Combining Adventures and K

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Re: NOTHING is going how I planned OR expected

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I have a 2nd grader, ker, 4 yo, and 2 yo. We're all doing MFW K for science and bible!

Re: NOTHING is going how I planned OR expected

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My suggestion for getting MFW done: give their office a call and talk through some of this.
Encourage your husband to be on the phone too and ask for specifics on how he can help. David Hazell has a great workshop CD on Working Dads can homeschool too. David was the at home dad for a while. They are very busy in ministry as well. They have great advice. you and your husband might want to listen for some practical man to man advice on how to help you work with what you've got and how he can be an important part of it.

During the three years that my husband worked from an office in our house, he stayed in the "office area" with the door closed to let me get school done. I worked hard to keep the kids from that area. We had a larger house.
He helped in the morning at breakfast by getting the kids a bit more focused to start the day. We had to rearrange some stuff in our house to let him work 9-10 hours a day from a home office.
oh, one family I know, with 6 kids?, 5? whichever it is these days... the dad had to get an office space outside of the home (the church they attended let him use a room) so the kids could get school done and he could get work done.

You might consider a switch in when you do stuff. Can you do the children and youth ministry work in the mornings, and then school in the afternoon? One of my cyber friends has to do similar thing. She works from home from 8-noon, then teaches.

Yes, you could just drop one of the programs and then make sure the oldest child gets language arts and math and more reading at level. and more reading on science and more responsibility.
or you could use ADV as base program and just use the phonics and math in K for the K kids.

so, deep breath and praying that as you sit down with hubby and work out a new schedule to get it done. Call the MFW office and talk with some of them -- many of them have 2 working parents (some full time some part time, some job share...) many are active as volunteers in churches. They might have some great insights to share to get it all done too.

here's a link to those MFW workshops that David gives

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Re: NOTHING is going how I planned OR expected

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I kinda am from the "teach to the older child" camp. We did Adventures last year with a 1st and 3rd. I just tailored it to my 1st grader. Your twins will be in 1st next year like mine. From what you have done so far, will they "get it"? I taught to my older one and if the younger one picked up on it, fine. I tried to tailor what I could. I actually pulled up a states and capitals song off of Youtube. Wakko's 50 states if you want to look. Anyway, I was teaching my oldest one and my younger one learned it too. They are just little sponges!

My husband also is the youth director and has a full time job also. I know how you feel. If anything, I'd go easy with the twins in kindergarten. I personally don't think a curriculum is necessary for kindergarten. Play, read, sort with gummy bears,Bible stories etc. But 3rd is kinda a big deal. The odd grades always are!

Now-if you decide to abandon Adventures anyway, she'll do fine in 4th with it IF you think your twins can handle it in 1st. It goes into a lot of detail for 1st graders. The "real history book" went over her head. I basically taught her with Pioneers and Patriots. Although it can be done with a first grader (and I did it) is better suited in my opinion to 2nd or 3rd.
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Re: NOTHING is going how I planned OR expected

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I can't give any advice since I only have one in school now! We are loving Adventures though!

Just curious if you decided to not do Adventures this year, will you do it next year? Or will you go ahead and do ECC? We are in week 10 of Adventures and my ds has learned so much in just a short time. I would say the materials in Adventures is well worth doing so I would highly recommend doing it at some point!

Best wishes, i do hope you figure out the best situation for your family!

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Re: NOTHING is going how I planned OR expected

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Thanks SO Much to EVERYone.
Wanted to let you all know, we're thinking about probably just doing phonics with the twins. and ADV with all 3.
maybe The Reading lesson Book.
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Question on doing K and 2nd together

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Christine wrote: I would appreciate your thoughts on doing K and 2nd (Adventures?) together with two other little ones at home as well. Can this work? If you do this or have done this, what does your day look like? Your week? Do you do the six-day schedule? I have avoided using a program with a teacher's guide or manual before as I prefer to keep a looser schedule. However, I am drawn to MFW because of the hands-on activities (which I am allergic to, but I think my boys will love), the God-centered education, and the educational philosophy. I appreciate your thoughts!
We did ADV and K last year with a 3rd grader and K'er. It went great. We all loved it and we did just about everything in both programs but I didn't have 2 other little ones under foot. Sorry, I can't help you there.

