Combining Adventures and K

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Combining Adventures and K

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Combining Adventures and K - Can I match up topics?
skyline wrote:I am going to use MFWK and Adventures in the fall with my two boys and I am beginning to plan out my year. It seems like they cover some of the same science topics but just in different weeks.

Did you just do the assigned science topic independently or I was thinking of switching around the names of Jesus/science in Adventures to match up with the K whenever possible so that I don't have to cover something twice. Has anyone done this or would it be more trouble then effort saved.
I will be using K and Adv this fall as well. I am going to do them both as written. Reviewing material we have already covered is, in my opinion, a good thing. I also like ease in my hs life! Following MFW's well planned lessons makes my life so much easier!!!

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Hi Skyline ~

I am currently finishing up ADV & K (what a great year!). We did the schedule as written, and I haven't regretted it. I seriously thought about rearranging, but decided to stick with the plan. The review was soooo right on for us. For example, when we got to R-r-Rock with my daughter, she had already heard about "Jesus is the Rock" from her brother's Bible portions. IMO, when a 5 year-old hears it more than once, it is much more likely to stick. ;) Lots of abstract concepts here & repetition helps cement them.

The units that overlapped were ALWAYS easy to intro: "Somebody tell me about how Jesus is the Rock - didn't we talk about that once before? Who can tell me about that?" They loved having the answers some of the time and being able to tell Mommy a thing or two.

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K and ADV

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I'm teaching K and ADV now and I would not change a thing. I try to do everything in both, so I generally take longer than six days to do the K lessons. Sometimes, it may take me two weeks to do everything. It doesn't really matter. What I wanted to share is that the programs coordinate very, very well together. I think Marie has already anticipated that many would be teaching these two programs at the same time. Seeing how well these two programs combine together has really encouraged me to stick with MFW... the thought, care, and planning are very obvious to me.
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Combining Adventures and K - Scheduling?

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Katrinas4girls wrote:Anyone who has done Adv and K -- what did your daily schedule look like? Let me add in that I also have a 3yo and a 15mo I'm hoping to add in to the equation somehow. Thank you!
I haven't used both but I'm good at remembering conversations in the past. Here are a few that may help!

Adventures & 1st

Doing K with an older program

Advice for adding K to ADV with a toddler ... 048#p47048

Combining Adventures and K [above]

Combining K & ADV - or should we all just do ADV?

Combining Adventures and K or 1st...which science to use?

K sample lesson in List & in Grid Formats
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Here is a thread I was in on regarding scheduling these two programs. If you have any specific concerns, I'd be happy to help if I can. :)

Time/scheduling with ADV ... ght=#12968

Posted Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:48 am by TurnOurHearts
When we did ADV, we were also doing MFWK. We started the day off with Bible at breakfast time, then the kids were dismissed to do their First Fives (our morning routine). We came back to the table & began with history, science, art/music ~ anything we could enjoy together. When that was finished, I sent my older child to work on a computer activity and/or to do book basket while I did my dd's MFWK LA/Math. That completed, my dd was done for the day. My son would return to the table and we would tackle his LA & Math. Read alouds we did at bedtime.

HTH! :)
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We did mfwk and adventures together last year; it was a blast!! Here's kind of what we did. (Oh I also have a 3 year old in the mix) After dressing, eating, making bed, teeth brushing, etc; we'd all sit down and do adventures bible together. It was really our devotion time too. Then the 3 yr old and kindergartener went off to play. They usually played quietly in dd's room.

I have a white board in our kitchen and on it I wrote two columns for my ds. "with mom" and "independant". We would sit down and do the "with mom" stuff. that included pll, spelling, math instruction, science and history. Usually by the time we got to science and history, the litttlest joined back in. My daughter really liked the history part and I had found at target in the dollar store a 50 states book geared for 1st grade. It had 2 states per page with a little activity and a place to copy the name of the state. It was good handwriting practice and she could join in. You could also just copy each state out of the coloring book for your k'er too.

Then we'd do a quick break outside/snack (15-20 minutes) Then my ds would be free to do his "independant" work. that included studing spelling words, doing math, reading, bookbasket, music cd, handwriting (I added this for the whole year, he needed extra practice.) While he did that I put my k'er and 3 yr old at the table and we did the k program. My three yr old loved the a-a-apple song and if my daughter colored, I got him an alphabet coloring book to color in. We picked/skipped some of the science and bible stuff as she was participating with older bro. in those areas. I also bought some of the preschool things from mfw that my little guy really liked too, or sometimes he'd just go off and play by himself. Sometimes, too, oldest ds would read his bookbasket books to him, which worked double purpose too.

