Continual Feast -- Minutes with Marie

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Continual Feast -- Minutes with Marie

Unread post by MFW-Marie » Thu Oct 27, 2016 6:56 am

This morning my reading included Proverbs 15:15 – "… the cheerful heart has a continual feast." So I started thinking about a cheerful heart. If I remember to keep a cheerful heart and not complain, I will have a continual feast. A pretty good thought. Who doesn’t enjoy a feast? But it didn’t stop there!

I got curious, so I looked up the Hebrew word used for cheerful. I was surprised. The word is TOWB and is usually translated as “good” – as in the Genesis creation story, where God says His creation is good. It includes the ideas of good, kind, beautiful.
  • A good, kind, beautiful heart has a continual feast.
That’s not my doing. I can’t make my heart good or beautiful. That’s what God did for me when I became His child!

I began my morning thinking it was all about my efforts. I would learn to be more cheerful. I would learn to not complain. And it ended all about God. He has already given me a good, kind, beautiful heart. He has already spread a continual feast for me.

I just have to look for that feast and stay at His banqueting table – even when my head hurts and deadlines are pressing in on me. He has prepared a table for me in the presence of my enemies.

Because of what He did,

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