Combining Adventures and K

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Re: I'm still not quite sure what to do.

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My K'er tagging along with Adv sits in on pretty much all of it with the exception of the notebooking pages, but in place of that she loves to use DWN and illustrate the history lesson, i.e., draw Mt Vernon and Washington's stallion with the title "George Washington" in her handwriting versus the actual notebooking sheet from the student sheets. She adores book basket and Bible. She's happy to participate in science which piques her curiosity if nothing else, but that's perfect for her young age. She sometimes does not want to listen to the story I read from the Story of the US, but with bb, it's not a big deal since she gets SO much through bb, too, aside from the beautiful picture books included with Adv, like The 4th of July Story. ICDAT didn't end up working for us so we've kept using, and love, DWN and we find a weekly drawing lesson that aligns with our study in Adv. Oh, the states and birds! Really. So much for for our whole family. And, the music. Who doesn't love to sing Yankee Doodle and make Hasty Pudding and read all about what a very special man George Washington was to our country. Adv truly is flexible and can appeal to many ages, just depends on the dynamic and needs of your family.
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Re: I'm still not quite sure what to do.

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I definitely think a K'er could tag along in ADV. My youngest is in first grade and has kept up with ADV perfectly this year.
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Any way to combine K & 2nd?

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mamag3 wrote:In the Fall, I will have a 2nd grader, and Kindergartener and a 2 year old toddler. I'd like to combine the History, Science, Literature & Bible time for both my K & 2nd grader. They would each do their own Math & Phonics/Reading. It is very hard for me to have them do separate things with my little one running around and needing his own time and attention too.

I know its not what is "recommended" by MFW, but has anyone tried to use Adventures for these 2 grades combined? If so, what was your experience? And if not, does anyone have children with these same grade levels....what did you do?...combine or keep separate?
Using ADV as your base program, then use MFWK for your language arts and math. If it were me I would add in the Bible and character badges from MFWK too.

I have actually done something fairly similar to this twice now.

When my oldest did MFW1, it was our base program. Then my second son in K did MFWK for math & phonics & Bible, but then also joined in MFW1 where ever he could (science, & hands on projects)

When my oldest did ADV this school year, it was our base program. Then my second son in 1st did math & phonics & Bible from MFW1 and then did science, Bible, hands on activities and much of the History from ADV. My Pre-schooler also did the ADV Bible with us and much of the science and any hands on activities that we did. When my dd5 started MFWK this spring she is doing the Bible, character badges, & phonics from MFWK while continuing to do ADV Bible and participation in ADV (she has done many of the student sheets, but no note booking).

Does this help? Let me know if you want clarification. The summary is that with MFW I have always had the program for my oldest be the base program for history and science and then used the younger programs for Bible, phonics, and math. I have actually never done all the great activities for MFWK, but it has kept school manageable for me, which for our family has been important.
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Re: Any way to combine K & 2nd?

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My daughter has been tagging along with my 2nd son since she was 2 and he was 4! When it was time, she got her own math and language/reading instruction. Now they are 7 and 9 and going into CtG in August. My 5-1/2 year old just started K today. He is NOT interested in tagging along with anyone!
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Re: Any way to combine K & 2nd?

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Love to hear how it goes: my dd, 5, and ds, 3, will be in K and Adventures together and he tags along right now in K but doesn't do phonics / math so will probably do K phonics for son then and make adventures core, however, remember that K only takes about an hour, so you could be able to cover both curriculums, assuming Adventures is only 3 hours and your older child can work independently a little while doing K with youngest. I think even though my ds tags along right now for MFW K in two years it'll seem brand new again. And it is such a sweet program! Can't see not wanting to have him get to enjoy the art, crafts, bible, and science. ;)
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How to do MFW K & Adventures together? Tips wanted!!

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Mommyto4QT wrote:Hi everyone, this fall I will be homeschooling for the first time! I will have a boy in 2nd grade and a boy in Kindergarten along with another one that is 4 years old and a baby.
I am looking for tips on how to do both Adventures & K together without too much stress. Any tips would be great!!

Then, the following year, I would have a Kinder, 1st and 3rd. Should I then do 3 levels of MFW at once? What would you do??
I have a 2nd & K'er this fall & a tag along.

