Science - Must we do all the experiments?

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Science - Must we do all the experiments?

Unread post by doubleportion » Thu Aug 14, 2008 2:07 pm

my3sons wrote:I often dislike doing the science experiments. There, I said it. ;) I know they are required and it is best to do them all, but if I only do them occasionally am I doing a disservice to my kids? They love science, but the other hands on things we do seems to satisfy them. FWIW, my 2nd and kindergarten will go to a weekly h.s. supplement and science is one of the things covered there, although that is meant as a supplement.
Can't say I'm big on science experiments either. I can't speak for the other years since we are doing ADV, but dd does all her science on Saturday with her daddy (a big science nerd himself). He makes it much more fun than I ever could and gives her way more info beyond what is just in the TM. She loves it, he seems to enjoy it, and I am off the hook (grin). Don't know if that helps, but that is what is working for us.


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Unread post by mgardenh » Fri Aug 15, 2008 11:59 pm

I know in the teaching manual for Adventures they say that the science experiements are required to make a complete science curriculum. They also have other things in the manual they say "this is optional". So I imagine knowing that the Hazell's seem to know what there doing that yeah you need to do the experiments. I do like the idea of DH doing it but of course in my case it would be DW. But it is up to you, you are the teacher.
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Unread post by kellybell » Sat Aug 16, 2008 7:47 am

My neighbor also hates science so we swap some. I am not a big literature or art person. So, sometimes I invite her two dds over for a science day and sometimes she invites my four (isn't she sweet) over for something artsy.

Find a friend who has thick glasses, crazy hair, bad clothes, and a test tube or two and arrange a swap. Your dc might not get ADV science but they'll get some interesting science.

Or, join a co-op.

Or ask a homeschool teen to do it for you (and pay him or her a few dollars).

And, in the very least, make sure the book basket has some science books in it and the TV has some science videos now and then.

Before summer is up, get a tube of Mentos and a 2 liter Diet Coke. Go to a grassy area in the park, open the Diet Coke and slide in the entire tube of Mentos.

And get out of the way.

THat's science. It's called nucleation.

That's the fun stuff.
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Science in Adv. Is it different from 1st?

Unread post by GLPerky » Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:17 pm

Mom2theteam wrote:At the start of our 1st year, I posted that I thought the science was going to be a flop here...but I was encouraged and I tried it anyway.... It wasn't necessarily a flop with the kids so much as a flop with me. The first 1/3 was okay when we were using Things Out Doors, but then we hit the water book and it was pretty much all experiments... :~ I really need a science that doesn't have very many experiments. Some are great or even a ton if I can pick and choose. But, the bottom line is, I need to be able to open a book and just read it and look at the photos and maybe have the kids draw or journal or something like that.

My reality right now is that I have 6 kids who are 7 and under, including twins who will be 3 on Saturday (and one of those is more challenging than my other 5 put together), twins who are 5 and a 5.5 month old. Any activity is just mayhem. I do use naptime, but I'm often just trying to get the basics finished at that time. So, I really need to be able to keep moving forward even if I have to skip experiments and activities. Because I could not do that after the first book [Things Outdoors], we did more of an unschooling approach to science. We did watch a lot of Magic School Bus DVD's and get books on the topics from the library. We even did a couple of activities related to the topic. But, we did nothing with the MFW 1st science after Things Out Doors.

We are using Adv. next year. I see similar books in the Adv package and I'm nervous. But, I do know there is another book too. Please tell me I'll be able to keep moving forward even if we have to skip activities. Is it very different or more of the same? No matter what, we will get MFW Adv. But, if it is more of the same, I'm going to get a different science for the year. Right now, we just can't do all the activities. This is the season of our life and within a couple years, it will change.

So, please give it to me straight. I'm sure the science is wonderful and the activities are easy to do. But, can we move forward without doing activities/experiments? If not, I want to have a back up plan just in case. Thanks!!!

