Schedule - Starting Adventures late? Thanksgiving, 4th July?

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Schedule - Starting Adventures late? Thanksgiving, 4th July?

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I didn't run into any roadblocks that came with being off time frame. I'm now finishing the last 9 weeks of Adv. that we never got to, so I am really off the schedule! There's a point where child is supposed to draw a tree. They are supposed to do this throughout the year--once in each season. I remember that when we got to that activity there were no leaves on the tree. So our first drawing was just that--it didn't prevent the activity. The drawings would vary anyway, even if we all started on the same day, depending on where in the US you live.

There was a leaf activity at that time too--I think we were supposed to draw a leaf or press it or something. Well, that obviously didn't get done at our house. Week 9--in case you want to look at it.
[Editor's note: leaves from house plants will work]

I think too, that if done "on schedule" the study of Jesus' name Immanuel would probably be around Christmas time. Didn't happen here until after Christmas, but the kids didn't notice. It was actually kind of nice dwelling on that after all the holiday rush was long gone.

The only really specific time related activities is week 13. The whole week is actually devoted to Thanksgiving activities. We just went to that week at Thanksgiving and then went back to where we had left off.

Other than that I do not remember any other activities that related to a season. If there were, we must have skipped over them or found something else to do. Not having done them did not leave an impression on me, so I don't think there is anything for you to worry about--start whenever you wish.

I've found this curriculum to be free from many of those constraints (and workable if there is a season related activity). Now I just have to free myself!

Hope this mini novel helps you!
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We completed ADV a few weeks ago. We started it in January 2007 and had no problem with starting it so late in the year.

It was actually nice to do the Thanksgiving week during the year (not in Nov.) because usually things get so hectic close the Thanksgiving and we got to relax and enjoy.

We were very pleased with ADV. My only advice to you would be to buy a set of State Sheet Cards for yourself. That way you can read about the state while the kiddos are coloring and it's nice to have. I had fun coloring with the kiddos.

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Am I going to find it difficult to start in February (or mar

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Mercy wrote:Am I going to find it difficult to start in February (or march?) in Adventures? Are there things scheduled that are weather pending at all? I noticed that at one point you study how Thanksgiving came to be. I'm just curious if anyone out there has tried to re-arrange things to fit when certain holidays happen. (Presidents day, etc.)
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The Thanksgiving unit is a completely stand alone unit. The plans for that unit are placed between week 12 and week 14. Do the unit at thanksgiving time.

You might consider reading Red White and Blue around Independence Day and then reviewing the book when you reach it in the lessons plans. Not really sure about the other parts you asked ??

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Schedule - Thanksgiving & 4th of July weeks?

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jtcarter14 wrote:Are the Thanksgiving and 4th of July parts of Adventures "scheduled" for those appropriate months? If so, are there any other parts that coincide with a holiday or time of year?

That aspect is making me want to wait until August to start Adventures instead of in January as we had planned.

Not to worry.

Thanksgiving is a stand-alone week that you can place wherever you like.

The 4th is studied chronologically during the time that America became a nation. That is good, because many of us do not school during July!

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Julie in MN wrote:Thanksgiving is a stand-alone week that you can place whereever you like.
agreeing and just tagging on a bit...

The lessons are physically placed after week 12. But you can do the Thanksgiving unit when Thanksgiving happens. You don't have to do the first 12 weeks or anything like that in order to do the Thanksgiving unit. You can skip it if you want. You can do it at another time of year if you'd want. You can come back to it the next year even.

You can start ADV any time of year.

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We are in RTR but we are going to go back and do the ADV Thanksgiving week this week. Haven't done it since oldest was in 3rd grade. Should be lots of fun!
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Does MFW Adventures have a specific schedule?

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Melany wrote:I am currently using a different curriculum and am thinking about using Adventures with my oldest ds who will be in 2nd grade next year and I have a couple of questions.

Does Adventures have a specific schedule that is to be followed so that it follows the holidays, etc. Like is it suppose to be started in August and go through May?

Right now the curriculum I have been using I have the flexibility to start at anytime during the school year without it affecting anything. So for instance last year we started in July when my dh was deployed overseas and then we were able to take 6 wks off when he returned home right before Thanksgiving. We have the flexibility to skip a week if kids are sick etc. and then just pick up where we left off.

Is MFW flexible enough to do that? Or is it more strict? Thanks for your help.
The year my dd was in ADV, we had to delay the start of the year to January. So she did ADV from Jan through Aug and we never did do the Thanksgiving unit. It is so stand-alone that it didn't bother me at all. It worked out fine for us - nothing seemed "out of season."
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Starting late

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darrenandamyse wrote::~ So we won't be starting Adventures until October. Is it laid out at all with understanding Holidays at all? Like close to Thanksgiving they start learning about that? Has anyone started late before and did you adjust to not be off with learning about that kind of stuff? Does this make sense?
The Thanksgiving unit is stand alone. Just do it that week no matter where you are in the curriculum. When we did Adventures we started in July and nothing seemed out of whack. In my opinion you could easily start any time of the year. Good Luck- Adventures was a great year for us- so much fun :-)
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Re: Starting late

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We started early last year when we did ADV and did the Thanksgiving unit the week of Thanksgiving. Like everyone else has already said, it is stand alone. Everything else we left the same.
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