K only takes maybe an hour at most. Incl. all subjects, ADV was probably 3 hours total unless we took longer with fun stuff. For instance, redoing a science project or work on an extra art project I added. (I'm not allergic to the hands on stuff. ;) ) So 4 + hours with breaks and lunch, etc. We did 5 days a week with both programs. HTH
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Re: Question on doing K and 2nd together

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I'm not a ton of help because, although I'm doing Adventures and K this year, I'm doing it with a 3rd grader and PreK-er and we don't do a ton of the MFW K each day because we're stretching it out over 2 years (not Adv, just K). But I wanted to give you a link to a blogroll where you can find others who are doing Adventures and K together to see how it is working for them. It is: ... groll.html.

Also, I wanted to add that Adventures and K go really well together. They have a lot of similar themes (even if they don't match up with the exact weeks, it's a good review) and really compliment each other very well!! We are really enjoying and loving both programs. :)

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Re: Question on doing K and 2nd together

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My first year of home schooling we did K, Adventures with a 3rd grader, and had a 2 year old running around. It worked well for us. I just made myself flexible to change the order of things in the teacher's manual whenever it worked better to switch things up. It took a few weeks to get in the groove, but we had a great time and learned a lot. My K'er would do some of the hands on activities in Adventures with us, such as making the foil Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria and sailing them in the backyard baby pool. My 3rd grader would also join in on some of the fun K activities. Even the little one enjoyed these times together.

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Re: Question on doing K and 2nd together

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You've received some personal experiences, which are best. If you want "more"... (ADV & 1st) (ADV & toddlers) (preschool & 1st) (preschool & older grades) (combining 3 levels) (Babies & MFW) (MFW and large families) ... 1397#p6997 (MFW and babies)

Whew, you moms of littles keep busy!
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Re: Question on doing K and 2nd together

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This year we are doing Adventures with K.

Our day looks like..

I work with my 5yo and do MFW K Phonics, math, and get her started with a project. I have my 8yo read bookbasket books during this time.

Once the K'r is started on a project, I start working with my 8yo going down the grid. My K'r joins in with the reading, projects, state sheets and experiments. There are days that she is less involved with the ADV part of our day as others and on those days she plays quietly nearby.

I have not been doing everything in the K manual since she is joining us with ADV. So , for us, we do all of ADV, phonics of MFW K, and do the other activities in MFW K as time allows.

I do a 4 day school week due to my work schedule. We do ADV on a 4 day week but do MFW K as scheduled.

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Re: Question on doing K and 2nd together

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Dear Christine,

As you can see each family has their way of working the two programs to be able to do both. One thing to know about the K program is that it is broken up into 3 different daily sessions (which as you heard above some do all at one time), math, reading/writing, and lesson activities. Each of these takes 20-30 minutes each day. As you heard above, since K'ers enjoy many of the hands-on activities in Adventures you may not have to do all of the lesson activities and can pick and choose from the K program. Day 6 is literature day and does not have reading assigned on that day. I would not miss these lesson activities since it gives literature at the K level. Also invite your little ones to join you as much as they are interested and able (not sure how old your little ones are).

2nd graders will have about an hour of independent work throughout each day (book basket, math workbook, copywork, reading, etc.). This will give you 15-20 minute time slots to work with your K'er or take care of little ones as needed.

Another idea is to think of creative ways to schedule school activities. If your K'er or 2nd grader is an early riser it may work to do a subject or two before everyone else gets going. Doing Bible together with Dad at night is also an option--this is one subject you will not have to do during the morning. Using meal time can also be a good time to read aloud (not while your eating of course, no choking aloud :) ) Ah, nap time. This can be a great time to get some activities done while your little ones are resting. Also if you need to get the phonics lesson with your K'er done you may ask your 2nd grader to play with the younger 2 for 20 minutes while you do that. This of course depends on the age of you little ones and if your 2nd grader could do that. I am sure there are lots of other ideas too.

Hope that helps as you think about having two in school next year with little ones too.

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Re: Question on doing K and 2nd together

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I am doing K with Grade 1 this fall. Since my first grader started Grade 1 last February he will be switching to ADV around Christmas. At that point we will be doing ADV and K. I also have two little ones. So I am not much help on how a day looks like with ADV, but I am thinking it will be similar to our current day when we switch in a few months. Yes, we do 5 days a week.