I have lots of bks for book basket BUT I was afraid we might forget one that went along with such & such week. I took the ADV tm & made a list. So for example I did this with all the weeks in columns named
People States Readers Science Extras
Week 20 Thomas Jefferson, Louisiana, Bank of Plum Creek, Plants, Lewis & Clark
(on the Extras I listed any bks we owned here that go along with the study or any I want at the time we need it, fieldtrip ideas, movies & craft ideas)

This way if I get any !? moments I can easily write it in so nothing is forgotten, THE PLAN is for me to glance 8 weeks in advance so nothing is left out. I know I could write in the TM BUT this way it's 8weeks in advance laid out in a glance.
I went to Donnayoung site & used the 8 columns 5 across to chart this. Took about 30min but I ♥ looking ahead.

Sry I know this isn't a schedule for ADV & K but I like how K can all be seen very quick with filefolder so a QUICK list/chart for ADV seemed like a good fit.....time will tell :O)
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First week of school a success! ADV & K

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We had a fabulous first day with Adventures and Kindergarten! Even my 3 year old enjoyed doing the creation book with us! My daughter loved the Pledge of Allegiance discussion and we read a great book about it too. Everyone enjoyed the snack with the red, white and blue! They are so excited for tomorrow! Thanks MFW for a great first day!

Postby shaffer96 » Fri Aug 24, 2012 6:31 pm
We had a fabulous first day with Adventures and Kindergarten! Even my 3 year old enjoyed doing the creation book with us! My daughter loved the Pledge of Allegiance discussion and we read a great book about it too. Everyone enjoyed the snack with the red, white and blue! They are so excited for tomorrow! Thanks MFW for a great first day!
Well, we just finished our first week of Adventures and K and it is going so well! My kids are really interested in everything and the student sheets in Adventures are awesome! My son has enjoyed making his own creation book and poster. He is so anxious to learn to read so I am excited to get into that next. My 3 year old has been tagging along and enjoying his school as well! I really love MFW! It is fun doing K for the 2nd time around as I did it witn my daughter when she was in K. They were comparing their creation books and having fun looking at them!
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Re: First week of school a success!

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Yay! We are doing adventures too. Just finished week five and absolutely love it. First year with mfw. Can't wait for k next year with my ds. Hope your year is a lot of fun!
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Re: First week of school a success!

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Adventures was our first year of using MFW and we just loved it!! Congratulations on a great first week - and it's going to be a fun year for you!
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Teaching Younger Grades Together?

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HSMom03 wrote:Next year I would be teaching MFW Preschool and 1st grade together, the year after that I would be teaching MFW K and 2nd grade together, then 1st and 3rd. How easy/difficult is it to teach these grades together (I am more concerned about teaching K and 2 together, and 1st and 3rd, if we continue with MFW)?
Want to encourage you....We are doing K & ADV & ♥'ing it!!
The lessons flow together great.
For example this week we are on "Ll" Leaf in K.
Native Americans & the closest star in ADV.
During Bible we talk about how a leaf needs the Sun to grow (this is for K)
Also during Bible we make a candle with the words Jesus the Light of the World glued to the candle, our memory verse is John 8:12. (this is for ADV)

Both my children listen to both you can see they really do go right along side each other.
We made a Wigwams & a Tepee.
My K'er needed to collect leaves so we watched "Camp-Out" from the 2nd series of Little House on the Prairie, this episode had the children of Walnut Grove collecting leaves for a school project :-) so even my ADV kiddo got excited.
Needless to say in the end all MY kiddos (including my 2yr old) were searching for leaves on our walk.

So readers digest version it's all so much FUN no matter the age! HTH
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Doing all of K and ADV?

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kw4blessings wrote:Hi ladies (and gentlemen?),
So, I've already ordered K and ADV for my 5yo and 7yo for next fall. I'm super excited about both programs and have been pouring over the manuals. I've looked over the old posts about combining the two, as I imagine it's pretty common to have a K and 2nd at the same time. After looking over both programs, I really want to attempt to do all of both programs. I think a lot of folks do all of ADV and then the math and LA from K, but all the K stuff looks so good, I would hate for my ds to miss out (me too ;) ). I also think my 3yo would enjoy and benefit from the activities in K.

