Hands-on - Can kids get into TOO MUCH hands-on?

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Hands-on - Can kids get into TOO MUCH hands-on?

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Gail wrote:I am loving Adventures, but I wonder, Is anyone else as slow as I am?

For example: my dc are very outdoor oriented. To make wigwams and teepees they want real sticks, not construction paper. Sooo we have got to get out there to the top of the pasture and get the right size...after that they will be building entire villages.

We did do the yeast experiments. My dd made her own version of flat bread....flour, water, garlic, parsley and basil. It only needed to bake a little longer and it would've been great!

Please tell me its ok........
It's okay. :-) Does that make you feel better? What I "hear" when I read your message is some wonderful, inquisitive kids who are *learning* so much! The great thing is that they will have American history again, more in depth in Years 4 and 5 of the history cycle - Adventures is meant to be an overview.

I've been using MFW now for 3 years - I've done the K, 1st, ECC, CTG, and RTR programs, and here's what I've learned. Even if I don't get to it all (cuz let's face it, LIFE just happens sometimes, and with kids, well, it tends to happen more often ,right?) - they still have learned SO much! These programs are rich with information and experiences, and even if some of them just don't get done, the rest are so wonderful, it makes up for the "missed".

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Agreeing with Amanda, here. Do we want our kids to be able to say, "Mom checked all her boxes today," or "we learned & had fun in school today?" As a box-checker, I have to remind myself to chill. ;)

Your hs won't look like anyone else's - and that's a beautiful thing. Feel free to CHOOSE which activities suit your family, adapt others to suit & then just enjoy. And if/when something flops, chunk it. What a neat way to teach your kids about dealing with disappointment...

We all have those days which don't quite go according to plan or meet our own expectations. God is still in charge of those days! :) (((hugs)))
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Just dittoing everything Amanda said. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time! I love the flexibility of MFW because there IS so much to choose from... and you certainly don't have to do it all. The Hazell's aren't going to send the curriculum police to your door to check up on whether you made teepees from construction paper or real sticks. Matter of fact, doing it from real sticks sounds like MORE fun! Maybe Marie should add to the TM when it gets revised some day (if ever... I think it's pretty near perfect as it is)... "Use construction paper OR go outside and use real sticks."
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I'm glad you posted your message - I have been feeling the same way. We are having a lot of fun too, and not moving as quickly as the TM would have us go. I feel like taking the extra time with the early topics has helped us all to understand the timeline better and to enjoy more of the different materials available. I think I do need to move into a higher gear here though.

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getting it all?

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I feel EXACTLY as you do about the activities - they love them and then want to "build the whole village." Then I'm wondering "where did the day go?" and feeling like I'm missing something - does everyone else's kids get rabbit trailed like mine? I agree with the previous poster who questioned whether it was important for Mom to get all of her boxes checked. Are your kids learning? Are they having fun? Are you having fun? Sometimes I need to relax and remind myself that the relaxed, fun, activity stuff is one of the reasons that we have chosen homeschooling! Are you taking your anxieties and casting them on the one who cares for you? I have to remind myself to put the kingdom of God and His righteousness first. Blessings to you as you seek your path!
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