If we started by 8 am (didn't happen often) we were ready for lunch by 11:30-12:00 We'd eat a quick lunch and then do read aloud on the couch. If art was scheduled we'd usually do it in the afternoon.

We typically started around 9 and were definately completely done by 1:30-2 depending on how dilligent we were.

Friday's we were almost always done by 10 am.

That being said we only had 1 little one tagging along, not 2 :)

Hope this wasn't too long! If you have any other ? feel free to ask
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Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 11:45 pm
Hello to all!

This last week was super busy for us. (I have a feeling it was busy for ALL of us!) I am so thankful it coincided with week six of Adventures. It felt like a lighter week, so we were able to complete almost everything on the schedule even though we took Wednesday and Thursday off. (Anyone else ever school on the weekend?!)

I am particularly enjoying the Adventure Bible lessons on the names of Jesus. Right now we are learning about "Jesus, the Bread of Life." The lessons are excellently written and are clearly explaining profound truths. I could not be more pleased.

We have also picked back up with the second half of the first grade reading program. What a difference a year makes! He is now ready for the pace of the lessons and is experiencing great success with them.

We are on the Leaf unit in K nd are enjoying it immensely. This unit is so "me." I absolutely love nature study, and I am finding that both my five and seven year olds are benefiting greatly from the science in K. It is coordinating so well with Adventures, so both the children are getting lots out of both programs. I am beginning to think of my kitchen as a science lab, and I love it!

I think I have said this at each check-in so far, but it is worth repeating AGAIN. My children are thriving in school as never before, and I have My Father's World to thank for it. I feel such gratitude for Marie Hazell who has allowed herself to be used by God to help ME teach MY children. I wrote lesson plans for middle and high school English classes for five years before I had my first child. I enjoyed it....thrived on it actually. Once I started hsing, though, I just couldn't put effective lessons together for kindergarten and early elementary. I did not have an innate sense of teaching such young children. Using Marie's lessons have brought to our school exactly what I have wanted for it but was unable to accomplish on my own. Truly, it is like a master teacher has handed me her life's work and said, "Here. Take it. It is yours." Priceless.

I hope all is going well with each of you!

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Adventures & K - Loving it

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Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 11:42 am
We are using Adventures for my 8yo dd (just turned 8 in October) and K with my 5 yo dd. We used MFW 1st last year. We are loving it. My younger dd listens in on most of the reading we do for Adventures, but drifts off sometimes. My 8 yo loves to do some of the K activities. They really work well together. I think you will have a great year doing these two programs together!

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How much can I include K-er in ADV?

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shawnswife wrote: will be starting Adv in July with my seven and eight year old dds and my ds will be in K. My question is how much can I include him in Adv? I did the K program two years ago with my dds so I know how it works. I'm having trouble thinking I could fit in the science portion/daily activities/bible while also doing Adv. Would the history/science/bible in Adv be fine for my ds instead of the K stuff?

As for the K student worksheets, I just don't know if they would hold his interest and I fear they would turn into a struggle. should I just let him do them whenever he "feels like it" or is it important to teach him consistency with them? I know there are many people who believe that a curriculum is not necessary for K, and I wonder if I should wait until "first grade" to try anything formal. He knows all his letters and sounds and can read some three letter words. He also does pretty good with adding numbers under 10. So I know he is learning on his own. That's why I'm thinking should I just let him get what he wants from Adv?

Just looking for some guidance. Thanks!
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Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2008 7:37 am
I did Adventures and K this year. My dd knew her letters and sounds but was not blending or reading and in math she was ahead also.

She "sat" in on almost all the Adventures stuff we did. Obviously she didn't have to write any of the history notebooking and would run off and play but she really did most of the rest of the Adventures history portion. She listened in all the read-aloud stories, all the American Patriots and Pioneers, the History book and often I would have my son read some of the easy book basket books to her confirming he was actually reading and not cheating (a problem we have). She has also colored all the state sheets so far. I just folded her into the program and she didn't really know she wasn't supposed to be doing it. I didn't pressure her so on some days she would be playing toys while I read history and didn't really catch the details but she was in the room.

