A Legacy

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A Legacy

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Early one morning, before anyone else was awake, I decided to nurture my artistic side. I went outside, gazed at my colorful bed of Black-eyed Susan flowers, and picked the one that caught my eye. I brought it inside and, looking at it so very carefully, proceeded to draw it, piece by piece. (If you have done our first grade, you will recognize the Drawing with Children method. I love it! It helps me see deeper and appreciate each part of what I am drawing.)

I felt like a child, seeing the beauty in the flower – full of wonder and amazement.

As I sat pondering the flowers (God's flower and my drawing), I thought of a song my mother taught me when I was little.

O, who can make a flower?
I’m sure I can’t, can you?
O, who can make a flower?
No one but God, ‘tis true!

Thank you, God, for a mother who taught me to gaze at Your creation and see You with wonder and amazement. My mother certainly is a part of My Father's World by what she taught me when I was young. She passed on a rich legacy to me, and to all of you, as you share with your children the wonders in God’s creation.

What is God calling your children to? How will He use you to form their hearts and minds? Thank you God, for each one reading this. May they come to You as a beloved child – dependent, trusting, and in awe. Help them inspire and equip their children and grandchildren for the unique paths You have for each one of them.
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Re: A Legacy

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Marie, thank you for these beautiful reminders. I love how you said your mother was your co-author of MFW K in all the things she taught you through childhood. <3
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Re: A Legacy

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How precious! Thank you for sharing this. It has made me, for a moment, see past the chore charts and unfinished school work. Now I want to take that and let it remind me of the work I am doing that will last for generations.
Blessings, Melanie
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