I Know That Voice

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I Know That Voice

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It wasn’t the voice of shame – you are such a failure, you never get anything right. It wasn’t the voice of despair – things will never get better, no matter how hard you try. It was a still, small voice.

Not an actual voice, but a thought – tell him you are sorry for the tone in your voice yesterday. Instantly I remembered the question I had asked, and the tone I had used. (Not a nice one!)

I know that voice. It’s the voice of my friend. My Father. The one who rescues me when I don’t even know I am caught.

I did apologize. From my heart. Peace ran to meet us. Joy came laughing alongside of us. And Love caught us up in a dance.

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Re: Minutes with Marie - I Know That Voice

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Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us, Marie! I am always blessed when you do! I love the little reflections you added in the new K manual...just like your Minutes with Marie posts. Beautiful!
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Re: I Know That Voice

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I thank you too for sharing it. Incredible.
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