My question: Am I crazy to think I could reasonably do all of both programs? I will also have a 3yo and a 6-7 mo. old in the mix. We are handling 1st well right now, but it only takes us 60-90 minutes each morning. Has anyone done all of both? How much time did it take to complete daily? What kind of things should I try to schedule for my 7yo to do independently? (My 5yo is actually better at ind. work than my 7yo).

Any advice would be great! If doing all is too much, what few things should I leave out? Blessings :)
I think it is doable and will be a fun year! What an active household you have :) The K program can be done in 15 min segments here and there. You may want to think about doing different parts of K throughout the day rather than all at one sitting. Maybe you could have calendar and math time first for your K child, then move onto the Adv. schedule for a while, letting K child listen in if they want or play quietly nearby. Then go back and do the phonics portion of K. Afternoons are a great time to bring out the activities from K and maybe science from Adv.

You will find a flow to your days once you start. But now while we're in the planning phase you might want to think about how you could bounce back and forth somewhat during your day.

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Re: Doing all of K and ADV?

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All can be done around 2 FULL hours, especially if everyone is in a cheery mood including baby & if I have things organized :-) :-)

At the end I set timer for 15min. of book basket time for both kids.
I made copies of both K & ADV grids so I'm not flipping back & forth & can see at a glance if we missed anything.
You will be surprised how much the units & weeks actually relate to one another.
We are usually one week ahead in ADV so K unit is always a number behind.

I remember for ADV WEEK 7 science was making playdough.
That same week in K we were on Unit 6 which had us "paint a turtle"......instead of painting you can make turtles out of play dough if you are not wanting to drag paints out too.

K Unit 3 was leaf...collect leaves, ADV Week 4 Native Americans, while collecting K leaves we also collected ADV sticks for the Tepee. Both kids ended up with leaf rubbings & we watched Little House on the Prairie where Laura has to collect leaves for her leaf project.

K Unit 2 Moon... Read aloud is Little Bear my ADV'er made the cutest space suit for K'er after school was over that day (his Science earlier had been Science & Air)

Theres so much more but at the moment thats what I'm remembering. The Cuisenaire Rods for K are great while ADV'er is needing you one on one. I have found that spelling takes the most one on one time for my ADV, I let my K'er take a break during this time.

&) never made that "moon cake" in UNIT 2, but this week we are on Unit 13 COW, so I'm thinking how about saying "the cow jumped over the moon" LOL while serving some "mooncake" tomorrow with a cup of milk!
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Re: Doing all of K and ADV?

Unread post by kw4blessings »

Thanks for the replies! I'm getting excited that I will be able to do it. Great reminders to be flexible and break things into pieces as necessary. That's also encouraging to hear how the 2 programs coordinate well. Looking forward to it!
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Re: Doing all of K and ADV?

Unread post by MFW-Lucy »

Hi Kelly,

I agree with the others that this is doable. Adventures in My Father's World takes a little over 3 hours to complete each day (this is using MFW recommendation for math and language arts). This includes about 60 minutes of independent work (book basket, complete math wkbk, a notebook page, a PLL lesson, copy work). This is 60 minutes that you will be able to work with your Kindergartner on reading, writing, and math (usually 30-40 minutes daily). Invite the Kindergartener and 3 year old to join the older sibling in Adventures during Bible, science, read alouds, and hands-on activities they are interested in doing.

The Kindergarten Activities will take about 20 minutes each day (some days a little longer). All children can be a part of these activities each day. So all in all doing all of the K and Adventures each day will take about 3 1/2 hours. Adding the K activities is adding about 20 more minutes to the school day. As ♥nbamaboyz mentioned you may find as you go along that you can combine some activities from K and Adventures or you may find that you pick and choose activities from K each week and complete all of the hands-on activities from Adventures.

My thought is see how it goes and do what you can do, but if it gets to be too much then adjust you expectations and drop things if you need to from the K program. A lot of the K activities will revolve around hands-on science which you will also be getting in Adventures.

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Re: Doing all of K and ADV?

