoyed it all, state studies included. You will move through the states pretty quickly since there are 50 of them but it's still enjoyable.

Have fun with it and keep us posted as to how it's going! :-)
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Re: ADV, Ready to start the states!

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We are on the 14th state study right now. The children are enjoying it! My 8yo loves to read every fact on the back of the state sheet. Then they like to look up the birds in our bird book. Then they have to go check the birdfeeder on the front porch... :) We are actually behind and trying to finish out the curriculum by August, so we've been doing 2 states per day and they are ok with it.
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