Combining Adventures and K PLUS 1st

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Combining Adventures and K PLUS 1st

Unread post by Lucy »

It is doable, from all of the mom's that I have heard of who have done this. This will be the the hardest year in some ways becasue you will have 2 learning to read, but they will also enjoy much of what is in Adventures.

I would do science from Adventures and some of the K science to help with teaching the sound of the week. I would skip the 1st science except for the few that relate to bible stories like learning about rainbows.

Bible will be tricky since they are all good! You may consider doing the first or Adventures at night with daddy and the other in the morning. The K bible is very integrated so you can pick and choose how much you want to do. Another idea would be to skip the Proverbs and use the memory verses from Adventures for the 1st and 3rd grader this year and use the Proberbs with your K and 1st child next year when you do 1st again (this is similar to what you would do in the K/1st suggestions). K does not have memory verses, but bible themes.

Even though the following year you read through the book of Matthew and memorize scriptures from there, your 2 little ones will do ECC again when they are older, so they can get those verses the 2nd time around.

I think you could go either way with the 4th grader (following year) and use verses from Matthew or just have the whole family memorize Proverbs together.

Here is the link for doing K/1st together, which is now also on the very top of the Main Board: .
Of course since you have 3 so close together I have tried to give some suggestions for how to tailor even more for you. You can do it, just not everything in K and 1st. You will do most everything in Adventures, letting your K and 1st join in where they are interested.

Hope this gives you a place to start.
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Teaching K,1st, and Adv Together

Unread post by Joyhomeschool »

monica626 wrote:I was wondering if any of you have experience teaching K, 1st and Adventures together? Any helpful hints or resources to transition as smoothly as possible?

My two year-old will be tagging along and I'm due in June with baby #5, so I'm trying to prepare as much as I can ahead of time. Any organizational, sanity-saving, or useful tips you have would be GREATLY appreciated!

Can someone wait a year? That is what I would do. (lol) Like if your Ker could wait till next year and do some preschool workbooks OR if your 1st could wait for Ker to catch up to do 1st with them. Alot of times that works in my family, spacing grades out some.

If that wont work, I'd only do the phonics portions (and bible part in 1st) for both grades and combine the math and calendar.
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Re: Teaching K,1st, and Adv Together

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I am doing Adv and 1st right now and I am getting ready to start K with one (in March). We will still be doing Adv when I start K. Right now I have my 2nd grader do his work that he does on his own while I work with my 1st grader and soon to be K. I leave out some of 1st. I do the Bible verse but thats because I love the verses in 1st. I leave out the science and activities. He joins in Adv for Art, Science, States/History, and Bible. Also the actives and singing. I will be doing most of K when we start but my son will only do it a few days a week. We will see how it goes. I also have a toddler trying to join in with everything. I know it sounds like a lot.

When I first thought about starting K with everything else I didn't think I could but I started doing some "school" things a little at a time. I am excited to finally have a book to follow again. Way easier than trying to wing it like I am now. Now I have no ideas on the new baby. My youngest is 3 so I just got her the toddler and preschool package. Not sure how helpful that was but that's how we make it work....And I am thankful that after I have taught my oldest his English and Math he will do it on his own so I can work with the others. Also if he is done before we finish he will sit and read on his own.
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Re: Teaching K,1st, and Adv Together

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Here is some reading that might help.

Combining Adventures with K PLUS 1st

Combining Adventures and K - Scheduling?

Combining Adventures and 1st

Combining K & 1st - Both plus an OLDER program?

How to Teach K and 1st Grade Together-MFW's Recommendations

Whew, that's a lot of reading! Hope something sounds just like what will work in your family,
robertb10502 wrote:Now I have no ideas on the new baby. My youngest is 3 so I just got her the toddler and preschool package. Not sure how helpful that was but that's how we make it work....
There are some fun ideas from creative moms in the Toddler & Preschool archive:

Not to mention David Hazell's CD on Occupying Preschoolers While Teaching Older Children:

I am admiring of all of you!
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Re: Teaching K,1st, and Adv Together

Unread post by gratitude »

Hi Monica!

Seconding the idea of waiting with one or combining two if you can. If not, there are some good ideas on here for you.

We are doing ADV and MFW1 right now. I am doing all of MFW1, except for science. The science ds6 is doing with ds8 for ADV. Ds6 is also doing I CAN DO ART with ds8 for ADV since we just recently finished the drawing book. I am doing all of ADV deluxe package.

