Your Father LOVES You!

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Your Father LOVES You!

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This morning I was taking a walk and called my two cats to come with me. They did, trailing behind me. After a bit, I stopped, leaned down, and with two outstretched hands, I called them to come closer. One of them, the older, came right away and enjoyed the gentleness of my hand on her fur. She was loving the love! The other one was reluctant. Even though I had plenty of hands for both of them, the younger cat stood at a distance. All she had to do was walk towards me and I was ready to shower that same love on her. But she hesitated, unsure.

This is what I saw: Our Father has plenty of love to go around! We may see others and think, "She is so amazing. God really loves her. If I were more like that, then maybe God would love me more." And we stand a bit aloof, comparing ourselves to others, thinking that God couldn't really want to call ME to Himself. He might love someone else, but not me. Not THAT way. Not THAT much.

Dear one, trust the One who loves you best. Run to Him. He has plenty of hands to go around. He really, really loves you!

May you be overwhelmed with Love today as you walk to Him. Your Father LOVES you!

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Re: Your Father LOVES You!

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Thank you Marie. God used you today to speak to me! Your words are wise. I need to think of not only myself with God when reading this, but it even applies to how my children react to the love we offer. However, I often look down on my own self and therefore show my kids a poor example of how to accept that unconditional, pure love of Christ!
Thank you again,
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Re: Your Father LOVES You!

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Thanks a lot, Marie. You have right! My Father LOVES me!
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