As far as K, we skipped a lot of the math and some of the games because she already knew it. We did almost all the LA because I learned with my ds that reinforcement is key. We also did most of the bible and science but lightly. We did skip some of the labor intensive projects but I might go back to the during the summer.

It was important to me that my dd enjoy her time in school but also to listen and obey me. I did want her to do most of the worksheets because she struggles with following directions. Worksheets are one way for me to enforce that on school papers we follow directions and on play papers we do it any old way we want.

How long does school take each day with both? All day every day but the sit down at the table time with actual homework and papers and assigned reading... about 4.5 to 5 hours and my ds needs constant redirection to focus so we may take longer than other families.

K program took about 30-45 minutes within that time unless we did a lengthy project of some kind.

Hope that helps.

Posted: Sat May 24, 2008 7:21 am
I did both together this year and I found that I usually ended up joining my Adv into the bible and science of K and my Ker into almost all of Adv (she colored all the state sheets and listened to most of the reading).

The worksheets were worked on while my Adv did his LA and math was done at the same time at the table.

My Ker always wanted to do all the science and projects of Adv so sometimes I skipped some K stuff. I guess it would depend in what your Ker wanted to do. I wouldn't have made my Ker do the Adv but she wanted to.

In the afternoons we would play some of the K games all together like bingo or the letter matching game.

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Can you combine anything?

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kayben wrote:Have any of you done Adv. and K at the same time? I would love any advice as I bought k, but am trying to finalize my decision for second grade. Can or do you bother combining anything? I am leaning toward MFW just because they are from the same company and I assume take on a similar type of study program or flow so to speak.

I have 7 children. I am HSing my 6 and almost 8 year old dd's. I have a 4 dd, 2 dd, and 10 month ds. Therefore, simplicity is a key
I am doing ADV this year with my ds(7). I have a tag-a-long 3yo dd and do some preschool with her. I think ADV and the K program would be totally doable together. Our day with ADV usually only takes us 3 hours and that is with some breaks thrown in. I haven't done MFW-K program yet but I hear it doesn't take long each day.
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Adventures vote here!! I much prefer the cohesiveness, layout, and activitied in MFW. Also, I would definitely agree with your thoughts as far as ordering the programs from the same company being a plus. From what I have seen, K and Adventures will mesh very well together. (I hope so, we are starting those two together soon as well!)
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Well, I just bought Adventures... Now I just have to wait for everything to get here!! I can't wait!
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Adventures has been great this year! I taught MFW K last year with MFW 1st. Right now I'm teaching Adventures to both children, with my K'er doing ETC, HOP (Hooked on Phonics), and other phonics readers, and her own MUS (math). (I just didn't feel she was ready for 1st grade in the fall and she won't be 6 until Dec.)

So, I definitely think you could combine Adv. and K. The struggle I had last year was wanting to do everything from both programs and after awhile it was too much and I tried to simplify it a bit. So, my advice would be to not feel like you have to do two of every subject. It might be easier to use all of one curriculum and then add in phonics/reading and math from the other. But there is no need to teach two sciences, two music lessons, two art lessons, etc.

I hope it goes well!!

Posted Wed Apr 01, 2009 2:07 pm by RachelT
This year we are doing Adventures and my younger K aged child is enjoying it just as much as her brother. She does all of the activities, including the state sheets. We aren't "competing" with K because she ended up doing MFW K a year early, last year. However, at the beginning of that year I was trying to do almost all of K and all of MFW 1st and it was too much!! While doing the complete Adventures program with your older child, you can combine a lot of teaching and do science, music, art, history, with both children for as much as your K'er can do at that time. The K'er can do K phonics (yellow pages) and number/math activities and then any of the white page activities that you feel you have time for.
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I know I've asked before, but I'm still a little confuse

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mlbuchina wrote:How did you combine your 2nd grader and k-er?

My problem comes in when I look back at my K TM and remember how great it was for my dd6 last year. I really want to bring home those character qualities and Biblical truths that are in K for her like I did with dd6, but I just don't see how to do K and Adv. at the same time. I do have everything I need for both of them for Adv., and I don't want her missing out on studying the names of Jesus (perhaps this is more important?).

Any ideas is greatly appreciated!
We are actually doing both and I have not felt overwhelmed with completing both. We are usually completely finished with school within about 4 hours. If my 3rd grade ds were more motivated we could easily be finished in 3 to 3 1/2. After my dd is finished with her phonics/math (and any other add ins I might have her do such as puzzles, games, etc.) she is able to go off and play until after lunch when we do any read alouds, science, crafts, etc. That includes K and ADV. I usually do the K stuff first so she can go if not interested in the ADV stuff. I also tend to add in extras so I think it is definitely doable IMHO.