Right now we do Bible first (all kids join in). Then I occupy the 5 & 3 with toys while my ds reads to me. Then he does his Bible Notebook (which will be replaced by the History Notebook with ADV). We also do the time-line at this time. He isn't doing spelling & English every day right now, but I assume it will come next in a few months. Then I set him up with math, and while he does math I do the phonics with my K followed by K math. We usually finish by lunch and start around 9 a.m.

All of my kids participate in hands on activities (which I am allergic to ;) , and I am trying to see how my kids like them; they love the drawing). They also all participate in science. We do as much of K activities as I can. I also read-aloud to my kids from various books and books listed in K.

Now my plug for MFW. It really is wonderful! So well organized, easy to manage, lots of learning, and best of all a Bible-centered curriculum with a true heart for our LORD. I have been very pleased with its gentle, supportive approach combined with an honoring of our faith that we are trying to teach to our children. My kids are not being exposed too early to heavy world topics (a problem we had last year), and they are enjoying learning.

Blessings! :-)
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Re: Question on doing K and 2nd together

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Thank you all for your replies. They were all very encouraging and helpful. We are doing an enrichment co-op one day a week, so it's nice to hear that someone else does a four-day school week. I will have an 8-year-old, 5-year-old, 37-month-old and a 6-ish-month-old in September. Hoping the baby naps well and that the 3-year-old will be able to play with his older brothers and/or play independently without wreaking havoc. Thanks again. I am getting excited to use this curriculum (and getting over my allergy)!
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Re: Question on doing K and 2nd together

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This year we are doing ECC and 1st, which is a slightly fuller workload than K and ADV. Very doable 4 days a week. We are involved in a HS group once a week. We do 'school' for only about an hour on our light and independent Fridays. Then P.E. with our group. I could easily move the Friday stuff to other days, which I usually do anyway just to make sure it gets done.

We love, Love, LOVE MFW!!!

BTW, MFW has preschool activities as well if you're interested. That link is here:

David Hazell also has a workshop cd on this subject that might be helpful. It's called: 'Occupying Preschoolers while Homeschooling Older Children' That link is here:

I hope that's not too much info. :)
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Re: Question on doing K and 2nd together

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It's working well for us - it seems to flow pretty smoothly. I don't have little ones (under K) at home, though, I'm sure that would change it up a little bit. Good luck!
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ADV & K ... how do you combine?

Unread post by Metairie »

erin.kate wrote:In a few months I will have DD7 in ADV (second grade) and two in K, DD5 and DS5ish. I will also have a toddler helping us along the way. How do you teach ADV and K in the same year? Do you do all of each program, as best as possible, and let the Kinders listen in on ADV and get involved as they wish. Or, do you do some of K and all of ADV? If so, what specifically do you include from K and set aside from K?

(One of my Kinders likely won't be at a level to really participate in ADV, while the other might, but this is more of a general question about what seems to work best when teaching these two grades simultaneously.)

Also, to what extent is Spelling and PLL scheduled in the guide? I looked at the ADV sample week on MFW's site and I see that the grid has empty boxes for English, Spelling, Math, and Reading. Does this mean that you would choose which lessons to teach each day/week and pencil them into the grid? Or, is there a suggested breakdown of lessons from MFW for PLL and SSS, etc?

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!
Hey, Erin!
We are adjusting to two programs at once and there is a learning curve for this non-crafty mom. Both girls love the crafts in K! They are a huge hit. I would pick and choose what your children like. For us, it's worked best when we do K and all the crafts first, then my youngest is satisfied and my oldest has the fun crafts done. We then start with her Adventures. By that time, mom is crafted out, so if something is scheduled for that day, we do it later or skip it. Sorry for those who do everything. I just can't.

As far as SbSS and PLL, Spelling is scheduled at one Lesson per week (in the notes after the grid -- it is not shown in the weekly grid). There are two parts, A and B. We usually split it up into two days per part. My daughter adores this book! I am so glad I took MFW's recommendations for this. We haven't started PLL. It starts in Week 5 which we start tomorrow. I'm not sure if I will use this or not. I like it, but we were using Queen's Language Lessons before and she loves it, so I don't know if we will switch. We might do it as well since they are both very gentle and see what she learns better with. If we hadn't started with Queen's, we would use PLL happily. Most of the explanation for PLL and SbSS are in the daily notes after the weekly grid.