Unread post by mommaklee »

We did K and Adv last year. It worked out surprisingly well. I started my day with the younger ones. While I worked with the K'ers my older two started on their reading/writing/math core which they can work on rather independently. Then the K'ers played and looked at books or even listened in while I did Adv with the oldest two.

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I Need More Help

Unread post by ♥nbamaboyz »

GLPerky wrote: I have a DS that will 6 in Nov. and one that will be 8 in Dec. I just ordered my 5yo MFW K. and plan on starting it in about a week. My plan is to do K and 1st with him by the fall of 2014. I have a different program that I was planning on using this fall for my 7yo but don't mind not doing it if something else would be better.

So, I am wondering if I should just continue on with this plan and then combine them in Adventures for 2nd and 3rd or go ahead and start Adventures with my 7 yo this coming fall? I don't want my 7yo to be too old for Adventures when my 5yo is ready. I also don't want to have to beef it up a lot for my 7 yo if we wait because our Library leaves a whole lot to be desired.
We have used MFW K,1st & ADV for 2nd grade so far.
I will tell you what is working wonderful for our family after prayer & hitting the order button :-)
This past fall my 2nd grader turned 8yr my K'er turned 6yr

For K we do MFW ~ we do almost every bit of it & then my 2nd grader is doing ADV ~ we do almost every bit of it also, granted many things can be combined BUT the kids have such a good time with all the hand-ons items they usually want to do both & my 3yr old joins in too.

I think once you do at least 2weeks of MFW you will see how easy MFW flows together for all ages.
You can also work faster in the K manual (it can be done in a semester) BUT we are having a wonderful time I don't want to "rush" this time, I'm sure in the future LOL there will plenty of time to rush & worry over things.

1st grade in MFW is such a precious year, I'm so glad we had it!! SO I can't help but vote for MFW for all these early years.
HTH ~ sry if I confused you. Do keep asking!
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Re: I Need More Help

Unread post by gratitude »

I hope I am reading it correctly. It sounds like next fall (2013) your oldest will be in second grade turning 8 in December. Did I get it correct?!
GLPerky wrote:That is correct.

So both of you are suggesting that I do K and Adventures in the Fall of 2013, right? So if I do that, will they ever be in the same guide? I f so, how or when?

Thank you both. Anyone else?
The way I did ADV and MFWK together was to make ADV the primary guide. So I used MFWK for phonics, Bible, reading, spelling, and math. I used ADV for history and science. My 2nd grader just pulled more out of ADV and had more writing assignments for ADV than my Kindergartener. In a way it felt like they were in the same guide. The K student though was able to sit through Pioneers and Patriots and most of the books quite easily and able to participate in the hands on activities and science quite easily. They both learned; one just learned more. This will be true when you get to ECC though too. They can both be in the same guide, but they will learn a different amount from it dependent on their capabilities. Math and LA are skill building subjects. Those have to be done according to their own ability and level. Bible, history, and science are content subjects. These they can study together but they will understand at different levels. Does that make sense?

MFW is all about family learning. If you do ADV and MFWK next year for 2013 - 14. The following year you would do ECC and MFW1. MFW1 though would primarily be phonics, reading, and Bible history. So the MFW1 student could still join in on parts of ECC. Then the next year would be CTG for both. It sounds like you are starting MFWK sooner though so it would put them both in ECC before ECC finished. This is assuming everything goes as planned! MFW though is set up to have ADV be a primary program and then MFWK for LA & math for the younger student. Then it is set up to have ECC as a primary program and then MFW1 for LA and math. Here are Marie's notes on a similar situation, that I actually did teach:

My first MFW year was MFW1 and then 6 mo. later MFW1 & MFWK. Then it was ADV and MFWK. Then it was ADV & MFW1 and then ADV & MFW1 & MFWK. I pretty much followed Marie's suggestions in the above link for doing it.