She is my motivated one so it was not a problem for her to do all the ADV stuff including Bible and even the notebooking. (I would lightly write it and she would trace over it for the notebooking). And she has colored all of the state sheets. But she is a pretty motivated kid. If your K'er is not as motivated I would just have her do the K stuff and join in on the ADV stuff where she wants to. They have both been enjoyable programs. HTH

...I just wanted to add. Just remember that your K'er will be in K and ADV is written with 2nd & 3rd graders in mind so it may not always appeal to the K'er. But that's ok. The K stuff is written at her level and she will probably pick up more than you think even if she's not actively participating (in ADV). And I agree with you, those character qualities in K are great.
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Advice for doing MFW K and ADV

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Happyhomemama wrote:Hello,
I will be doing K and Adventures next year. Anyone have any BTDT advice? My 2nd grader has done most of the Science Activities in the Air, Kitchen, Water books this year so we will likely skip those. What did you add, subtract, and/or combine? How did you schedule the day, especially if you had a baby and preschooler in the mix. ;)

I am thinking we will all do bible first, then I'd concentrate on my 2nd graders work and do K in the afternoon. ??
Well, I don't have 2 little ones under foot so I can't help you there. Well, except to tell you (if you didn't know) David Hazell has a Workshop CD on "Occupying Preschoolers while Homeschooling Older Children". You can view it here:

Other than that. Hmm...
We are getting ready to finish up ADV and K. We had not done any of the ADV science before starting the program so I can't help you there either. Sorry.

But as far as our schedule, it looks something like this:

Start about 9:00 - Pray, Bible from ADV, Calendar and (what I call their daily activities such as coin cup from K, weather charting, etc.)
about 9:15 - I give dd (K'er) an activity such as puzzles, sorting activities, etc. while ds (3rd) reads aloud to me.
about 9:30 - I usually start ds on the computer with a typing program or a math game, etc. Or copy work, cursive practice, etc. (Anything he can do more independently.) Then I begin my dd's K phonics. She is usually done within 30 min. (She's a bit advanced and also pretty independent so, as they say, mileage may vary per child).
about 10:00 - or sooner dd goes off to play until lunch and ds does LA, math, spelling. Which with him will usually take the full 2 hours until lunch. (He is not so independent).
about 12:00 - Break for outside play (if weather allows) and lunch.
about 1:00 - I read ADV read alouds, we do ADV science, history, art, etc. if scheduled.
Then we do K Bible, science, art, read alouds, etc. (If my dd wasn’t interested in the ADV stuff, I would have probably done the K stuff first then let her do her own thing. Yours might not be interested so I would let the K’er lead on that.)
After that, I have them do a few independent things such as book basket, practice math facts (with wrap ups, dice, etc.) clean room, watch a video related to one of our topics, write a letter to pen pal or someone on our family prayer list, play an educational game, etc.

We are usually finished around 2ish unless we really get into a science or art project.

I'm sure I'm leaving something out but that is what I can remember at the moment. ;)

I usually have time to complete both programs but I will tend to leave out things from K if time is tight. I don't have other little ones, though.

You can schedule things however they work best for you. I played with our schedule for a while at the beginning of the school year until I found what worked for us.

Enjoy your year. It's been a great one for us.

Posted Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:29 pm by jasntas
You do not have to require any writing for the younger child/children tagging along in ADV. My dd was 5 and in K last year and she loved ADV as well as her older brother. She learned a lot as well without the writing. The writing in ADV, IMHO, is not overwhelming BTW.

Just my 2 cents. HTH
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Re: Advice for doing MFW K and ADV

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Thanks for typing all that out, I appreciate your sharing. :-) Seeing your schedule was helpful. :)
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*help!*ADV-3rd + MFW-K for twins

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SonShineJewel wrote:OH. & they're all boys.

It may be me; But i haven't seen much info on combining mfwK with ADV. The Schedule, OH, The Schedule. Would you mind sharing? & don't forget the "twin factor."