It is my dd5 that could be doing MFWK if I could swing it. She is ready. This is her Pre-K year though; she isn't K until September. So I decided instead to order the pre-school cards, and wait for next September for MFWK. I just can not do 3 manuals, but that is me; some moms do. The pre-school cards are great though. They even have math in them, and all the numbers and letters. They have given me the structure that I needed for her.

If you have a true K, 1st, and 2nd graders though and need to do all 3 I think I would do the following:
MFW1 - phonics, Bible reader, Bible note book, time-line, Bible stories, Proverb verses & math.
ADV- everything in the basic package.
MFWK - Bible & phonics & math.

The above would more than likely be doable. Bring in 1st and K for ADV science and you would be set.

I hope this helps.
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Re: Teaching K,1st, and Adv Together

Unread post by robertb10502 »

gratitude wrote: If you have a true K, 1st, and 2nd graders though and need to do all 3 I think I would do the following:
MFW1 - phonics, Bible reader, Bible note book, time-line, Bible stories, Proverb verses & math.
ADV- everything in the basic package.
MFWK - Bible & phonics & math.
That is not far off our days. Only I did get the deluxe package for Adventures. It's doable even though it sounds like a lot.
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Re: Teaching K,1st, and Adv Together

Unread post by monica626 »

Thank you everyone for your replies.

There is so much to think over!

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2nd, 1st, and K together next year???

Unread post by beatrice7 »

gabby3312 wrote:I have 5 boys, three which will be in 2, 1, and K next year. I used FIAR this year so I could do most everything together except math and reading. It worked pretty well. I was planning on doing adventures, but was unsure how to combine as much as possible. I expect math and reading to stay separate, but what else should I do? Kindergarten or 1st? I will eventually have only one child separate from the cycle, but these next few years will be interesting to figure out. Thanks for your help in advance....
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Hi Gabby,

Five boys! You rock! I'm new to MFW this year, so I'm sure you'll get lots of much better advice than I could give you from folks who have been using MFW for years. But I just wanted to encourage you about keeping those little guys together as much as possible. It will make it so much easier for you, obviously, and helps the boys draw close to each other, "Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!"

I've just been discussing in another post how this is the first year I've split my guys up (they're in 6th and 9th grade), and it's been hard -but it was time - and at this point, I'm confident they'll always be good friends, no matter what. Just a general rule that I've found to be true - it's easier to adapt more advanced things for younger children than it is to make a curriculum more challenging for older children. If you do decide to keep them all together, I'd go with the curriculum for the eldest, and just omit and adapt for the youngers. God bless!
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Re: 2nd, 1st, and K together next year???

Unread post by gratitude »

I am currently doing ADV with a 2nd grader, MFW1 with a first grader, and recently started MFWK with a Pre-K who turned 5 in January.

So the main question would be do you want to use MFW phonics for reading and do you want to use them for math? If you want to do MFW for phonics (I love their phonics and Bible reader) you would do MFWK for Kindergarten phonics and MFW1 for 1st grade phonics, which then takes them to a mid-second grade reading level during the NT part of the program.

So the way I have combined is ADV has been our main program for the year. I have student sheets and art for all 3 of my oldest (2nd/1st/Pre-K). They do whatever level of the sheets they can do for their level. Science they have done together. Bible they have done together. History they have done together; except my oldest has read numerous books silently that have to do with US History that the younger two did not hear out-loud. Thus, he learned the most out of the program. Then I have used MFW1 for math and reading for ds6; but skipped all of the science and art in it since he already did those when he was 5 with big brother. Now that I am including MFWK I am so far using it for phonics and Bible; I would like to incorporate some of the projects, we will see.

If you don't want to use MFW for phonics or math you could combine all of them into ADV, expect them to pull different things out of it for their different levels and be able to accomplish the student sheets differently, and then do your math and reading separately.

Does this make sense and help?
gabby3312 wrote:Eventually my boys will be 8th, 7th, 6th, 4th, and 2nd :-) I just don't want to teach them completely separately. I think the older two will be fine, I will just need a language arts for the 1st grader. I have the K curriculum so I think I will do that with my K. Or do you think I should put Adventures off for a year?
MFW1 is language arts if you want to use it! :-)

Aside from MFW1 though I am using ADV right now with my ds8, ds6, and dd5. (ds6 language arts, reading, phonics, spelling is MFW1).