I hear your desire to have your kids together. Phonics and reading just happen to be a main portion of MFWK and MFW1, which complicates it some in combining the younger students. I really do feel like ADV though was our main program last year and MFWK and MFW1 were the add on programs for LA skill building; except for MFW1 Bible history that I see as central to the program.
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Re: I Need More Help

Unread post by lea_lpz »

GLPerky wrote:I have a DS that will 6 in Nov. and one that will be 8 in Dec. I just ordered my 5yo MFW K. and plan on starting it in about a week. My plan is to do K and 1st with him by the fall of 2014.
So, if I understand you correctly, you plan to squeeze two grades, both K and 1st, in the course of 18 months, give or take, so that you can start by your 6 year old, that would turn 7 sometime in November, as a 2nd grader,right? I can see how this can be tempting, I can. You could hypethitically squeeze a 6 day unit into a 5 day unit so its finished in 1 week, and MFW 1st is only 34 weeks so I suppose this could work, but I honestly would not do it.

For what my two cents are worth, here's why. For one, you kids are roughly two years apart and have late fall / early winter birthdays (in fact their birth dates are only a month apart), so it would make sense to me to keep them two grades apart. Secondly, I think it's best to follow the cut off dates to start K in you state, and so I am assuming that is probably not November in your state. But the biggest reason is that I feel you'd really be rushing your youngest through both programs and that even if the 5 year old could breeze through mfw k, which is a gentle introduction to school, you won't be able to do that with mfw 1st because by the time they complete k and 1st, they have completed all their phonics instruction (so that they can have strong enough reading skills to join the family circle officially, not as a tag along).

Also, I know their are reviews out there on homeschool forums and homeschool review websites that liken mfw k to pre-k or say its "light", but just because the units are based on each letter in the alphabet, that doesn't mean that all they do in K is learn the letter name, sound and how to write the letter of that unit. By around unit 9 (I think) you are introducing reading a word list and doing word blends. Half way through K your k'er is reading short stories and has covered place value, time, money, fractions, and simple addition and subtraction in math, so standard math and Lang. goals of kindergarten are meet by the end of MFW K. MFW 1st starts hoping a lot faster. I would give both programs a year each. Even though each unit of mfw k is 6 days, that doesn't mean you do school 6 days a week, it instead means if you do school 5 days a week, with the 10 day creation intro, you have a total of about 34 weeks of school. You can break 166 days of school however you like, but the k years supposed to not be completed for a 5 year old in 26 weeks.
GLPerky wrote:I have a different program that I was planning on using this fall for my 7yo but don't mind not doing it if something else would be better.
That's really up to you, but I would either do the program you were planning with your second grader and do K with your five year old for fall 2013 or do Adventures with your 2nd grader this year. I would not try to combine Adventures with another complete curriculum. I get it, some crazy ideas run through your head when you have a ton of awesome options and you just want to do it all but please spare your kids the misery :~ . Anyway, if you can get a return on the curriculum you have by selling it used or get a refund and return it or you don't mind the loss and can afford to purchase Adventures, Adventures and K apparently have a lot of overlap and flow well together (disclaimer: this is just what I've read on the message board. I've never used ADV.), and the bonus benefit is your oldest gets to repeat ECC (geography) before starting the last history cycle in high school while your youngest gets to do ECC as a 6th grader. But, it's not necessary they do that. If you do, you'll find lots of threads on the message board about families who combined K and Adv. and there advice / experiences.
GLPerky wrote:So if I do that, will they ever be in the same guide? I f so, how or when?
Ok, so seriously, don't feel so caught up in that. Lots of families have kids two grades apart, and truly mfw is set up for multi-age families. You will already start combining them when they start this fall if you do K and ADV.

K & ADV:
ADV as core curriculum for both, doing all activities except math and Lang arts instruction (about 1 to 1 1/2 hours)
MFWK math and lang. while your 2nd grader does an hour of independent work (and possibly Bible and Read Alouds if you can get that all in during one hour; it'll depend on the pace your k'er is comfortable working at)
One on One instruction for 2nd grader for about 1 hour
If you feel like it, you can complete the rest of mfw k with both kids, such as maybe activity time (30 minutes maybe)

This would mean you could do both programs, completely, with both kids working together for about half that time, in four hours or maybe 3 three if you omit some of mfw k doing just math and lang. as the website will advise parents in this situation to do as their minimum.

The reasoning behind this model is to make sure both children get appropriate math and language instruction for their age and ability level.