Hope this helps! :-)
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Re: ADV & K ... how do you combine?

Unread post by gratitude »

Metairie wrote:Hey, Erin!
Sorry for those who do everything. I just can't.
Hi Erin!
I can't do everything either. I have seen a few threads where moms have done everything in K & ADV at the same time. I am like Cindie though and pick and choose a bit to tie the 2 programs together.

We started ADV January 3rd, and my ds5 is towards the end of K. At this point my focus has switched. When it was K & 1st I did 1st entirely and most of K. Now we are doing all of ADV and some of K. It is partly because as my Kindergartener nears his 6th Birthday he has been easily able to do Bible, Names of Jesus, and any crafts from ADV with my oldest. He also is doing ADV science & listening to the readings. So for the past 7 weeks his K lessons have been his work sheets (reading/spelling/phonics/math), handwriting, and badges. When he started K last spring I really was doing two separate programs with K & 1st; now it is becoming increasingly a family focus on ADV with K providing his level of reading/phonics/handwriting/math.

I hope this helps a little.
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Re: ADV & K ... how do you combine?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

More threads on combining:

Adv & K
K & any older program
K, preschool, & an older
Adv & toddlers
K and ADV (re: not skipping K)
Preschool & older programs
Combining K & 1st, and then 1st & 2nd:

Okay, that may be a bit overboard &) but hope you find something that works for your family,
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Re: ADV & K ... how do you combine?

Unread post by erin.kate »

Thank you, everyone. As always, so helpful and gracious.

It's refreshing to see that some people do all of both programs while some successfully and happily adjust it to fit their needs and their days. I am terrible at whittling things down, so I have to really examine that aspect (mostly about myself, I guess ;) ).

I have a lot to read through and think about. Lots of prayers to be said for discernment.
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Re: ADV & K ... how do you combine?

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I just replied to a similar question several days ago where a mom was asking about combining ECC and K. We take advantage of the older child's independent time to work in the younger child around here. I gave a little more detail at

Also, there are so many movies that can be fun additions to the K program. Maybe you could get your youngers involved in a movie while you do ADV with your oldest. Examples would include Racing Stripes for the Z-z Zebra unit, March of the Penguins or Happy Feet for the P-p Penguin unit, A Bug's Life for the I-i Insect unit, etc. (And these are just ideas. The only one of those movies I have seen is March of the Penguins, so please don't take those suggestions as endorsements for the other movies. It's amazing how much discretion you have to use with children's movies these days! 8| ) And the reverse is true, as well. You could get your oldest interested in the Liberty's Kids series or the Little House on the Prairie series and work with the youngers while the oldest watches TV. (Those are two series I do highly recommend!) Netflix has been a great resource for us this year, especially since we finally got it set up for streaming! :-)

Also, I just have to say this: I feel like the Science and Bible is what makes K such a phenomenal program! So if you do end up picking and choosing, I'd really try to leave the K Science and Bible intact as much as possible. ADV is similar in the way its Bible and Science are connected, but not quite to the extent that K is, IMHO. I know everyone has different opinions on this, but that's just my $.02!

But in the end, there's nothing wrong with picking and choosing from each program to make it work for your family. That's one of the beauties of homeschooling! :)
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K, 1st, back to K, and then ADV??

Unread post by NJCheryl »

kidswife wrote:I have 4 kids. 6, 4, 3, & 1. I've done MFW K with my 6yo while she was still 4. I made it last a year and a half. We're now almost done with MFW 1st. I really want to avoid doing Adventures and K together at this point in my life (still have that 1-yr-old toddling around). I keep hearing to go ahead with ADV next year. But I really liked the K program...
Just thought I would chime in with my experience. I only have 3 children, but I did K and Adventures together when I had a 1 and a half year old running around. It was very doable and we all had a great year together. That was also my first year homeschooling so I was very nervous about beginning teaching 2 different programs. We all had fun with the projects in both programs, and didn't feel like it was too much. Just my experience, but remember you need to do what works for your family.

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K and 2nd Together

Unread post by gratitude »

Christine wrote:I have two school-age boys, 7 (almost 8 ) and 5. The 7-year-old is a pretty good student and I am not too concerned about him. The 5-year-old seems a little immature and struggles with handwriting skills, but seems somewhat interested in reading and writing. He seems to have more difficulty staying focused than his brother did at his age. We haven't used MFW before. Should I use both the kindergarten curriculum and the adventures curriculum? I also have two younger children. Will using both be too much?
Last year I did MFW1 & MFWK with a 7,5,3, & 1 year old. It wasn't too much. There were times I let go of some of the K activities, and the second half of the year my oldest finished MFW1 and we focused a lot on reading, writing, and arithmetic.