And I just KNOW I should have gone with my instincts and done MFW last year.
Just wanted to pop in and say 'hi'. I'm also about to start ADV w/my 7-year old & K with my 2 little ones (ages 4 & 5). I used the sample schedule in the front of the ADV teacher's manual to try to figure out our day (and adding K in the mix). I've written it on our big white board to try to give us a guideline, but I'm sure it'll change a lot as we get into things. I've done MFW K once before so I'm familiar with it, but I think the time commitment is what makes me nervous now that school is a littler more serious with my older one.

Here is my "idea" of how things will work ;) As we know, things don't always go as planned and I'm sure there will be some tweaking along the way. I am praying the Lord will show me how to best structure our day. ANY input appreciated since this is the first year trying to teach 3 kids.

8:00-8:15 Bible with all kids
8:15-8:45 MFW K5 with 2 little ones (7 year old book basket time)
8:45-9:00 5 year old reading/phonics time with Mom (7 year old read a book to the 4 year old)
9:00-9:15 ADV Spelling
9:15-9:30 Snack time
9:30-10:00 ADV English (5 year old computer time)
10:00-10:30 ADV History (4 year old computer time...5 year old can sit in on ADV or watch sister play computer)
10:30-11:00 ADV Science (other 2 can sit in if choose...hopefully they will be happily playing together :)
11:00-11:30 Singapore Math
11:30-11:45 Reading with Mom (plan to read chapter books together to monitor 7-year olds reading)
BEDTIME - read alouds

I've purposely allowed longer time for some of the subjects just because I know my 7-year old will need a lot of breaks in between lessons. I'll send him outside to jump on the trampoline or swing until the beginning of the next lesson. So, if we finish English at 9:45, then he'll have 15 minutes to run around and burn off some energy. Again, I'm praying for flexibility and wisdom. I can't make all this happen in my own strength!

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Just starting ADV & K
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MFW A-Z + Adv: Daily Schedule - Please guide

Unread post by Wendy B. »

HeyChelle wrote:We went through this curriculum with my oldest child a few years ago, but only made it through Creation and the first 2 weeks. Well we are back to MFW, this time with 3 children in home school, and I'm trying to get prepared. I think what throws me off with the TM is that it is not ordered in the way my brain wants it to be ordered. It seems like I'm flipping back and forth from the phonics/letter pages to the Lesson pages, and then fitting in Math and reading around that. (Apparently I need some hand holding here!!)

So tentatively, I'd like to start school (A-Z) with my littlest ones at 9 AM and be 'done' about 10 AM. Can some of the A-Z activities be combined with Adv activities?

My 3rd grader is going through Adventures this year. She is very independent, for the most part. I could set her up to do Spelling Power and then Book Basket reading (or Rosetta Stone on the computer) while I work with the littles. Or??

Then we could take a short break before I dive into school with my 3rd grader. Little ones will then commence house destruction while I'm focused on her. :-) OK, not really. But I confess that I'm having trouble visualizing this!

Anyone BTDT and have ideas on how to organize my day? We need to be done by noon as my 3rd grader is on team with gymnastics. We have to leave for the gym by 1:30. She usually reads in the van to and from gymnastics (about 45 min round trip), and then we have evenings available for Bible time or hubby could also take over math in evenings, too. He *loooves* math. Options, options...
I'm currently doing MFWK + Adv with my kids. Our day looks like this....

Phonics and Math from MFW K while big brother reads from our bookbasket books. ~20-30min or so.

I start my K'r (dd) on a project of some sort ( think playdoh, MFW preK toys, cut/paste, puzzles, etc) and I start working through our Adv grid top to bottom with ds.

DD listens to the stories, does the projects, etc as able and willing. 2 hours sounds about right for everything. I keep a few quiet activities/toys that she can only play with while in the schoolroom. I also have a big exercise ball that she likes to bounce around on while listening to stories.

If we follow the grid, I can usually get ds through English before dd loses interest in the project. She listens to the History reading (bouncing on the ball) then participates in the music/science part of the day. SHe is off to play with the quiet toys while he works through math and reading. She will then participate in art, foreign language and read aloud.

I skip the MFWK activities for the most part. However, if someone asks for more science or if big sister is looking for a project to keep them busy when she is watching them we will use it as a resource of ideas.

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Re: MFW A-Z + Adv: Daily Schedule - Please guide

Unread post by doubleportion »

So you will be teaching two Kers and a 3rd grader, do I have that right?

We did ADV with a toddler and newborn. I know MFW K is designed for about an hour of work.