You can break up the one on one time in smaller chunks of time. You don't have to do one block. My kids like to because they both get a break, but it's not necessary. I have a k'er and pre-k3. I spend about an hour working one on one with dd5, and about 15-30 min. working one on one with ds3. Those serve as break for each individual child to either play alone in their room or watch a video or cartoon.

Doing 1st & 3rd will be similar. In 2nd and 4th, you would start the family circle. Even if you do CTG for your 2nd and 4th grader, don't feel like the youngest is missing out on ADV and ECC. The youngest will get to learn a lot and do most of the activities that are not math and lang. at an age appropriate level, plus, they'll still do ECC and get 2 more years of American history during the family cycle.

Hope this helpful. Whatever you decide good luck. Once you get a feel for the material a couple weeks in, you'll know what'll be right for you and your children. And also, every time I have called the mfw office, I've gotten very prompt returns on my calls and the staff was very patient and answered all my questions. They are really there to help you and can help you decide if your k'er is ready to move on to first.
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Re: I Need More Help

Unread post by GLPerky »

Thank you all for your input and replies.

I guess I really just need to slow down. I get all tied up in the fact that if my 7 yo was in PS he would be in the second grade because cut off here is Jan. 1st. And there is no way he could be in the second semester of 2nd grade right now. I also get caught up in the fact that my 5 yo would be in K if he was in public school. He is closer to that, maybe right on target. So then I start thinking about waiting til the fall to start him in MFW K when he would be going into first if he was in PS. I have two older boys that didn't start HSing until later years, they went to private school and I guess I am still stuck in the should be and fell like I should play catch up or I am failing my children. How sad.
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Re: I Need More Help

Unread post by gratitude »

GLPerky wrote: I get all tied up in the fact that if my 7 yo was in PS he would be in the second grade because cut off here is Jan. 1st.
Well in my state a fall Birthday is a grade behind your state! Does that help? My oldest is at the old end of his grade and was 8 for 2nd grade and is now 9 for 3rd. My second is spring for his grade and will be 7/8 for 2nd and 8/9 for third. I think one thing I have learned in home schooling though is to focus on ages, rather than grades. If I focus on grades I expect too little from my oldest and too much from my young spring Birthday boy. They really are close in age (21 mo.), but only a grade apart and that doesn't always make sense.

Here is a link to one of David Hazel's CDs that might be helpful (I am thinking of What Should 21st Century Christians Be Teaching). It is very very good, and helps with some of those who feel like rushing when they are young (like I did). ;) :

I think the other thing I have learned in home schooling is not to plan too much. We need plans, but I find my kids needs change as they grow and I have to adjust as a teacher. Sometimes they finish a program faster than I thought they would and sometimes slower. Just go to the next when they finish the one you are doing and off you go! :-)

I think ADV and MFWK (maybe first part of MFW1 too) would make for a great year. Oh, I should also add that MFWK is not a pre-K program. It lays a solid foundation in reading (slowly) that builds very very quickly in MFW1. You will see. :-)

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Re: I Need More Help

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I live in California and the cut off date used to be December 15, but they changed it to Dec.1 last year, Nov. 1st this year and will continue to set it back another month each year until my 3 year old would be ready to start k and the cut off is Sept. 1. I have heard about a push to make it nation wide the same so kids don't run into problems when they move to another state. Apparently the cut off date in some states is as late Jan and as early as June 1st. I think the reason they are making it so kids start at an older age is because they've changed what is expected of K'ers in the past couple decades. When these dates were established it was mostly nursery school, and now they're covering more formal math and Lang. Definitely, and I am only 28, the expect much more than what I did in kindergarten. Also, the length of the school day is getting longer. More and more schools out here are extending k to the same length as the older elementary school kids (8-2:30 vs. a three hour morning or afternoon class).

It's just my opinion that if they are not 5 by the beginning of the school year they should wait another year. I also see no problem with starting a 6 year old in K if they don't seem ready.

If you think your younger child will need more of a challenge the tm has suggestions for little tweaks (no extra prep or need to buy other stuff) and you can find threads on the message board for making k challenging even to kindergarteners that can already read at the start of the year with some simple tweaks.