We have started ADV, and I am going to be doing it this school year with MFW1 with a 8, 6, 4, & 2. I think it too will be fine. I have done MFW1 before and I am not expecting it to be too much. At the same time though I am open to using science only from ADV or MFW1 if I can not do science for both one week. When I started it this summer I also found myself doing Bible ADV with just my oldest and MFW1 Bible with just my 6 year old. I think if you are willing to adjust it, if necessary, you will be fine. I also think though that you may find that you can do all of ADV & K. You might want to look at the thread Marie has on teaching ADV & 1, and 1 & K together. It has some good pointers that would apply to doing ADV & K together as well. It is on the main board right above the top post, which in a minute will be this one, and is titled teaching K & 1st together. It has more pointers though than the title shows. I hope this helps and have a wonderful year!

Update: Postby gratitude » Sun Mar 11, 2012 7:07 pm
I am doing ADV right now and MFW1. It is working very well. It takes around 2 - 3 hours to do both; this includes all of the LA, math, Spanish, etc. for my oldest.

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Re: K and 2nd Together

Unread post by Mexmarr »

I am on the tail end of doing K and 2nd together. It is working out very well for us.

I am doing the complete Adventures. I have my Ker sit in on all of it actually. She does everything except the writing parts. She just copies the name of the person that her sister is writing sentences about. In the beginning of the year, she was just writting her own name in the blanks. I wouldn't necessarily require a Ker to sit for all of it. If yours didn't want to, I would provide some activities nearby, so that he at least hears it all. He will likely at least enjoy hearing many of the stories.

My 2nd grader then does her own language arts, Math and spelling. I do the Phonics part of K with my Ker. We don't do the themes, as she gets all her science, Bible etc from Adventures. You will also want to do her own math. You may prefer the MFW K math, but I have mine doing Singapore K math because she really wanted a math book, and it works for us.

Update: Postby Mexmarr » Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:25 pm
I combined K and Adventures and it worked out well. I would do the full Adventures with your oldest, and include your son in the science, history, hand-on activities. My Ker actually set through all of Adv, except the writing aspects. Your older would also get Math, LA and spelling at their own level

Then with the Ker, I would do the phonics and math from K, separately. The math is very gentle and sounds like a great fit for your Ker.

This is a great way to combine as much as possible and still provide what they need at their level.
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I'm still not quite sure what to do.

Unread post by gratitude »

Melany wrote:I think we have pretty much decided to switch to MFW Adventures next year for my oldest ds who is 7.

What I'm trying to figure out is what to do with my now 4 year old who will 5 this summer and will start K next year.

I'm thinking about just buying the Paint & Marker Cards, Student Sheets, & Placement Maps for my K student and just have him tag along with Adventures and then do the phonics and Math we already have and maybe include some FIAR lessons I already have from when my older was in K. Would there be anything else I would need to purchase for him to tag along?

My younger son really likes to participate and do what big brother is doing, so I guess I'm just wondering if others have had their K student tag along and participate in Adventures and how that worked out for them? Is there enough in the Adventures that younger son could do with big brother?

What are your thoughts?
Since your 4 year old will turn 5 in the summer he will be the age my dd is now in the fall; she is pre-K/age5/January B'Day.

So here is an example of what she has done this week in ADV:
*cut out and colored her student sheet for this week for her Jesus poster (we have 3 Jesus posters on the wall, one for each of my 3 oldest)
*did one hands on activity for US History
*joined in on two science experiments
*did just as much I CAN DO ART as brothers.
*colored one student sheet while listening to me read from Marie's US History book.
*Watched brother do Spanish on the computer more than once and listened in.

and probably learned far more than I can imagine.

If you love what you already do for K I wouldn't feel like you have to do MFWK instead.

Does this help?
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Re: I'm still not quite sure what to do.

Unread post by Melany »

Yes, this helps a lot actually.

I have not actually been able to get my hands on the MFW Adv yet. So wasn't sure what types of things my K'er would be able to do.

Thank you so much!
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