So here are the parts of ADV that my ds8, ds6, and dd5 have all participated in:
Hands on activities
State sheets
Jesus Poster; student Bible cut-outs
History read-aloud reading and deluxe package read-alouds
I Can Do Art
Science activities
Singapore math at their individual levels

Here is the part my ds8 has done solo:
Science note book.
Writing the summaries on the note book sheets (my ds6 is doing his note book for MFW1; if he wasn't doing that note book I would have had him do the ADV note book).
Coloring the wall time-line piece.
Reading extra history books silently - book basket
PLL (2nd grade language arts)
2nd grade spelling
Cursive Handwriting

Does this help? ADV has been very much enjoyed by my 5 & 6. The 8 has learned more due to his reading level and reading the extra book silently, but the younger two have really enjoyed the Pioneers book a lot and the other read-alouds too. I do think every child is so different on ability; but from my experience I don't think you need to put off ADV for a year. My children are currently 2nd, 1st, and Pre-K and have enjoyed it a lot.
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Re: 2nd, 1st, and K together next year???

Unread post by momem3 »

I typed a whole message out for you and then clicked the wrong button and it disappeared.

Basically, I do this with my 2nd, 1st and K-er this year. It works very well and the kids are doing a great job. I have a variety of ability levels in my home so was worried it might be too much for this one and not enough for that one. This has not been the case at all. We love ADV!
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Re: 2nd, 1st, and K together next year???

Unread post by gabby3312 »

Thanks everyone for your input :-) I am really looking forward to Adventures next year. I decided to use the MFW K with my Kindergartener for our phonics/reading program. I am so glad MFW has this board for support:-)

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How to juggle 2nd grader, 1st grader and Kindergartener

Unread post by kw4blessings »

momto7 wrote: Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:02 pmI have seven kids all very close in age. I'm excited about eventually reaching the family cycle. I was wondering if I can combine my 1st and 2nd graders in Adventures (sticking to their own grade-level 3 Rs) without my 1st grader missing out on anything crucial from the Learning God's Story level? Also wondering if next year I can have my current kindergartner join in on the family cycle? Or will she need to 1st grade? I'm kind of confused. I also have a pre-K student, an almost 3 year old, 1 year old, and newborn. So we will be getting lots of use out of the curriculum. I'm simply looking for ways to make it easier on me. :) Thanks!
Hi and welcome!
You are a busy mama! :) MFW recommends using the program for your oldest in its entirety, then using phonics and math from the younger program(s) you are using (and whatever else you can fit in of that program). For example, we are using ECC right now with my 4th and 2nd graders, as well as K with my 5yo. We do 100% of ECC (ok, maybe 95% ;) ), including my 5yo when he wants to join in. Then we use the Bible, phonics, and math portions of K. We leave out most of the activities and science from K for time sake.

I would say you could for sure combine your oldest two in Adventures as long as you're hitting the 3 Rs on their levels. Trying to do Adventures plus all of 1st and K at the same time would be a lot. First just so happens to be my favorite year, though, so it's hard for me to say skip it! If you can afford to, I would encourage you to purchase 1st and at least use it for the phonics/reading portion. It is unmatched IMO. The phonics lessons are so simple, yet so effective. Once you get the hang of it, it doesn't take up too much time either. Same thing with K, really. You can streamline both to work for your schedule, but they are so good! The math in 1st is especially great and hands on. We love it!

Best wishes to you!
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Re: How to juggle 2nd grader, 1st grader and Kindergartener

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

Welcome! I have 6 kids in a little less than 7 years. So, I totally get where you are coming from. My oldest is 10 now and is in 4th grade. We are doing the "Family Cycle" and are in Creation to the Greeks (CtG). Because I have 2 sets of twins, I do have 2 school years between my kids and because of a birthday just after the grade cut off, 3 school years between my youngest child and younger set of twins. So, it's a little different there. But, the concept is still the same.

The only child I did the full K and 1st program with was my oldest. My younger kids tagged along with my older one when he did those and that continued after they started K. So, my K'ers did phonics/math from K and did Adventures with my son when he was in 2nd grade. I just adjusted the work for them. They did very little written work and mostly were just exposed orally to everything. Of course, they joined in on crafts and science experiments with a little extra help from me. When they were in K, I found they did not need the student sheets from Adventures. I had bought them and we barely used them. When they were in 1st grade, they joined my oldest in ECC for everything except phonics and math. Again, I just adjusted my expectations. They would do coloring and map work scaled back to what their skills allowed. When my oldest wrote a notebooking page or something, I would often have them draw and then dictate a sentence or two and I would scribe. It went great.

