God's Waves and Breakers

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God's Waves and Breakers

Unread post by Marie »

One of my favorite passages has been Psalm 42:7.

Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.

So poetic. I imagined a gentle, warm wave of love completely enfolding me. One of those peaceful, golden sunset moments. Can you hear the soft music playing in the background?

But recently I've had a new thought! Unsettling at first, yet powerful. I read the whole psalm and realized that the author was in a very difficult situation. Tears were his food day and night. He feels oppressed by the enemy. What is going on? Where is God? It is GOD'S roar, waves, and breakers that are sweeping over him. What? What happened to that sweet, gentle image?

Then I discovered the same phrase was used by Jonah of a turbulent storm. From inside the fish, he prayed "You hurled me into the .. heart of the seas ... all your waves and breakers swept over me." Well, that sure doesn't sound like the gentle, warm wave I had imagined.

Yet I know that God is good. He is always good. So --- I now have a new image when I think of that verse. The hard things in my life -- the irritations -- the overwhelming times -- are God's waves of love sweeping over me. He send them, not to discourage me, but to transform me.

Those powerful waves, those powerful breakers, are sweeping over me, smoothing away my rough spots, transforming me into something of beauty. Like the beautiful smooth stones we see on the ocean beach, we are living stones, transformed by the powerful waves and breakers our loving Father sends to us.

Trust our good Father, that when the waves and breakers are sweeping over you it is proof of His love for YOU!

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Re: God's Waves and Breakers

Unread post by carlamom2ansnm »

Love it! Thanks Marie :)
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Re: God's Waves and Breakers

Unread post by 4Truth »

Ahhhh, the sweet taste of sanctification by the God who loves us and wants to perfect us.

Thanks for sharing your moment, Marie. :)
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Re: God's Waves and Breakers

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This was wonderful! It's so good to be able to trust God's heart towards us while walking though hard times.
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Re: God's Waves and Breakers

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Marie, Thank you so much for this. Our family has just come through a tremendous storm where we felt like everything was crumbling in around us. But, Praise His Name, He sustained us through the storm and now we as living stones for Jesus are rejoicing in His unfailing love, mercy, and grace. :-)
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