You could start with the ADV Bible stuff with all three and then send your oldest to work on independent work while you did K. (I haven't done MFW K, so forgive me if this is not any help.)

We start our mornings around here with independent work. I work with my preschooler often while eldest is doing her independent work. Independent work can be Math Drill, Math workbook pages, Language Lessons, Memory Verse writing (also used as handwriting practice), or as you said Rosetta Stone & Book Basket.

Your Kers should enjoy being a part of the science & bible activities in ADV and the music and should enjoy listening in on the American Pioneers and Patriots readings. You could always save the Read alouds for nap time (if they still nap) if they won't sit still to listen to read alouds. You could also have special time for them on the computer or TV and then work with your oldest on things the others won't sit still for. Can I say that we love Curious George for that around our house!

I usually save things that need to be just oldest and I uninterrupted for nap time. So tend to not go in order of the grid from the TM. I simply copy the grid and then check off the items as we do them or fill in the page numbers etc from the math assignments etc. We generally take a long lunch break and my oldest gets "recess" where she can play with her brothers until clean up time and naps. Then we finish the work for the school day while they are sleeping. It makes for a longer day for us then some, but it makes for a less interrupted and peaceful day too, so for me that is worth it.

I know every household is different. I am one that is more relaxed about schedules. If you have to have a schedule I'm sure someone who is more like minded can chime in.

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Re: MFW A-Z + Adv: Daily Schedule - Please guide

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We did K and ADV last year together and we completed most everything in both programs. We would start about 9:00 and, if I wouldn't have had a reluctant student (in almost every area except science and read alouds) we could have easily been finished by 12:00 or 12:30 most every day. My then 3rd grade ds still requires a lot of hand holding so independent work is almost non existent for me. But he is getting better. I think it would be very doable to get both completed in about 3 to 3 1/2 hours.

As it was, we would break about 12:00 or 12:30 and do the science/art/history/read aloud, etc. from ADV after lunch. And, if it was a messy or more involved K project, I would usually save that for after lunch as well. Even taking our time we were usually done by 2:00 or 2:30 doing both programs. We usually took a 45 min. to hour lunch, btw.

As others have mentioned, if you need to complete something on another day, light Fridays and evenings are good times to get those things done. I would suggest trying to get all the fun stuff in there though, and not leave it out because you don't feel like you have time. If you have to leave something out every once in a while or if it's something that just doesn't fit your family, that's fine. I almost didn't do the resurrection cookies but I'm really glad I did. My dd didn't get as much out of it but my ds loved it.

I'm in a bit of a hurry so I hope this makes sense and comes across right. I wanted to give you the perspective of someone who has done both programs together.

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Re: MFW A-Z + Adv: Daily Schedule - Please guide

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My husband does the Bible reading and history reading for Adventures--only the American Pioneers & Patriots and the U.S. history book put together by MFW the night before it's scheduled. Then we follow up the next day with any activities to reinforce what Daddy read the night before. This is also the time I usually do the chapter book read alouds (even when one isn't scheduled we are trying to have one always going.) This really helps free up time during the day for MFW K and the rest of the Adventures stuff. Honestly I'm not a scheduled person so we sort of do things throughout the day as we have time and the kids are willing to sit and learn. But there has only been one day we haven't gotten all Adventures stuff and all K stuff (that I want done--we're spreading out this program over 2 years to be used for Pre-K and K so we don't do a full day as written in the manual) done for that day. But Friday's are so light that we can fit it in then. :)

I am trying to cook and talk to husband and kids while typing so this may not make any sense at all! I have a few posts about Adv and K on my blog (link in my siggy) and there is a link on my blog to the MFW Blogroll so you can link to other people's blogs to see how their days go. :)

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Re: MFW A-Z + Adv: Daily Schedule - Please guide

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I didn't get to read all the posts, so I may be repeating some.

The TM for MFW A - Z threw me off some too. I came too it from MFW Grade 1 and it took me awhile sitting with it to be able to use it (the back and forth was difficult for the way I think).

My solution was to use a lesson planner from the book store and write in a week or so at a time combining all sections into one place. Then I worked from the lesson planner. I ended up loving MFW K once I was able to organize it for the way I think. :-)
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Advice for K & 2nd grade

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Dulcie wrote:Wondering if anyone could give me some advice / teaching tips for teaching a 2nd grader (who has been thru MFW K and 1st) and a Kindergardener together. The Kgardener has "watched" and actively participated with his older brother during his K and 1st grade experiences.

