Overcoming -- Minutes with Marie

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Overcoming -- Minutes with Marie

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Adam and Eve were created to walk in the Garden of Eden with their Creator. Instead, they traded that right for a piece of fruit! They questioned God’s authority over them. They questioned God’s wisdom. And they listened to God’s enemy—the serpent, Satan.

Eve listened and even conversed with him as he craftily encouraged her to doubt both God’s Word and His character: “Did God really say ...?”; “You will not surely die ...” (Genesis 3:1,3).

We face the same challenge every day. Our enemy—the serpent—whispers to our mind thoughts that would lead us away from God’s truth: “I’m a failure”; “I have a right to be angry.”

But we have a Rescuer, a Redeemer. When He was on earth, He also battled the serpent, who tried to lure Him away from His eternal destiny.

Jesus shows us how to win this battle. He doesn’t open the door by thinking on the enemy’s suggestions. Instead, He boldly uses the Word of God: “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only’ (Matthew 4:10b). The result was “the devil left him” (Matthew 4:11a).

You will face the enemy. He is relentless. But God has made a way to win, by using the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Ephesians 6:17b). Whatever your challenge today, I encourage you to actively hold on to God’s truth by using God’s Word. Refuse to listen to the lies and half-truths of the enemy. Refuse to doubt God’s character—God is good!

Find a verse that speaks to a battle you are facing today. Write it on a card and tape it on your mirror or fridge. If you have children, explain to them what you are doing and why. Then use your “sword of the Spirit.” Repeat the verse and think about it often, filling your mind with God’s truth about your situation. You might begin with Jeremiah 29:11, spoken when God’s people were in seemingly hopeless, forgotten circumstances. This verse affirms God’s good, loving character.
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Re: Overcoming -- Minutes with Marie

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Thank you so very much for your obedience in sharing this with us. I am dealing with something that the Lord keeps allowing me to push through in this season, and I know He receives the glory from this! I am going to take your advice and write Scripture to remind me of His promises everyday. He is the same yesterday, today, and FOREVER!!! :-)
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