I didn't buy them the student sheets initially for the 1st graders and ended up needing buying them after we started. They kept up very well and I was glad I ended up buying them.

This year, they are in 2nd and they are doing CtG with my oldest. Again, he does more than they do. He will write 3-5 sentences and they will write 1-2 and often, I will still scribe for them or turn their own words into copy work. Again, they do their own LA and math and the 4th grader does his own.

This year, we have added K'ers too. However, they really aren't doing CtG with us. They sometimes do science with us or a craft, but mostly, they don't join in. It's like I have 2 classes. So, for them, we do more of the K than with my 1st set of twins (2nd and 3rd kids), but still not the whole thing. I do Bible/phonics/math and try to present some info on the science topic. For some units I do 1 easy craft that ties into the science. I don't for one if there isn't an easy, quick craft or activity. I keep it low key. If all we get to is the Bible, phonics and math, I'm totally cool with that. They learn a lot just being around our older kids and living in a environment that promotes learning. In K and 1st, I think anything other than phonics and math is just gravy anyway. ;) This year I also have a 3 year old. I just bought the preschool curriculum for him. We'll see how that goes. I have high hopes, but reality may be that it doesn't work as well as I would like because of time. :-)

Where you are now is really tough because of distractions. The littles are very distracting and make it feel like you are never getting anything done. Trust me, you are getting more done than you realize. As they get a little older, it will change and you will have so many who are teacher intensive that it gets tough to fit them all in. That is where we are. My 2nd graders still are working on fluent reading, which means they still can't do a lot independently because I need to read it to them or help them read it. Obviously, my K'ers aren't independent yet either. My 4th grader struggles with focus. So, for us, with so much teacher time needed, the more I can do with all of them the better it is for everything. So, to that end, I start combining as soon as I can and just adjust the curriculum to meet their skill and comprehension levels. It's really fun to, learning as a family.

For us, I write in an assignment book for each of my 3 older children (2nd and 4th grade). Every morning, they pull it out and start on independent work while I work with the K'ers first. Then, I move on to LA and math with each of them that need teacher time. We do history/science and everything else combined together after lunch. I've realized that "whatever gets done first, gets done." So, we always start with math and LA first before anything else. We do the best we can to keep up with the rest. We are doing better every year as they all get a little older.

Also, yes, I reuse all our curriculum. I'm on my 3rd time using K with my 4th and 5th kids and I'll have another to use it with as well. 1st has already been used 2 x's with 3 kids. We will use ECC 3x's and CtG as well. The other family cycle years will be used 2x's. I've not had a problem with that. When I'm rolling them in with the others, I just skip the portions of the program we aren't doing and it's still a great program for teaching K and 1st.

Sorry, that was very long. But, if you have any questions about how I do it with multiple children close in age, feel free to ask. :)
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Re: How to juggle 2nd grader, 1st grader and Kindergartener

Unread post by manyblessings »

Hi :) Just echoing what's been said. While MFW usually recommends waiting till the younger child is in 2nd grade before entering the family cycle with older siblings, with kids so close in age, I would actually let kids ages 5 and 6 have their own student sheets set and join the cycle with their older siblings (in a simplified way), but have language arts and math at their own level. The easiest way to accomplish that is to use the basic packages for K and 1st for their language arts and math, and let them join in as much as they are cheerfully able with the older children. Otherwise, you would have way too much to do every day! You could also invest in the learning toys for the preschoolers to help keep them busy for short periods of time as well :)
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Re: How to juggle 2nd grader, 1st grader and Kindergartener

Unread post by courtney1978 »

I have a 2nd and Kinder right now doing Adventures. I didn't use MFW K or 1st with my older child, so I already have an LA and Math program paid for. plan was just for my Kinder to "tag along" with ADV.

At the last minute I got him student sheets. WOW! I'm so glad I did!! Some days I feel like he is remembering more and getting more out of it than my 2nd grader! He just seems to LOVE maps, geography, and learning "facts", so he is soaking it up!! You never know. I like the suggestion of getting your younger ones student sheets and having them follow gently. They may surprise you. :)

Happy homeschooling!!
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