How Do We Grow? -- Minutes with Marie

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How Do We Grow? -- Minutes with Marie

Unread post by Marie »

One short video has transformed my thinking. Okay, maybe not transformed, maybe electrified. Super charged!

Do you ever get a longing deep down inside to know God better?

A Christian organization (related to Back to the Bible) actually did extensive research to determine: How does spiritual change occur? How do we connect with God and grow?

Don’t you wonder that sometimes, too? Well, watch this two-minute video and be ready. It’s simple – but life-changing. You may need to watch it several times because there’s a lot packed into two minutes.
[Stop the video at 2:00 after you hear: “Does that surprise you? It did us. Well, all but the knitting thing.” The rest of it describes a specific Scripture engagement method; I haven’t used it so can’t give an opinion, but the video clip powerfully applies to Bible engagement in general.)

After you watch, I’d love to hear your thoughts.
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Re: How Do We Grow? -- Minutes with Marie

Unread post by manyblessings »

Excellent. I can truly identify with the part about so many demands taking me away from the time with God that I know I need. I'm a stay-at-home mom, trying to build a home business, the only one at home most of the time so I do most of the housework and cooking, I have a delightfully extroverted 3 year old who wants to talk and be with me practically all. the. time. and does not nap anymore. She even shares our bedroom, so her play area is the living room of our small apartment, rather than her having her own room to go to. The only time I find alone (and I do need to be completely alone, I am most definitely an introvert) is late at night, by which time I am too tired to actually focus on anything of importance. I wonder if having some sort of periodic reminder to engage with the Bible at various points during the day would help me, though I also wonder if I would be able to actually focus on it if I had such reminders. All I can say is I thank God that I am at least reading Bible stories to my 3 year old because of Animal Train, as well as reading the corresponding passages in the Bible at least most of the time. If not for that I wonder if I would have any Bible time at all in this season of my life. I know it's brief in the long view of things, but I sometimes miss when she was so little I could just let her sleep in my arms while I read my Bible.
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Re: How Do We Grow? -- Minutes with Marie

Unread post by klewfor3 »

Hi Marie,

Thank you for sharing this video. For me it served as a great encouragement to continue on the right path. In tough seasons, it's easy to feel like you need to be doing something else...I am a fixer and I want to DO something, change something, be something else to effect change a situation. What an excellent video to speak to my heart that feels like it is pulled in too many directions. Now, of course, I am not thinking I need to stop the other parts of my Christian walk, but I am encouraged again to know where my source of hope and faith comes from...God speaking to me through His Word.

Thank you,
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Re: How Do We Grow? -- Minutes with Marie

Unread post by allgrace »

Thanks for this Marie. I know that for myself being in God's Word is what helps. It allows me to renew my mind and expose ways that I need to change throughout the day. I read or listen to the Bible in the morning and evening, but I think I need to throughout the day. I downloaded and I am excited about getting scriptures! I also find worship helps me. I teach hymns to my children and try to listen to worship music daily. Manyblessings, I understand not having alone time. I sometimes go to the bathroom and read or pray! I am finding that I need to take the time I need with God. I also find that I am fed when I read the Bible to my kids and we study it together and memorize it. You could try that with your daughter. God will meet you even if you are not alone and your time isn't how you would like it to be.
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Re: How Do We Grow? -- Minutes with Marie

Unread post by Poohbee »

What a wonderful and thought-provoking video!

I definitely agree that carving out time each day to read God's Word is key! I have developed the habit of daily Bible reading, so that part I do well with. What really spoke to me about the video were the parts regarding the "reflect" and "respond" aspects. I don't necessarily do those two things as often as I'd like. I read, but I don't "engage." I sometimes reflect, but I don't often enough respond and act on what I've read. The video definitely has given me much to think about regarding my spiritual growth. Thank you for sharing that, Marie!
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