Thanks so much,
Well I'm doing Adventures (with a 3rd grader) and MFW K together this year but I'm using K as a PreK (we're doing the lessons over 2-3 weeks time period to allow it to go for 2 years long as my son is ready for something but not everything in K).

I would suggest doing the Creation unit of K with both of your kids as the intro into school this year. (Even if you're older one has done it, they might enjoy doing it again and together.) Then begin Adventures (and continue K) when the Creation unit is over. Those 2 years line up really well with a lot of the same themes so you can include your children in many activities together.

This what I did and it seemed to work out pretty well. We are loving both programs so much!! There are a lot of people using K and Adventures this year who are blogging about it. If you go to the MFW bloghop at ... groll.html (is it okay to post that??) you can click on different blogs to see how people are doing their year.

Good luck with your year!!
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Re: Advice for K & 2nd grade

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Hi Dulcie!

I posed this question a couple months ago and got some very interesting advice... including some links to other posts about this same question. ... 411#p63411

Bottom line, about your question.... I'm still not sure what I'll do when the situation comes next summer. As much as I think I should just skip ADV, I keep getting told not to skip it because it's such a great program.

I thought I could just teach MFW-Kinder to my Kinder and 2nd grader with beefed-up Math and LA (and Latin, piano, etc) for that 2nd grader.... but again, most folks advised me to do ADV and have the 5-yr-old join in with us, and then do min MFW-kinder, like phonics and math.

Also, MFW has been absolutely wonderful for me so far (I've done Kinder and am on Day 40 of 1st grade right now) so I have to keep reminding myself that I should stay on track until something doesn't go well.... why change when things are going so well???

So I just do as the MFW progression recommends until it doesn't work for us....

So I'm thinking (although I haven't done it yet) just go ahead and do Adventures and Kinder at the same time. (ugh, that already feels like a lot of work as I type it.... hmmm)
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NOTHING is going how I planned OR expected

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SonShineJewel wrote:I had purchased Adventures in My Father's World for my 3rd grade son & My Father's World From A to Z for my twin K sons. However, we have all had trouble trying to get things done within our time frame. You see, my husband and I co-direct the 5 children and youth ministry departments @ our place of worship (as volunteers). +hubby still has his "day job" to provide for our family. So, I do ALOT of stuff for that, including prepping & putting together Children's Church calender, schedule, & lessons. In the mornings hubby mostly works from home then leaves around lunch time. It's difficult to keep everyone focused while he's buzzing about in our small house (including me, cause I don't mind staring at his gorgeous face).

Can I put ADV aside til next year and just get my 3rd grader to merge with my twins K activities? I'm TOTALLY Overwhelmed.
{Hugs}... I'm doing RTR this year and teaching twins 1st grade.

I'm guessing you're wanting to continue Math, English, Spelling, etc at your 3rd grader's level and stop the Bible/History/Science portion for your 3rd grader?

Here's how we're doing school this year...

1. Start with Bible, History and Science of RTR (twins sit in on this). Get oldest going on any seatwork she can do on her own (Bible memory, copywork, vocabulary, math drill, notebook pages, etc.)
2. Do Phonics with one twin. Other twin reads an easy 1st grade reader (short vowel words only) to himself and then may color or play quietly. Takes about 20 minutes.
3. Do Phonics with other twin. He reads the reader to himself and then color or play quietly. (Some days I have dot-to-dot or mazes or something for him to do).
4. Have first twin read to me what he read in the reader, then do Math with the first twin.
5. Have other twin read to me what he read in the reader, then do Math with the second twin.

At this point, it is usually 11:30 or 12:00, and time for lunch. I use lunch for reading the read aloud, if there is one.

Afternoon I do: Math, English, Reading, Spelling, Art/Music, Foreign Language, and Writing (as they're scheduled) with the oldest.

We usually finish between 2:30 and 3:00. Not my ideal, but it's where we are.

Now, I'm guessing your 3rd grader probably isn't going to be all that independent (some are), so you'll have to be creative. Not sure how long MFW K should take. When I did Abeka K with my boys last year, it was about 1.5 hours, but I was teaching them together. I highly recommend not doing that. It's really hard to tell when on is just "listening in" on the other and not really learning it himself.

My recommendation would be to only do the K phonics and math, and have them join in for the Adventures Bible, History, and Science as they are able.

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