Minutes with Marie - Trust Him

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Minutes with Marie - Trust Him

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This morning I tried to feed my cat (I feed her outside). I called her and I know she heard my voice. But she had to make a difficult decision. A loud garbage truck had just pulled up and she was afraid. Really afraid. What would she choose? Would she listen to her fear or to her master? She knows my voice. She knew I had something good for her. But her fear won out. She stayed hidden and missed something good.

Fear is so crippling that God tells us not to fear more than 300 times in the Bible! When God calls us, the situation may look unsafe but we know our Master. His plans are always good for us. Not easy. Not pain free. But good.

By the way, I did feed my cat once the garbage truck had been forgotten. But she had to endure an empty stomach longer than she needed.

God, help us remember that your goodness is infinitely larger than our fears.

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Re: Minutes with Marie - Trust Him

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Marie, thank you so much for sharing this reminder! When I begin to doubt my ability to raise up and train our children, I allow my fears to bring about double-mindedness and distraction. The enemy of our souls feeds on our fear and will gain a foothold in our lives if we allow our fears to dictate our decisions. Just like your sweet kitty decided to hide until the garbage truck was gone, we sometimes do the same when circumstances in our lives get tough or "scary." When we do so, we miss out on the great things the Lord has for us. Thank you for reminding me not to allow fear to dictate our journey. God bless you and your family! :-)
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Re: Minutes with Marie - Trust Him

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Thank-you Marie.

The treasures you share both on the forum here and within the MFW guides are wonderful. I feel like you are my friend walking me through my homeschooling days with these kiddos. Thanks for taking the time to share with us both in the guides and in the present day on the MFW forum.

:-) -Katrina

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Re: Minutes with Marie - Trust Him

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Thank you for posting this Marie. I needed to hear this truth.
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