And don't feel bad. We all over do it at some point or another. This is my first year homeschooling and I signed my kids up for every activity under the sun &). We literally had something every morning and every afternoon mon- thur. Coming up to winter break we were all burned out, and we were always rushing, always on a schedule, and not enjoying any of our activities or even homeschooling because it was go, go, go. We hibernated 6 weeks, Thanksgiving week until Jan. 6. Then we decided only two activities a week, and never before 3 pm. It's made a big difference and we are good with that. I asked the kids what they liked best and that's what we kept. This is the new rule.

What got me out of the hustle was going back to what my homeschool vision was: to enjoy learning, to work at my children's own pace, to have flexibility to add more to what we studying if it sparked my kids interest, to develop a strong bond between me and my children and between siblings, and to have time to praise The Lord and enjoy the beautiful world he created. That wasn't happening anymore. And for what? To impress people and ward off those who would say my kids don't "socialize". I had to learn to make a choice that's right for my family, not one based on the expectations of other people.
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Re: I Need More Help

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GLPerky wrote:I get all tied up in the fact that if my 7 yo was in PS he would be in the second grade because cut off here is Jan. 1st.
If it will encourage you at all, my oldest son started public school kindergarten in September at age 6 years 2 months, by my choice (he was a year older than many classmates), without any academics before that. He was very smart (i.e. I wasn't holding him back because he was "behind") and caught onto reading within months.

He went on to also take a year after high school for Army Reserves training. Thus, he started college at age 20.

Yet he graduated from engineering school (in 4 years, unlike many of his classmates), had a job before he graduated, and has been a working petroleum engineer ever since.

Once in a while over the years, he would occasionally complain that his friends were in older grades, or I held him back. But it wasn't often. In the end, it only made him more confident and successful right from the beginning, and never affected his later opportunities.
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Re: I Need More Help

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Julie in MN wrote:If it will encourage you at all...
Thank you for the encouragement. I have a son who is 20 and didn't start K until he was 5 yrs and 11 mon. old. I didn't have an issue with him starting at that age because it was when he was suppose to. ;) I am just having a hard time excepting that here my youngest two are "a year behind" and I feel I should be playing catch up. Thanks again.
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Re: I Need More Help

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I see, well, if the younger one is ready and that's the school cut off date, you definitely can do it. What stood out to me was trying to condense 2 school programs, that should take about 68 weeks to complete, into about 18 months, 78 weeks, meaning your k'er would get like 10 weeks off over the course of that time.

If you are going to do it here are some thoughts.....
1) have you checked the website to see if he is prepared to start 1st this fall? They have se guidelines on the 1st grade facts page that could help you. If he's advanced maybe you don't need to do mfw k. Then at least you won't have to cram two years into one.

2) The teacher's manuel has recommendations for condensing k into 1 semester. I think you would basically double up on days and omit some of the simpler language activities (assuming your child is advanced and already knows all his alphabet letters, sounds, and can write them). That could be completed in 17 weeks (1/2 a school year). But, consider that having two kids this would lengthen how long you spend on k (could be up to 3 hours) and you have the older child still to do school with, so is that realistic? Can you do that much time one on one with your k'er? Also, in rushing through, I think the mfw k program losses a lot of its sweetness and won't really be the same experience.

Just some questions:
1) what are the genders of your children?
2) Does your youngest recognize the alphabet letters and their sounds? Can he/she print them reasonably well on lined paper? Has the 4 year old had phonics instruction? Can he or she read simple books, like BOB books?
3) How about math? Can he or she do some simple addition and subtraction? Does he or she understand place value, know the days of the week, months if the year and could tell you the date on a calander? Can he or she recognize and write numbers 0-9 well? Write numbers up to 30? 100?

I think knowing this could give others a better feel for if your child could do a consolidated mfw k program, or could skip and do 1st grade in the fall, at 5 1/2, as well as yourself.

I would really call and ask and see what an mfw representative has to say about it. I think they'd give you the clearest idea of what is realistic.
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Re: I Need More Help

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I got MFW K for my DD and also have Core A with K readers from sonlight. Sonlight's Core was way too mature for DD, but I like the LA. We do that along with MFW K, at my DD's pace. I think I will stick with MFW, the price is great and is a little bit of every teaching style anyway. If you do what I did, you can always buy the LA from Sonlight and get their books to go along with it while you do MFW.

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