I can't answer your question because we are new to MFW and haven't started yet. Sorry. But I did want to mention that we will be doing Adventures this year and I ordered the Discover and Do Kindergarten DVD and it has the Air and Kitchen experiments on it so the children can watch them instead of me doing them. :-) Its not because of the season of life that I am in, it's just because I don't care for science or the experiments. ;) HTH

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Re: Science in Adv. Is it different from 1st?

Unread post by 4monkeyz » Tue Apr 02, 2013 5:29 pm

Hi! We are finishing up with Adventures and I will be honest I found the little Usborne books do have quite a few experiments, but I LOVE the First Encyclopedia of Science. There are sometimes experiments, but, ahem, if it is a crazy week I might skip. (my turn to hide) :) I have found the book to be a good sit and read book. I actually so far love that series. My two little ones will occasionally listen in, the usual assigned readings are 2 pages for the day, very doable and not scheduled every day.

If I thought it was a "heavy" topic, like light, I might review, "So light moves fast, light moves in straight lines" etc. Then having them repeat back. Sometimes, I even put a post-it note to mark the pages I read, then stick it in the book basket for them to look at later. I also have the First Ency. of the Human Body that I bought years ago, the kids pull it out time and again. There is a two week (or three?) in Adven. on the human body, this was a nice add in for us. I think there might be some science-y books listed in the book basket...

There are experiments in Adven. that go along with the theme, yeast for example during the "Jesus is the bread of life" unit. I would think you could skip, maybe make bread as suggested and just move along. Seriously, I know you said to not tell you this, but I did find the experiments to be quick. Once the materials were gathered on my kitchen counter, explain the concept, do the little thing, it was quick. Nothing took a long time. I do remember there was one experiment with heat and air, used a radiator! I skipped that one. :-)

I have two littles who are close in age, 10 1/2 mons., so for the longest time experiments didn't always happen here either. Years ago, my mom had 7 preschoolers at one time and she said science was nice, but it would just have to wait. It is a season, I think as the kids get older it will be easier and it will be more fun too. That's why I stopped when my girls were under 4. It just wasn't fun, I was tense and it became a huge mess.

That's when we started looking to add little fun science kids books to our bookshelves. Things to read, things to color. :) Oh, have you looked at Christian Liberty Nature Readers? The K book and 1st grade book have nice science stories, my kids adore the stories and two years ago, before we switched to MFW, it was our science. I might have had them draw pictures of ants or draw a spider or different webs while I read. It was simple.

((hugs)) Hope that helps some.

ps. And we adore the Bird Book!! Lots of neat pictures....
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Re: Science in Adv. Is it different from 1st?

Unread post by gratitude » Tue Apr 02, 2013 5:50 pm

My oldest had done the Kitchen and Air science in his Kindergarten science; the DVD & supplies kit that came with it is the only reason it got done with 4 kids ages 6 and under at that point in time, so I fully know where you are coming from about that season where it is difficult to get things done!

Since he had already done ADV science I did replace it with a science book and note book and experiment kit (again the kit is the only reason the experiments got done, and the fact there was only one experiment every two weeks. ;) ). He loved the science we did.

What we lost with that choice was the 'unit study' feel of connections made between the Bible and science. Since I didn't do it I don't really know what I missed, but I know the two are connected by theme. The Bible was wonderful without science connections, so we enjoyed ADV a little differently.

The other thing I was going to add is that if you choose not to do science for a year or two I don't think it would have a big impact with your children so young. Just something to think about with so many little ones. :)


P.S. No, the science in ADV is not different from first. It is very similar.

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Re: Science in Adv. Is it different from 1st?

Unread post by Julie in MN » Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:43 am

4monkeyz wrote:There are experiments in Adven. that go along with the theme, yeast for example during the "Jesus is the bread of life" unit.
I think this is the biggest difference between 1st and Adventures. Whatever you end up doing, you might still see some science topics that you want to keep due to their reinforcing the Bible topics.

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